Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Three Great Kings

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In the depths of the Bloodrain Wilderness’s fifth level, three figures were currently surrounding a medicine spirit.

The strength of one of the figures was extremely powerful. Under his suppression, the battle portrayed a one-sided situation.

Very soon, that medicine spirit was thoroughly subdued.

These three figures were precisely Ye Yuan, Little Flame, as well as Fiery.

And the one with extremely fearsome battle-prowess earlier was precisely Little Flame.

The moment the fight started, Ye Yuan was struck dumb with amazement by Little Flame’s combat power. He also did not expect that Little Flame’s strength was actually so formidable.

Ye Yuan reckoned that Little Flame’s strength was absolutely not inferior to the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Sure enough, after giving birth to a primordial spirit, these heaven and earth spiritual plants unlocked their intelligence, and their cultivation speed even advanced at a tremendous pace.

Ye Yuan even felt that if not restricted by heavenly Dao, Little Flame would likely have broken through to Deity Realm already.

Little Flame’s strength was still just at the fifth level. Then just how powerful was the strength of those living beings at the sixth level?

“Little Flame, you really broadened my horizons! If there wasn’t you, wanting to capture this Unrefined Gold Earthspirit Grass would really not be easy,” Ye Yuan said joyfully.

Little Flame smiled and said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, you came prepared. Even if there wasn’t me around, it probably can’t escape either.”

This Unrefined Gold Earthspirit Grass was also a core medicine of the Dao Defying Pill.

Ye Yuan came to capture this Unrefined Gold Earthspirit Grass, Little Flame tagged along too. But did not expect that he became a great helper.

And these few days, Little Flame finally also knew Ye Yuan’s means, and he could not help feeling lingering fear.

Only later on did he know that if not for him giving birth to a primordial spirit and becoming friends with Fiery, he would probably also have become a stalk of spirit medicine in Ye Yuan’s storage ring already.

At that time, he asked Ye Yuan what would he do if he launched attacks at him.

Ye Yuan told him about his contingencies with a broad smile, frightening him badly.

Only at this time did Little Flame knew that, turns out Ye Yuan had long known about him like the palm of hands.

Although his strength was much greater than Ye Yuan’s, Ye Yuan was truly scheming against the unwary. The result was really hard to say.

After all, each person had their own weakness.

Especially since Ye Yuan had long researched extremely thoroughly into the Dao Defying Pill’s nine core medicines already. Wanting to capture them was not something very hard.

Ye Yuan said with a big laugh, “Although that’s the case, without you, wanting to catch him would probably still have to expend considerable effort.”

Little Flame said smilingly, “Huhu, in this fifth level, things that are able to make me apprehensive are really not many. However … Big Brother Ye Yuan, do you really want to go to the sixth level? Those few fellows in the sixth level are not that easy to get along with.”

Ye Yuan said with a nod, “Since the sixth level has the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber, I must make this trip.”

With Little Flame, such a fine guide, Ye Yuan naturally would not let it pass.

How many of the nine core medicines the Bloodrain Wilderness had, Ye Yuan naturally had to inquire clearly.

The Unrefined Gold Earthspirit Grass was one, the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber was another.

Except, the place where the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber was at, was the even more dangerous sixth level.

When Ye Yuan obtained this news, he hesitated for a while, too, but still decided to make a trip in the end.

The nine core ingredients were too hard to come by. Once missed it, wanting to find it again would need god knows how long.

This Bloodrain Wilderness could be said to be the most flourishing place for the Divine Realm’s spirit medicines. But it only had a mere three kinds as well. The rarity could be imagined.

Little Flame asked Fiery, “Big Brother Ye Yuan wants to go, you’re sure that you want to go too?”

Fiery nodded and said, “Of course! Where Big Brother goes to, I’m going there!”

Little Flame heaved a sigh and said, “Alright then. Big Brother Ye Yuan, the sixth level, I can’t go there. Otherwise, I’ll be directly obliterated by the power of restrictions. Hold this lotus leaf well. Using it at a critical moment will be equivalent to my all-out attack. Perhaps it can let you escape a crisis.”

Ye Yuan was not courteous either. Receiving the lotus leaf, he clasped his hands and said, “Thanks!”

Toward Little Flame, Little Flame naturally could not bear to part with him leaving. It was just that he knew that he and Fiery would have to be separated sooner or later.

With Fiery opening up a path, naturally, no one dared to provoke Ye Yuan in the fifth level anymore.

Little Flame sent the two people to the entrance area leading to the sixth level and was still reluctant to part as he said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan, Fiery, you guys have to come back and visit me!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Relax, wait till I find the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber, I’ll definitely come back to see you.”

Seeing the two people off, vanishing inside the transmission array, Little Flame had a wistful look.

Entering the sixth level, Ye Yuan felt that even breathing became a little difficult.

Faintly perceptible powerful auras transmitted over from far away, making people shudder without feeling cold.

According to Little Flame, this sixth level had three great kings. They were respectively the Single-Horned Moyun Beast, Heaven Tunneling Rat, as well as the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo.

The former two were desolate beasts, while the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo was a powerful primordial spirit!

But regardless of which one, they were all overwhelmingly powerful.

“Big Brother, those three great kings’ strengths are so powerful! I just entered the sixth level and actually had a thought of prostrating in worship!” Fiery said in alarm.

Fiery was a heaven and earth spiritual plant too. Presently, his strength was not weak either.

Before this, he had never had such a thought appear before.

But now, this thought suddenly welled up in his heart.

But Ye Yuan shook his head when he heard that and said, “Little Flame said, those three great kings are not Deity Realm powerhouses. Since they are not Deity Realm powerhouses, even if they are any stronger, it’s impossible to make you give rise to such a thought either.”

Fiery could not help being stupefied when he heard and said, “Then … what’s going on?”

“If my conjectures are right, what made you produce to this kind of thought, is likely coming from the seventh level! It’s just that this mysterious seventh level, no one has ever gone there before. What kind of existences are there, nobody knows. But without a doubt, the seventh level’s existences are definitely terrifying to the extreme,” Ye Yuan said with a slightly grim look.

Not just Fiery, Ye Yuan himself naturally sensed it too.

Upon entering the sixth level, Ye Yuan sensed that there was a terrifying aura attempting to make him yield.

But the strange thing was, the moment this aura touched him, the Soul Suppressing Pearl suddenly emitted a strange undulation, and directly repelled this aura back.

Ye Yuan seemed to sense that this aura seemed to have profaned the Soul Suppressing Pearl, making it angry.

It was as if that terrifying aura had affronted it.

This discovery made Ye Yuan abnormally shocked.

The Soul Suppressing Pearl was a really hard to fathom existence.

But no matter what, that aura was unable to affect Ye Yuan anymore.

“I heard that Zhuge Qingxuan entered the sixth level before. If my conjectures are right, he must have come aiming for the Deity Realm. Looking at it now, the sixth level shouldn’t have secrets relating to the Deity Realm. Rather, that seventh level might really have secrets concerning Deity Realm. It’s just, don’t know if he went in or not. Fiery, you’d best enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda,” Ye Yuan said.

Fiery nodded his head and was directly taken in by Ye Yuan.

His condition was clearly not too suited to continue penetrating deep in.

“Little Flame said that the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber is within a 10 thousand mile radius of the transmission array. Better find it as soon as possible and leave, so as to prevent unnecessary complications from cropping up. Once we startled the three great kings, it wouldn’t be good.”

Ye Yuan restrained his aura and started searching for the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber.