Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Come with Me

Su Yishan was a peak genius in the top ten of the Martial Roll. If today, Ye Yuan entered his residence to search for people, how would he have the face to stay in the Dan Wu Academy in the future?

These words from Ye Yuan was simply unprecedented shame and humiliation to Su Yishan!

Facing Su Yishan's fiery wrath, Ye Yuan chose to ignore it. He made his move and headed towards Su Yishan's courtyard.

"Courting death!"

Out of rage, Su Yishan smacked a palm towards Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not seem to see it and walked towards the gates without care.


A violent clash between palms. Su Yishan and Wu Luochen both retreated several steps. Clearly, it was a draw.

"Wu Luochen! You really dare to attack?!" Su Yishan roared angrily.

Wu Luochen gave a zombified face which would not change in ten thousand years and said, "I already said very clearly. As long as you don't attack Ye Yuan, everything is fine. But if you attack, I will not stand idly by and watch."

"You!" Su Yishan was thoroughly defeated by Wu Luochen. Nothing got through this fellow!

Ye Yuan did not walk fast, but his footsteps never stopped. It looked like he was about to enter the courtyard.

At this moment, Su Yishan felt shame and humiliation he had never ever experienced before!

He was the pride of the Su Family and a proud son of heaven in the Dan Wu Academy. Since when had he ever been put through such disgrace?

Ye Yuan actually dared to enter and search his abode in front of so many people?!

The most hateful thing was that he was unable to do anything about him!

"Stop right there, Ye Yuan!" Su Yishan hollered.

Ye Yuan continued forward as if he did not hear it.

"Halt! I'll call her out!" Su Yishan crumbled and finally chose to compromise.

Indeed, when he said that, Ye Yuan finally ceased his footsteps. He turned around to look at Su Yishan. Clearly, he was waiting for Su Yishan to call her.

Su Yishan really wanted to kill someone right now. Ye Yuan's actions had already completely swept his face away like rubbish.

Although Ye Yuan ultimately did not enter, since he agreed to call Liu Ruoshui out, he basically admitted defeat.

"Ye Yuan is indeed worthy of being a genius who made it through the Nine Heavens Road. He actually dared to sweep away Su Yishan's face like that."

"Heh heh. Su Yishan is normally incomparably haughty. Today, someone finally managed to stop him. It's so venting!"

"Yeah. Su Yishan relied on his uncle's authority to do as he pleased in the Heaven rank area. Many people felt indignant but dared not to speak up. Today, someone else who's even wilder came and even dared to sweep away his second uncle's face. Isn't sweeping away his face something simple?"

"Except that such a haughty person like Wu Luochen is actually willing to be Ye Yuan's fighter. It makes me surprised. Could it be that he's already taken in by Ye Yuan as a lackey?"

"Doesn't look like it. There's probably some sort of agreement between them, and this agreement is really important to Wu Luochen. That's why he is willing to take the risk of offending Su Yishan to become a hired thug."

"Haha! Look at Su Yishan wanting to kill someone, but unable to. It's the first time I've seen it. Seriously hilarious!"

"Ye Yuan might feel great today, but the upcoming Endless Trials probably won't go so smoothly. Regardless whether it's Elder Su or Su Yishan, they would probably spare no expense to kill Ye Yuan."

Those gathering around to watch were Heaven rank students. Many were whispering, even communicating through voice transmission.

One could tell from their conversation that Su Yishan did not seem to win the public's opinion in the Heaven rank area. Many held the attitude of gloating over his misfortune when watching the show.

As for sweeping away Su Yishan's face, Ye Yuan did not feel any burden at all.

The Su Family was the Ye Family's covert competitor. This was something he already knew.

Since Su Yubai could ambush him in broad daylight, then Su Yishan would not go so far as to become friends with him.

Since Liu Ruoshui appeared in Su Yishan's residence, it was evident that she came to seek protection from him. In that case, Ye Yuan and Su Yishan naturally were enemies.

Ye Yuan never had the habit of saving face for his enemies.

