Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 Flamesoul Crystal

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Looking at that piece of pale-yellow crystal in Little Flame’s hands, Ye Yuan’s eyes stared until they became wide-circles.

“Little Flame, this … ” Ye Yuan said somewhat not daring to believe it.

Little Flame passed that pale-yellow crystal in front of Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, this is for you!”

This pale-yellow crystal was not an ordinary item, but it was the Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus’s origin crystal body called Flamesoul Crystal. It could only condense one every 50 thousand years. It was the crystallization of Little Flame’s cultivation!

Which was also to say that Little Flame, this million-year-old spirit medicinal plant, only had a mere 20 pieces too. It was extremely valuable.

Most importantly, the goal of Ye Yuan finding the Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus was precisely for it!

Receiving Little Flame’s help previously, Ye Yuan dismissed this thought, planning to go and search in the outside world again later on.

In the time that he stayed here, Ye Yuan did not reveal this notion either.

Because if he took away the Flamesoul Crystal, Little Flame’s cultivation base would be greatly damaged.

Did not think that Little Flame actually took the Flamesoul Crystal today and gifted it to him. This made Ye Yuan very surprised.

Only after being shocked for a long time, did Ye Yuan resist the temptation and pushed the Flamesoul Crystal back, shook his head, and said, “Little Flame, I admit that I’m here for it. But … I can’t ask for this!”

Ye Yuan had a sincere look, but an expression of unwillingness to part still hung on his face.

This Flamesoul Crystal, Ye Yuan was indeed very moved.

However, Little Flame was Fiery’s brother. He could not do such a thing.

Little Flame and Fiery exchanged a glance, and suddenly started laughing hard.

Ye Yuan was baffled by these two people’s laughter and could not help asking curiously, “What are you guys laughing at?”

Fiery said to Little Flame, “You see, I didn’t lie to you, right? As long as Big Brother sincerely treats you as a friend, he absolutely won’t accept the Flamesoul Crystal!”

Little Flame also said with a smile, “I know that humans are mostly selfish people. Didn’t expect that Big Brother Ye Yuan is actually so sincere. Truly hard to come by. Fiery, I’m really envious of you, to have such a nice big brother!”

Speaking of this, Fiery also had a proud look as he said, “You don’t think about it a little either. If Big Brother isn’t good to me, how can I, a Tier 4 essence fire, have such accomplishments within a short 20 over years’ time?”

Ye Yuan listened to the two people’s conversation with a doubtful look and finally perceived a little something.

My … This Little Flame was deliberately using the Flamesoul Crystal to feel me out.

This made Ye Yuan rather surprised. He even thought that Little Flame’s thoughts were simple and did not have any guard up against humans.

Looking at it now, it was him who thought too much.

Little Flame was also an old monster that lived for a million years. He even ruled over so many desolate beasts. He would not be simple no matter what.

But Ye Yuan also knew that Little Flame was still very pure. Feeling him out was purely stemmed from feeling worried about someone from another race.

Ye Yuan said with a bitter smile, “The two of you are really …”

Little Flame said with a smile, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, please don’t take offense. I was the one who forced Fiery to come and feel you out together. Our Bloodrain Wilderness’s herb clan and beast clan all dislike humans very much. Hence, humans who come down to the fifth level, we would always kill without mercy. Except, I never thought that Big Brother Ye Yuan is really different from other humans.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “It’s also very normal for you to be on guard against me. If it were me, I might do it even more excessively than you. Therefore, Little Flame, you don’t have to have any burden. You’re Fiery’s brother, which is also my, Ye Yuan’s, brother!”

Seeing Ye Yuan not take offense, Little Flame was delighted too.

If Ye Yuan really fell out because of this matter, he knew that it would put Fiery on the spot.

Heaven and earth spiritual plants, being able to transform and become primordial spirits, and even originate from the same family, it was truly incomparably rare.

Hence, Little Flame also cherished Fiery all the more.

This point, Fiery was similarly like so. Therefore, that was why they would feel like old friends at the first meeting.

Little Flame said happily, “Big Brother Ye Yuan is really magnanimous! However, although I had the intention of probing, this piece of Flamesoul Crystal is really to gift to Big Brother Ye Yuan.”

Ye Yuan looked at Little Flame with a doubtful look and appeared slightly angry as he said, “Stop joking around. Little Flame, if you really don’t believe me, I’ll bring Fiery along and leave right now! Men have principles to adhere to and baselines. This Flamesoul Crystal, I cannot take it!”

Little Flame could not help being anxious the moment he heard and said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, I’m not joking with you! This Flamesoul Crystal is really giving to you!”

Seeing that the expression on Little Flame did not seem to be feigned, Ye Yuan was really astonished and opened his mouth to say, “Little Flame, this is your origin crystal body. Once it leaves your body, your strength will greatly diminish! This thing, even if you really gave it to me, I can’t accept it either!”

If it was gifted by other people, Ye Yuan would accept it without the slightest hesitation. But since there was Fiery, this layer of relationship there, Ye Yuan would not accept it.

At this time, Fiery laughed and said, “Big Brother, just accept it! With me around, Little Flame’s cultivation won’t get damaged!”

Little Flame also said, “Fiery and I exchanged a piece of leaf, making us both have a trace of the other party’s strength! The ability of the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus is even stronger than my main body. Obtaining Fiery’s strength, not only will my strength not decrease, it will even advance a step further! Therefore, Big Brother Ye Yuan doesn’t need to have any misgivings.”

Ye Yuan could not help being stunned, and he said, “There’s still such a thing? It’s my first time hearing about it!”

Fiery said with a smile, “Little Flame and I have bodies of the same origin. After exchanging, both sides will have a great advancement in strength. It’s just that this sort of situation where bodies of the same origin both give birth to primordial spirits is too rare. The chances of two primordial spirits meeting each other are extremely rare. Hence, it’s also not strange that Big Brother doesn’t know about this matter.”

Ye Yuan thought about it and felt that way too.

Fiery and Little Flame’s encounter was indeed something rare to the extreme.

“Speaking of which, for me and Little Flame to be able to meet, it’s all because of Big Brother still! If not for Big Brother bringing me out of the Endless World, it would also be impossible for me and him to meet. Perhaps, everything is foreordained by heaven.” Fiery said with a smile.

Little Flame grabbed Ye Yuan’s hand, placed the Flamesoul Crystal onto Ye Yuan’s hand, and said with a smile, “Hence, Big Brother Ye Yuan, just accept it!”

Today’s matter, Ye Yuan himself was dumbfounded.

He completely did not think that such a miraculous encounter would actually occur still, by bringing Fiery out of the Endless World back then.

Perhaps it was really as Fiery said. Everything was foreordained by the heavens.

Talking up to here, Ye Yuan naturally would not be courteous anymore and said to Little Flame, “Since that’s the case, then I won’t be courteous with you anymore! Little Flame, today’s matter, Big Brother Ye Yuan will remember it. There will come a day where Big Brother Ye Yuan will bring you out of this Bloodrain Wilderness!”

Ye Yuan knew that that the entire Bloodrain Wilderness was an enormous sealed land.

The sealing power of this place was frighteningly powerful!

Otherwise, with these desolate beasts’ terrifying strength, how could they possibly wait here obediently, and become the Holy City disciples’ objects of trial?

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, a glimmer flashed in Little Flame’s eyes too, revealing an expression of yearning.

Nobody was willing to be sealed in this damned place!

Little Flame said smilingly, “Big Brother Ye Yuan doesn’t need to be courteous! I still have to thank Big Brother Ye Yuan for bringing Fiery to the Bloodrain Wilderness!”