Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 The Formidable Strength Of Peak Void Mystic

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“Brat, you caused me to make such a big fool of myself! You deserve death!”

These three great kings were mortal enemies in the sixth level. Neither one was acquiescent to the other.

But Ye Yuan’s scheme earlier was seen by the other two beasts. How could this not enrage the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo?

He was currently filled with killing intent towards Ye Yuan already.

The Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo slowly reached a finger out. The oppression this time was even more terrifying compared to the previous time!

This finger, the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo used 70% power!

That violent energy undulation made Ye Yuan’s heart palpitate.

“Hahaha! Human brat, kneel down and beg this king. Perhaps this king will be happy and agree to take action to save you!” the Single-Horned Moyun Beast laughed wildly and said.

Ye Yuan shot him a glance coldly and shouted, “Scram!”

The Single-Horned Moyun Beast, who was earlier laughing wildly incessantly, suddenly froze with a gaping huge mouth. He said solemnly, “Brat, you’re courting death here!”

The three of them were all unrivaled powerhouses, the absolute kings in the sixth level. Who dared to be so insolent in front of him?

Yet, Ye Yuan sent him a ‘scram’ word.

But that Heaven Tunneling Rat rolled on the ground from laughter and said, “Hahaha! Single-Horned, I didn’t think that you also ate a loss. This human brat is really quite interesting.”


Just as they were talking, another bolt of lightning landed.

Seeing this attack, the Heaven Tunneling Rat squeaked with laughter and said, “Ah! Purple Bamboo that guy is really furious this time. This brat … is dead for sure this time!”

The Single-Horned Moyun Beast had an incredibly grim look by the side. But he approved of the Heaven Tunneling Rat’s words very much.

This attack practically contained 70% of the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo’s power. Even if they were dealing with it, it would expend some effort too, let alone this human Fourth Level Dao Profound brat in front of them.

The two of them retreated a distance away sensibly to avoid being implicated by accident.

Purple Bamboo’s 70% Lightning of Punishment was not joking around.

Especially when they knew that Purple Bamboo’s offensive power was incomparably fearsome to begin with. Confronting it head-on, it would be sufficient for even them to choke on too.

A power that cleaved the heavens and covered the earth crushed down towards Ye Yuan.

At this instant, Ye Yuan felt like the entire firmament was almost collapsing.

This Purple Bamboo’s strength was an existence on par with Zhuge Qingxuan. Such a powerhouse was too terrifying.

This was still Ye Yuan’s first time witnessing such a terrifying attack face-on in two lifetimes.

The previous life, it was completely impossible for those Ten Great Divine Kings to make a move against him.

This time, Ye Yuan finally experienced what kind of existence true peak divine kings were.

This attack was already unavoidable.

Right now, Ye Yuan could only have a frontal battle!

Even though he knew that the outcome of a frontal-clash could only be death.

But letting him submit without putting up resistance, he was unresigned to it!


Ye Yuan suddenly transformed and turned into an enormous azure dragon!

Seeing this scene, the three kings’ expressions all changed.

They never thought that Ye Yuan actually still had such a contingency move!

Especially the Single-Horned Moyun Beast and Heaven Tunneling Rat, the two of them were desolate beasts, having common ancestry with the demon race. That terrifying true dragon pressure actually made them have an impulse to prostrate in worship!

Of course, their level of existence would not really prostrate in worship. It was just that that kind of palpitation originating from the depths of the bloodline still made them endlessly shocked.

This brat’s true dragon bloodline was pure to the extreme!

However, a scene that made them even more astonished occurred!

In that instant he transformed, Ye Yuan took out the Vast Heaven Stele.

“Vast Heaven Stele, open!”

Ye Yuan gave a fierce cry. The Vast Heaven Stele instantly soared, smashing over towards the thunderbolt.

Without any flashiness, just a ruthless smash, it was wrapped with the might of heaven and earth!

The Purple Bamboo’s thunderbolt brought the firmament along and suppressed down, while Ye Yuan’s Vast Heaven Stele wanted to smash a hole out in the firmament!

“This … What the hell is this? Just a smash and it has such terrifying power! If this brat was able to use this stone plaque, the result would be hard to predict!” The Single-Horned Moyun Beast secretly exhaled.

With his strength, he was naturally able to sense the mysterious aura coming off of the Vast Heaven Stele.

Although he did not recognize it, he knew that this stone plaque was definitely not an ordinary item.

At this instant, the Single-Horned Moyun Beast and Heaven Tunneling Rat both made up their minds. The moment Ye Yuan died, they would immediately step forward to snatch this stone plaque!

With this stone plaque, their strength would surely increase greatly!


The thunderbolt and the Vast Heaven Stele clashed directly, emitting a heaven-shaking boom.

The Single-Horned Moyun Beast and Heaven Tunneling Rat retreated once more as well, in order to avoid being affected by this attack.


The tremendous backlash force that came from the Vast Heaven Stele immediately shocked Ye Yuan to severe injuries, spewing out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

But the thunderbolt directly pressed on the Vast Heaven Stele, crushing down towards Ye Yuan.

This attack of Purple Bamboo’s must thoroughly suppress Ye Yuan!

If he could not even suppress a measly little Ye Yuan, then he could not lift his head up at all in front of the other two great kings in the future.

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

Ye Yuan disregarded the injuries on his body, bringing forth the strongest Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm while having blood in his mouth.


An azure dragon phantom soared to the sky, flying straight for the Vast Heaven Stele!


The Vast Heaven Stele that received this blow that shot up to the sky actually slowly stopped crashing down. It gradually stabilized.

However, Purple Bamboo’s Lightning of Punishment had not utterly dissipated yet.

At this time, Ye Yuan’s body slammed heavily onto the ground, directly smashing out a deep crater.

Ye Yuan immediately recovered to human form and brought out the Evil Extermination Sword.

“Limitless Life-Death Sword!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan used his strongest attack again!


Another tremendous backlash force shook Ye Yuan until even his internal organs were displaced.

“Divine king domain! This … How is this possible? This human brat is simply too monstrous! Fourth Level Dao Profound and he’s actually able to comprehend concepts to such a profound level!” the Heaven Tunneling Rat looked at Ye Yuan and said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan practically exhausted all of his trump cards. This time, he finally utterly dispersed this bolt of Lightning of Punishment from Purple Bamboo.

However, Ye Yuan was drenched in blood all over currently, and he was completely unable to move a muscle anymore.

“Looks like the Ten Great Divine Kings’ appraisal indeed isn’t groundless! This level of powerhouse is too terrifying!” Ye Yuan laid on the ground and said with a bitter smile.

Purple Bamboo’s expression was incredibly ugly. He did not think that he used 70% power and was actually unable to immediately kill Ye Yuan!

However, his current thoughts were already no longer placed on Ye Yuan.

Because Single-Horn and Heaven Tunneling Rat were already speeding towards the Vast Heaven Stele with exceptionally swift speed!

Through this attack just now, he was already perfectly clear that this Vast Heaven Stele was absolutely not an ordinary item.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three figure sped towards the Vast Heaven Stele with incredible speed.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan was helpless to the extreme too.

The present him already did not have a trace of strength to stop these three great kings.

The three people’s strengths were about on par, practically reaching the Vast Heaven Stele at the same time.

Looking at the three of them were about to touch the Vast Heaven Stele, an abnormality occurred once again!

The area where the Vast Heaven Stele was at, a surge of strange energy suddenly appeared, and directly exploded!