Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104 Dog Gall Cowardly Like A Mouse

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Zhao Lingdong was currently in hot pursuit. Suddenly, his brows furrowed, and he stopped.

“En? Not moving anymore?”

“Awoo, awoo …” Howlsky by the side also howled twice.

Zhao Lingdong nodded his head and said, “This brat is crafty as a fox. Better not advance rashly. Wait for Mo Datong and Mo Santong to arrive, then we push on together! We just have to lock onto him and not let him escape. That will do!”

The current Zhao Lingdong was also somewhat jittery with imaginary fear already.

Being scammed by Ye Yuan time and again, their side could be said to have suffered grievous losses.

Zhao Lingdong still felt that waiting for the Devil Ridge Three Freaks to arrive and pushing on together was safer.

Before long, Mo Datong and Mo Ertong finally caught up.

Mo Datong could not help frowning when he saw Zhao Long standing still and not advancing. He said, “Why aren’t you chasing anymore?”

Zhao Lingdong gave him a glance and said, “He stopped! This punk is full of cunning tricks. It’s safer for us to advance together.”

Mo Ertong’s death made Mo Datong’s entire person become much colder and gloomier.

He shot Zhao Lingdong a glance coldly and said, “If you’re scared, then you’re scared! Making it sound nicer than it is!”

Zhao Lingdong could not help being stifled when he heard that and said angrily, “Mo Datong, watch your words! Currently, not just Mo Ertong died, even Howlsky had a wing chopped off by that brat too! We’ve already suffered so many losses. Shouldn’t we be a little more careful now?”

Mo Datong snorted coldly and said, “Merely just a dog, and you’re comparing him to Ertong? Moreover, he only had a wing chopped off! If not for you being filled with misgivings, we’d have long killed him!”

Zhao Lingdong did not think that Mo Datong suddenly became so impervious to reason and was angered by his few words until smoke billowed from all seven orifices.

“Mo Datong, don’t you forget Lord Divine Master’s words! Whatever you’re discontented with, wait until after we kill Ji Qingyun, then say it! Carry on with the internal strife, then the one who will be pleased with himself will be that brat!”

Zhao Lingdong knew that now was not the time to be quarreling. He could only forcefully rein in his temper.

Hearing Zhao Lingdong’s words, Mo Datong also snorted coldly and said, “Where’s that brat? Let’s go and exterminate him together! I want this brat to die a horrible death!”

“There, inside the valley over there!” Zhao Lingdong nudged with his mouth and said.

Ahead was a stretch of extensive mountain valley. Looking from here, it was all shrouded by a cloud of fog, and completely could not see the situation inside clearly.

It was also no wonder that Zhao Lingdong was cautious. Under such circumstances, nobody would dare to rashly enter.

It was just that Mo Datong already lost his head due to anger and completely did not care about what Zhao Lingdong was thinking. He just blamed him for not tying Ye Yuan down.

Mo Datong darted him a sidelong glance and said with a cold snort, “A cloud of mist scared you until like this? Santong, let’s go!”

Finished talking, the two people leaped and entered inside the valley.

Zhao Lingdong’s brows furrowed, and he was rather unhappy in his heart. But helpless, he still followed after.

The four people were bold, stemming from superb skills. They dispersed the fog and directly entered the valley.

But Zhao Lingdong’s brows knitted together, and he said solemnly, “Did you guys detect it? There are quite a number of powerful existences inside this valley! That brat definitely doesn’t have any good intentions luring us in here.”

Mo Datong said totally unconcernedly, “Scared of him for what? With the Mountain and River State Painting bestowed by Lord Divine Master, could those guys overturn the heavens still? If they are sensible, better know their place. If not sensible, slaughter them together!”

Zhao Lingdong felt that this guy already could not be reasoned with.

At this time, he wished that he could slaughter these two fellows, and take forcible possession of the divine artifacts.

Of course, it was also just thinking about it. If he really made a move, it would definitely be him who would get the worst out of it.

Before long, Zhao Lingdong suddenly said, “We are very close already. It seems like it’s ahead!”

One sentence, and it roused Mo Datong and Mo Santong’s spirits.

The two people took out their divine artifacts and accumulated power, awaiting release. As long as they saw Ye Yuan, they would exterminate him with the force of a thunderbolt!

Sure enough, they saw Ye Yuan not long after walking.

Ye Yuan likewise saw them too and said with a smile, “Waited for you all very long already. Why did you only come now?”

The moment Mo Datong saw Ye Yuan, his hairs stood on its ends!

“Boy, you actually dared to kill Ertong. Today, I’ll hack your body into a thousand pieces to offer as a sacrifice to Ertong’s spirit in heaven!” Mo Datong roared.

Ye Yuan said with a light smile, “Still that same sentence: since you guys came to kill me, you’ll have to be prepared to be killed!”

Mo Datong was furious to the extreme and said, “Good! Very good! Since that’s the case, you can go and die already!”

Mo Datong was just about to make a move but was held back by Zhao Lingdong.

“Don’t go over! How can this brat allow himself to be captured without putting up any resistance? He definitely set up some kind of trap to let us jump into it. Don’t fall for it anymore!” Zhao Lingdong said with a cold yell.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he lifted his head to the sky and said with a loud laugh, “Zhao Lingdong, everyone says that a dog’s gall is audacious to the extreme. Why is your dog gall even smaller than a mouse’s gall? Four great Void Mystic powerhouses, two divine artifacts, you don’t even dare to attack?”

Hearing those words, Zhao Lingdong was not indignant, but his heart pounded.

Ye Yuan’s words were clearly to trigger Mo Datong!

He was even more certain in his heart that Ye Yuan definitely had some ruse waiting for them!

However, being teased by Ye Yuan like this, how could Mo Datong still endure it?

He glared at Zhao Lingdong furiously and said, “Get lost! Wait until your father kills this punk, then I’ll definitely go to Lord Divine Master to lodge a complaint!”

Done talking, that painting in his hand suddenly erupted with rays of brilliant light. The Mountain and River State Painting was already deployed by him.

The Mountain & River State Painting was a very powerful divine artifact. Even if not drawing the other party inside, the power was extraordinary too.

Mo Datong knew that Ye Yuan similarly had a divine artifact in possession, so he had no way of drawing him in at all. Hence, he directly activated the Mountain & River State Painting, wanting to kill Ye Yuan.

“Old Third, attack!” Mo Datong shouted.

No need for him to say anything, Mo Datong’s short blade was already in his hand.

His divine king domain opened up fully. The power of this chop could virtually shatter mountains and rivers!

Two surges of terrifying divine artifact’s might instantly spread throughout the entire valley.

“Roar …”

Inside the valley, an earth-shaking roar suddenly transmitted out.

Over a dozen black silhouettes galloped over from all directions.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingdong’s expression changed drastically, and he said, “Damn it! The two of you idiots! Now, you startled the desolate beasts inside the valley! I see how you guys take care of it!”

“Who cares! Kill for me!”

While talking, the Mountain and River State Painting and short blade released two dazzling lights, cleaving straight for Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan stood there firmly and did not move, as if those two attacks were not attacking him.

Suddenly, over a dozen terrifying attacks converged from all directions, and directly intercepted the two great divine artifacts’ joint-attack!

These dozen over attacks, each one had power on par with Void Mystic powerhouses. The whole process from beginning to end was incomparably daunting.

Even though two great divine artifacts were frightening, they were no match for the desolate beasts’ numbers too.


A surge of enormous energy exploded in the air, and immediately sent everyone flying, including Mo Datong and the rest.

“Impossible! Why would these desolate beasts help this punk? This is not possible!” Mo Datong roared.

“You idiot! With this, I see how you clean up the mess!” Zhao Lingdong snarled.