Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 Mysterious Powerhouse From The Seventh Level

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A blinding white light flashed past. The area where the Vast Heaven Stone Stele was at exploded with a loud bang.

Powerful as the three kings were, they were actually sent flying by the power of this explosion.

When the seriously injured Ye Yuan saw this scene, he stared dumbfounded with his jaws slack too.

That explosion just now was too terrifying!

Ye Yuan was seriously unable to imagine just what kind of existence could unleash such a move.

One had to know that the three great kings were already existences at the summit of the Divine Realm.

Who else could be even stronger than the three of them?

Ye Yuan could not help being alarmed, his gaze abruptly turning towards the depths of the sixth level!

Who else in the Divine Realm could defeat the three great kings so effortlessly? There was only that mysterious existence in the Bloodrain Wilderness’s seventh level.

An intangible divine sense suddenly descended. The feeling that this divine sense gave Ye Yuan was akin to a vast ocean, unfathomable.

The three great kings hastily crawled with their feet and lay down in prostration in the direction of the seventh level, not daring to move a muscle.


Suddenly, the Vast Heaven Stone Stele actually directly flew away, flying towards the seventh level’s depths.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan’s eyes stared until they became wide circles.

The Vast Heaven Stele acknowledged him as its master. What was the meaning of flying away now?

But in the next second, something that made Ye Yuan even more dumbfounded happened.

His Evil Extermination Sword actually broke free, similarly flying away out of control!

“This … What on earth is going on?” Ye Yuan’s astonishment could not be any greater.

Right at this time, a deep voice that had experienced many vicissitudes of life descended from the sky.

“Divine items such as these are not what the likes of you all can take a share in!”

The three people’s entire body trembled, and they hurriedly said, “Yes, Your Excellency! It was us … who overestimated our ability!”

“En. Bring him to see me!” That mysterious voice sounded out once more.

Ye Yuan was alarmed inwardly when he heard that. This ‘him’ was clearly referring to him.

But Ye Yuan was even more curious. He was very curious whether or not this seventh level’s existence was really a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Could it be that there were really still Deity Realm powerhouses in this world?

Ye Yuan was unable to move at this time. He could only allow the three great kings to bring him away as they pleased.

But riding on the Single-Horned Moyun Beast’s body, that feeling was still pretty good.

The three great kings were all incessantly flustered currently. They did not know what relations Ye Yuan had with the seventh level’s lord.

They were sealed in the sixth level for God knows how many years, but had never seen His Excellency actually take the initiative to request to meet someone. This was an unprecedented event.

If Ye Yuan really had some relation with His Excellency, that joke earlier would have been really bad.

Especially the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo. He beat Ye Yuan until like this; this was simply dreadful.

The three of them being in the sixth level for so many years, they were too clear how formidable His Excellency’s strength was.

Claiming their lives was merely a matter of waving a hand.

Along the way, the Heavenly Thunder Purple Bamboo’s emotions were incomparably complicated.

He wanted to go and apologize to Ye Yuan but was also afraid that His Excellency was just curious about Ye Yuan and was still going to kill him in the end.

Not apologizing, he was also afraid that Ye Yuan was really related to His Excellency.

It troubled him to death.

The three people’s speed was rather swift. They only used half a day’s effort and arrived at the seventh level’s entrance area.

Half a day’s time, Ye Yuan consumed medicinal pills, and his injuries were also much better, and he was already able to get down and walk around.

Arriving here, the seventh level’s undulation appeared all the more powerful.

The feeling that the three great kings gave people was already powerful to the extreme.

But compared to the undulations coming from the seventh level, they were on completely different levels.

“Come on in, junior!” A mysterious voice could be heard.

Ye Yuan knew that there was no leeway for him to refuse either. Straight away, he directly entered the transmission array without much hesitation.

Suddenly, it was pitch-black in front of Ye Yuan.

The seventh level’s appearance was extremely far from what his imagination.

This place seemed to be a different space. No bloodrain, no desolate beasts, no spirit medicines as well.

What there was, was just a pair of incomparably profound eyes!

Yes, the area where Ye Yuan’s gaze reached, there was only a pair of eyes, no other objects apart for that.

This pair of eyes were buried in the darkness but was so conspicuous, akin to two lighthouses shining.

But Ye Yuan could sense that ahead was a powerful restrictive force.

As long as he advanced a little more, he would immediately be annihilated by this restrictive force.

Ye Yuan attempted to communicate with the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword, but he discovered that these two divine artifacts were akin to rocks that had sunk into the ocean. They were not giving him any bit of response at all.

With this, Ye Yuan’s heart hit rock bottom.

“Junior, stop wasting your strength. These two divine items landing in your hands is simply a wanton waste of God’s good gifts!” that mysterious voice opened his mouth to speak again.

Ye Yuan’s face turned black, and he said, “That’s my own business. Don’t need to trouble your esteemed self to worry!”

A terrifying aura instantly enveloped Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan felt like someone was clutching his throat, practically making him asphyxiated.

Just a burst of aura that escaped made Ye Yuan powerless to revolt.

This mysterious powerhouse’s strength was truly terrifying to the extreme.

“You, this junior, are so wildly arrogant! Aren’t you afraid that this lord will kill you in a rage?” the mysterious powerhouse said with sullen anger.

At this time, the Soul Suppressing Pearl finally showed its power.

A surge of faint red glow spread out, easily repelling that burst of aura back.

Ye Yuan instantly felt the pressure on his body lighten, and he was finally able to breathe.

While at this time, the mysterious powerhouse’s aura clearly had a trace of disturbance!

“Soul Suppressing Pearl! It’s indeed the Soul Suppressing Pearl! Didn’t expect, oh didn’t expect it! The Soul Suppressing Pearl really saw the light of day anew! Junior, your destiny is truly heaven-defying!” the mysterious powerhouse said excitedly.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at him and said, “This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, right?”

The mysterious powerhouse could not help choking up and said crossly, “I say, you, this junior, why are you so impulsive when speaking? Can’t you have a talk properly?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Return the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword. I can naturally have a proper talk then!”

Ye Yuan could sense that this mysterious powerhouse did not seem to have any ill-intentions toward him. Using his aura to suppress him earlier was merely in order to punish the latter slightly. That was all.

It was just that the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword landing in other people’s hands, Ye Yuan kept feeling anxious.

This mysterious powerhouses clearly had words to say to him. Hence, if he was a little impudent, the other party should not really make a move to kill.

If he really wanted to kill, he would have long killed too.

If Ye Yuan’s conjectures were right, this mysterious powerhouse should have some history with the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword. Otherwise, he could not snatch them from his hands so easily.

“You, this junior, are so petty! This lord just had not met with old friends for many years and was somewhat agitated for a moment, that’s all. Rest assured, since the Vast Heaven Stele was obtained by you, it shows that you’re this generation’s son of heaven’s mandate. This lord won’t snatch your divine artifact. If the Vast Heaven Stele is yours, it’s yours. Nobody can snatch it away!” the mysterious powerhouse said.

Done talking, two streams of flowing light shot out from within the darkness and suspended in front of Ye Yuan. They were precisely the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword!

“However … it is not that this lord is looking down on you. But your way of using the Vast Heaven Stele, it is truly a bright pearl covered by sand in your hands!” the mysterious powerhouse suddenly followed up saying his words.