Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Five Colored Evergrowing Soil

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Ye Yuan deployed Heaven Man Unity heart realm to the limits, taking everything in the surrounding into his sight.

Those powerful existences, Ye Yuan avoided them one by one.

To martial artists, 10 thousand miles was not too large of an area. It did not take much time for Ye Yuan to search.

Finally, three days later, Ye Yuan found traces of the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber!

The Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber was an earth-attribute spirit medicine, adept at escaping through the earth. The strength of the medicine spirit was also not to be trifled with.

But these did not pose any difficulty to Ye Yuan.

He did not act rashly and alert the enemy, but laid down several Tier 9 array formations in the vicinity, enclosing its surrounding area into a metal bucket.

This way, the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber would be hard-pressed to escape even if it had wings.

However, just as Ye Yuan was planning on taking action to subdue the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber, an abnormality suddenly occurred.

The Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber suddenly went berserk, ramming against the grand array abruptly.

What made Ye Yuan stare dumbfoundedly with his mouth agape was that the originally impregnable grand array actually collapsed with a loud bang under the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber’s one strike.

The Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber breached the grand array and sped towards the depths of the sixth level with immense speed.

Ye Yuan had no time to dwell on it. Immediately merging into heaven and earth, he chased after it.

It was just that this Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber’s fleeing speed was actually incomparably fast. Ye Yuan actually could not catch up within a short time.

It looked like the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber was about to run out of the 10 thousand mile radius. Ye Yuan could not help feeling greatly anxious.

Forget about startling the three great kings, even startling the kind of existences like Little Flame, he would be unable to bear the consequences of failure too.

Ye Yuan was very confident in his own strength. But he was not yet confident to the extent of being wildly conceited.

The three great kings, that kind of existence, he was absolutely not a match.

Unknowingly, the two, one chased, one ran, already far exceeded the range of 10 thousand mile radius.

“Can’t keep chasing like this anymore, going all out!”

Ye Yuan’s face fell, and the Evil Extermination Sword was suddenly unleashed.


The speed of the Evil Extermination Sword flooded with divine essence was inconceivable quick, directly pinning down the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber in the midst of escaping.

Ye Yuan could not help being overjoyed when he saw the situation and chased after with a flash.

At present, it was also uncertain how far out he chased. Ye Yuan did not dare to stay and immediately sealed the Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber, planning on speeding over to the transmission array.

But right at this time, an extremely powerful divine sense suddenly descended, locking Ye Yuan down firmly.

Ye Yuan was akin to being struck by lightning, his entire person paralyzed there.

This pressure, Ye Yuan had only sensed it before on Spirit Bristle, that kind of existence.

Without a doubt, the owner of this divine sense was likely one of the three great kings!

Ye Yuan sighed slightly in his heart. He did not expect that he would still alarm them in the end.

A purple-shirt youth slowly walked out of the void. Staring at Ye Yuan with an unfriendly expression, he said coldly, “Ignorant human, you actually dare to act wildly in this king’s boundary!””

Ye Yuan’s scalp tingled. This purple-shirt youth, barring no accidents, was likely the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo.

The powerful undulations coming off his body, even Ye Yuan felt his heart palpitate too.

This youth was too strong!

“This one is most likely Senior Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo, right? Junior Ye Yuan having affronted Senior is seriously against my will. This Ten Fragrance Immortal Tuber is too important to this junior. If it disturbed Senior’s cultivation, Ye Yuan is willing to compensate with other things,” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo shot Ye Yuan a cold glance and said with a cold smile, “Laughable! Do you think that there’s still something in this world that can move this king?”

Ye Yuan could not help feeling awkward when he heard. To the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo, this level of existence, most likely what could move them, was only that fleeting and ephemeral Deity Realm.

Or perhaps, bringing them out of this space.

Except, Ye Yuan could say these words to Little Flame, but was unable to say them to the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo. Because he would not believe it at all.

Of course, Ye Yuan still had the Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl, this sort of heaven-defying treasures. But it was naturally impossible for Ye Yuan to take them out.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo said coolly, “You, boy, your strength isn’t strong. To actually be able to walk to the sixth level, it makes this king somewhat surprised. That aura earlier should be a divine artifact, right? Luckily, who you ran into was this king. If it were those two fellows, they probably wouldn’t be as amiable!”

Ye Yuan’s expression turned apprehensive, thinking to himself that this guy indeed took fancy on his divine artifact.

But the Evil Extermination Sword, he absolutely would not hand it over.

“Whatever requests Senior have, feel free to say. What Ye Yuan can accomplish, I definitely won’t decline. But this divine artifact …” Ye Yuan said.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo said disdainfully, “Relax, divine artifacts are useless to me. But I’m rather interested in you. Stay behind and be my servant for 10 thousand years. At that time, I’ll naturally let you leave.

Ye Yuan knew that this guy would not say anything nice.

Disregarding other things, how could Ye Yuan be someone contented to bow down to others?

“This … Junior can’t do it.” Ye Yuan said neither obsequiously nor haughtily.

He did not wish to get into a conflict with the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo, but it did not mean that he was really scared of the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo seemed to have long expected it and said with a cold smile, “You brat, could it be that you’re making a joke out of this king? Divine artifact can’t, being a servant can’t as well. Why don’t you say what else you have that can make this king take fancy upon?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “I wonder if senior is interested in Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil?”

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo originally still had a ‘never making a concession’ appearance. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, his expression immediately changed and he said, “You … You actually have Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil too? Quick! Quickly take it out!”

It was also no wonder that the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo was astonished. The Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil possessed lethal allure to any plant.

Legends had it that the Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil was an earth-attribute supreme treasure, containing the power of the Five-Elements Source. The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo, this kind of heaven and earth spiritual plant could glimpse into the source of the great Dao through the Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil.

Reaching the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo’s level of realm, there naturally was nothing that they would take fancy upon anymore. But that did not mean that they did not have the room for improvement.

This Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil was precisely one of the things that could let him advance further.

So much so that if heavenly Dao laws was able to allow Deity Realm to appear once more, this Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil was absolutely able to let him cross that heavenly chasm!

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo totally thought that Ye Yuan had the Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil on him. Who knew that Ye Yuan shook his head and said very scoundrelly, “Don’t have!”

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo’s agitation instantly turned into rage. A terrifying aura immediately enveloped Ye Yuan.

“You dare to fool this king? Truly tired of living!” The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Senior, don’t get worked up. It looks like Senior should have seen the Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil before, right?”

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo was not dumb either. He instantly understood Ye Yuan’s meaning and said with a cold smile, “Your meaning is that you’re planning on using that guy’s stuff to bribe this king, to make this king let you go? Heh, brat, you really calculated really well! This kind of empty promise, do you really take this king to be a three-year-old kid?”

That guy that the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo was talking about was precisely Zhuge Qingxuan!

According to what Ye Yuan knew, Zhuge Qingxuan had precisely a chunk of Five-Colored Evergrowing Soil in his hands. It was viewed by him as a forbidden slice of meat, and he absolutely did not permit others encroach on it.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo’s current expression naturally illustrated that Zhuge Qingxuan had indeed come to the sixth level before. Furthermore, he even made a deal with the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo before.

It was just that the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo did not seem to have agreed to him.