Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105 Little Flame

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Those dozen over desolate beasts seemed to have gone crazy, directly ignoring Ye Yuan and charging over towards Mo Datong and the others.

Not just this, in this short while, several more black silhouettes dashed out again.

Seeing this scene, even if he had a divine artifact in possession, Mo Datong felt his scalp tingle too.

Only at this time did he know that what Zhao Lingdong said was right.

This was obviously a trap!

“Quickly run!” Zhao Lingdong shouted loudly and ran towards outside the valley like mad.

How could Mo Datong still dare to stay there? Even if he had a divine artifact, facing close to 20 existences as powerful as him, he could not gain any advantages either.

However, Mo Datong they all were surrounded.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several desolate beasts blocked right in front of them. The other desolate beasts caught up too, and immediately enclosed them in tightly.

“You two idiots! Already said that there was a trap, but you just refused to listen!” Zhao Lingdong stomped his foot in anger.

Mo Datong regretted in his heart, but his mouth was unwilling to admit defeat as he said with a cold snort, “Who could have thought that this whole mountain’s desolate beasts actually all seem like they want to protect that brat?”

Zhao Lingdong gave a cold snort and said, “Enough crap! Bring out all of your capabilities and carve an opening out! Make sure not to linger in battle. Otherwise, none of us can escape!”

These desolate beasts, the strength of every one of them was not inferior to Zhao Lindong and the others.

If not for having divine artifacts in their hands, they would all have to die here.

Mo Datong saw that the desolate beasts were numerous. Resolving his heart, he was going to opening up the Mountain and River State Painting, wanting to take these desolate beasts in.

The moment Zhao Lingdong saw, his expression could not help changing greatly as he hurriedly stopped him and said, “Are you crazy? With your strength, can you suppress these 20 over desolate beasts? Do you really think yourself to be invincible by freaking wielding a divine artifact? If they go crazy inside, the disturbance will shock you to death!”

Having a torrent of abuse hurled at by Zhao Lingdong, Mo Datong did not dare to rebuke.

It was true that the Mountain and River State Painting was powerful, but it was not truly unbeatable.

If it was a Deity Realm powerhouse using it, even if 10 thousand desolate beasts were taken inside, they would be thoroughly dead too.

But he was just a Void Mystic powerhouse. Furthermore, the desolate beasts being taken in were roughly the same strength as him.

Over 20 at once, once they went crazy inside, with Mo Datong’s strength, he could not suppress it at all.

“Then … Then what do you think we should do?” Mo Datong did not have anymore temper this time.

“What to do? Break the encirclement! The two of you join forces and open up the path in front. We’ll return to the fourth level!” Zhao Lingdong said.

“Re-Return to the fourth level?” Mo Datong was stunned.

Zhao Lingdong’s face turned black, and he scolded right at Mo Datong’s face, “What else do you want? Now that it came to this, we can only seal off his exit! I refuse to believe that he can hide inside here for life!”

Mo Datong thought about it. It seemed like there was only this method.

Now that it came to this, wanting to kill Ye Yuan was already impossible.

“Little Flame, the matter this time, thank you very much!” Ye Yuan said to a youth beside him gratefully.

The youth waved his hand and said, “No need. Fiery and I are members of the same clan. You’re his big brother, which also means that you’re my big brother. These are just a matter of lifting a finger. There’s no big deal

This youth was precisely a one-million-year-old Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus.

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus and Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus were both fire-attribute lotus flowers, originating from the same source. Hence, that was why Little Flame said that they were members of the same clan.

It was just that Ye Yuan’s original plan was to use Fiery to get close to the Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus, to make the latter not launch attacks at him.

Wait until Zhao Lingdong they all came, then lure them into making a move. This way, it would be able to draw the desolate beasts in the proximity to deal with them.

But Ye Yuan never thought that this Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus actually gave birth to a primordial spirit, too, and was able to transform into human form.

This way, communication became smoother.

Little Flame was a million-year-old medicine spirit. His essence energy nurtured the numerous desolate beasts in this perimeter.

For Zhao Lingdong to want to touch Little Flame, those desolate beasts naturally would not agree.

“Little Flame, make those desolate beasts not get serious. Just chase those few fellows out will do. They have divine artifacts in their hands. If they really risk their lives for real, you guys will definitely have losses.” Ye Yuan exhorted.

Little Flame nodded his head, his mouth emitting a series of bizarre syllables, transmitting into those desolate beasts’ ears.

Over there, Zhao Lingdong they all were already locked in a fierce struggle with the desolate beasts.

No, accurately speaking, it was being badly thrashed by the desolate beasts.

Over 20 Void Mystic desolate beasts, placed in the outside world, it was even more than the Holy City!

How could this terrifying power be what the three or four of them could resist?

If not for having divine artifacts in their hands, they would have long been shredded into pieces by the desolate beasts.

When those desolate beasts received Little Flame’s order, they did not pester Zhao Lingdong the four people incessantly either. They showed a weak point and let the four people charge out.

Of course, these four people were already in a wretched plight at this time. Each and every one of them was carrying considerable injuries on their bodies.

Outside the valley, battle-cries shook the heavens. The desolate beasts did not have the intention of letting it go yet, continuously chasing the four people in the direction of the fourth level.

These four people finally managed to charge out of the heavy encirclement, how could they still dare to turn back?

They fell back while fighting and slunk back to the fourth level.

Seeing the four people’s miserable appearances, the child-like Little Flame and Fiery both laughed loudly without ceasing.

When the four people disappeared outside the valley, Little Flame said to Ye Yuan, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, Fiery and I are as close as brothers. Why not you guys stay here for a few more days, alright?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said with a nod, “Fiery has suffered considerable hardships following me these few years. Now that he’s able to encounter a brother from the same clan, you guys naturally have to get closer.”

Fiery and Little Flame hit it off right from the beginning and naturally could not bear to part here and now.

Ye Yuan agreeing made the two little ones involuntarily jump for joy.

Chasing Zhao Lingdong and the others away, Ye Yuan finally let out a sigh in relief.

This half a month’s time, Ye Yuan’s mental strength already reached the limits, hanging in there entirely based on a strand of willpower.

The following few days, Ye Yuan stayed in the valley to recuperate.

With the help of medicinal pills, Ye Yuan’s recovery was very swift.

Except, what gave him a headache was that he originally came to capture Little Flame. Did not expect that fate made a mockery out of men. Little Flame and Fiery actually became friends who kept no secrets from each other.

Since the two were friends, Ye Yuan naturally had no reason to touch a friend. Furthermore, Little Flame even helped him to chase away Zhao Lingdong and the rest. Ye Yuan could not repay kindness with ingratitude even more.

Thinking for a long time, Ye Yuan could only give up.

“Forget it, forget it! This Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus, better think of another way!” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

This stopover took half a month’s time. Ye Yuan also had a rare period of peace and tranquility.

This half a month, apart from treating his injuries, the majority of the time was on sorting out the gains in this period of time.

After entering the Bloodrain Wilderness, Ye Yuan virtually spent it in the midst of high-intensity battles constantly.

Sitting down to sort it out carefully, Ye Yuan’s gains were truly quite a bit.

In concepts comprehension, Ye Yuan’s Sword Dao concept gradually closed in on the great circle of perfection.

Slaughter and Scorching Heat, two supreme true intents, Ye Yuan also had significant improvements and was going to break through the bottleneck very soon.

On this day, Ye Yuan was currently cultivating when Fiery suddenly brought Little Flame and dropped in.