Presently, Su Yishan's face was grim, and he was incomparably vexed.

No matter how he calculated, he did not expect that Wu Luochen was actually willing to become Ye Yuan's fighter!

"What are you still hiding in there for? Come out here for me!" Su Yishan bellowed in a low voice.

Right now, Su Yishan somewhat regretted taking in Liu Ruoshui. A moment of lust beguiling his mind gave him such a huge problem.

Following Su Yishan's shout, a graceful and charming figure showed up at the gates. It was precisely Liu Ruoshui.

Liu Ruoshui's clothes were a little disheveled, making her appear somewhat ragged. Her complexion was also much withered. Where was there still the former demeanor of a goddess?

She had been keeping an eye on the situation outside, and knew that she was probably unable to settle things today.

Initially, she thought that finding Su Yishan as her backer could let her escape this crisis. For that reason, she even offered up her most precious thing. But she did not think that Su Yishan could not protect her at all.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Su, I . . ." Liu Ruoshui looked towards Su Yishan feebly.

Su Yishan's expression was somber, but he still moved to block in front of her. This action made Liu Ruoshui wildly elated.

Su Yishan naturally would not let her be. The situation now was already extremely clear. Liu Ruoshui was someone that he, Su Yishan, was shielding. If Ye Yuan dealt with her at his discretion, he would ultimately lose his face today.

Just now, when Ye Yuan wanted to enter the courtyard, he was unable to pull himself away to stop it. But now, it was not going to be so easy for Wu Luochen and Ye Yuan to take someone away from directly under him.

Furthermore, this matter had already blown up. As long as he held on a while longer, until his second uncle, Su Yubai arrived, even Ye Yuan would not dare to be unbridled.

"If you have questions, ask away!" Su Yishan said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not mind Su Yishan's actions. Hearing that, he nodded and asked, "Let me ask you, Liu Ruoshui, the matter of Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng bullying Lu-er, were you and Wan Yuan the ones fanning the fire by the side?"

Liu Ruoshui was secretly alarmed when she heard him. She did not think that Ye Yuan actually came here because of this matter. No wonder he arrived so quickly!

Liu Ruoshui's mind flashed like lightning and thought to herself that there were already no witnesses to this matter. There were only four of them present back then. Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng were already dead. Wan Yuan fled. As long as she flatly denied it, what could Ye Yuan do to her?

Thinking up to this point, Liu Ruoshui cried out, "Ye Yuan, I know that we had some disagreements in the past. But that was all instigated by Wan Yuan! Every debt has its creditor! You should find him instead!"

Ye Yuan frowned and said, "Enough crap. I only asked you about Lu-er's matter!"

The instant Liu Ruoshui thought things through, she became less fearful instead. Puffing her chest out, she said righteously, "No. I don't even know what you are talking about! I don't even know who is Lu-er, so how would I harm her?"


"Of course it's true!" Liu Ruoshui became increasingly confident as she spoke.

"Then how do you explain you and Wan Yuan seeking out Lin Tiancheng before, on the day of the Illusionary Spirit Tower test?" Ye Yuan interrogated.

"Lin Tiancheng is the head disciple of the general affairs. Wan Yuan wished to make friends with him. Is there anything wrong with that? You were clearly the one who offended Lin Tiancheng, yet you want to force the crime on me. What's the reasoning?"

Liu Ruoshui was also a quick-witted person. The moment she collected herself, she did a reverse checkmate instead.

Ye Yuan looked at Liu Ruoshui and suddenly smiled. He smiled until Liu Ruoshui felt a chill continuously escalate from the bottom of the heart.

"Such a shrewd tongue. Since that's the case, come with me then. I have ways to prove whether what you say is true or false. If what you said is true, our previous grudges will be wiped off the slate from now on. But if it's false . . . I, Ye Yuan, don't kill women. Cripple your Dantian yourself, and withdraw from the Dan Wu Academy. The matters previously will also similarly be wiped clean!" Ye Yuan said casually.