Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Ancient Heaven One Sect

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The Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword arrived in front of Ye Yuan. That feeling of blood being thicker than water instantly recovered again.

Only at this time did Ye Yuan finally set his mind at ease.

But towards the mysterious powerhouse’s words, Ye Yuan became interested too.

The Vast Heaven Stele could be said to be Ye Yuan’s greatest trump card currently. It was even more powerful than the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm and Limitless Life-Death Sword.

But the Vast Heaven Stele’s method of usage was pouring in emperor qi, then smashing it toward the opponent.

Although simple, the power was incomparably powerful.

The Vast Heaven Stele contained extremely profound power of laws. Even if it was just a toss, it was extraordinary too.

But right now, hearing the mysterious powerhouse’s meaning, the Vast Heaven Stele clearly still had other methods of usage.

Furthermore, the power was clearly much stronger than smashing towards the opponent.

“I beseech Senior to condescend to teach!” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

“En, finally can have a proper talk. Since you’re this generation’s son of heaven’s mandate, then do you know the origins of this Vast Heaven Stele?” the mysterious powerhouse said.

Ye Yuan shook his head blankly and said, “I’m unaware.”

He only knew that this Vast Heaven Stele’s previous owner was Fang Tian. As for the rest, he really did not know.

Over 100 thousand years ago, heaven and earth had a cataclysmic change, forming a discontinuity in legacies. Many things were submerged in the long river of history along with divine Dao.

But very clearly, this Vast Heaven Stele’s history was definitely far more long-standing than 100 thousand years.

“That Heaven One Sect’s 1 name, have you heard before?” the mysterious powerhouse asked again.

Ye Yuan still shook his head blankly.

Seeing the situation, the mysterious powerhouse sighed and said, “Looks like time has already extinguished everything.”

Ye Yuan asked curiously, “Was this Heaven One Sect, very powerful?”

The mysterious powerhouse said laughingly, “Heh, they were naturally strong! The ancient Heaven One Sect was one of the Divine Realm’s three great leader sects, in full flourish for a time! Especially around one million years ago, that generation’s Sect Master Daoist Absolute Heaven came soaring into existence, virtually sweeping across the Divine Realm! The other two leader sects also had no choice but to temporarily hide their fangs, and treated the Heaven One Sect as the head.”

The mysterious powerhouse’s tone was also filled with admiration when mentioning Daoist Absolute Heaven.

However, towards Absolute Heaven this name, it was rather familiar to Ye Yuan’s ears.

He thought about it and finally recalled that he had once heard it before from Jia Lan.

It seemed like the one who sealed Jia Lan was precisely Daoist Absolute Heaven.

Looking at it this way, this Daoist Absolute Heaven was most likely a truly terrifying existence.

Moreover, Ye Yuan knew that Jia Lan was merely a small fry. What was truly powerful was still that Holy Mother Devil Flower.

Holy Mother Devil Flower, was similarly sealed by Daoist Absolute Heaven.

It could be seen from this that this person was really powerful to the extreme.

“Presumably, Daoist Absolute Heaven was that generation’s son of heaven’s mandate, right?” Ye Yuan was suddenly somewhat clear.

“That’s right! A million years ago, the fiend race suddenly appeared. Under the leadership of the two great Heavenly Fiendgods, the Holy Mother Devil Flower and Kanuo, they swept across the entire Divine Realm very quickly. Absolute Heaven commanded the Divine Realm and led the Heaven One Sect and various great sects to forcefully resist the fiend race, finally sealing all of them. It was just that after sealing Kanuo, Absolute Heaven was already an expiring lamp, and he finally left this world!”

The mysterious powerhouse’s words were filled with melancholy and regret.

Although the mysterious powerhouse said it simply, Ye Yuan knew that that great paramount battle one million years ago was surely incomparably tragic.

And hearing that the Holy Mother Devil Flower was actually an existence on the same level as Absolute Heaven, Ye Yuan’s brows could not help knitting together tightly.

This was not good news!

Ye Yuan also did not think that what was sealed inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden was actually one of the two great fiends, the Holy Mother Devil Flower.

Also, Kanuo, although Ye Yuan had not heard of this name before, the title of Heavenly Fiendgod, he had heard of it to some extent.

That great battle 50 thousand years ago, Fang Tian’s opponent was precisely a self-proclaimed Heavenly Fiendgod!

If this Heavenly Fiendgod was Kanuo, then wouldn’t it mean that two great fiends actually all came into being?

The mysterious powerhouse detected Ye Yuan’s oddness and opened his mouth to ask, “Since you obtained the Vast Heaven Stele, the fiend race should have come into being once more, right? Could it be that you’ve already come into contact with them?”

Ye Yuan did not hide it, briefly recounting the events of the Immemorial Medicine Garden and 50 thousand years ago.

A terrifying undulation spread out, causing the entire seventh level’s space to shake incessantly.

Not just the seventh level, the desolate beasts and medicine spirits in the sixth and fifth level were all quivering unceasingly.

“Fools! Truly a bunch of fools! Death isn’t regrettable! Back then, how great a price did Absolute Heaven pay in order to seal the Holy Mother Devil Flower? This bunch of fools actually let them out just like that! Even if they die, it serves them right too!”

Under the mysterious powerhouse’s wrath, Ye Yuan felt like the entire space was going to collapse.

This guy in front of him was definitely a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Void Mystic powerhouses absolutely did not reach this sort of degree!

“Senior, just how powerful is this Holy Mother Devil Flower and Kanuo?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

That pair of eyes glanced at Ye Yuan and said solemnly, “Very strong! With your cultivation realm, you’re completely unable to imagine it! Back then, Absolute Heaven already reached the peak of Origin Deity Realm. But he was still unable to kill the Holy Mother Devil Flower and Kanuo. If not for him possessing the Vast Heaven Stele, this kind of marvelous foreign treasure, there would simply be no way of defeating them. Finally, he exhausted his physical and mental efforts and merely sealed them too. But I didn’t expect that one million years later, they were released by a bunch of fools. Truly preposterous!”

Hearing these words, Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up.

This was his first time hearing a description of the Deity Realm.

He had long known that among deities likewise had the distinction of superiority and inferiority.

And this Origin Deity Realm should be a peak existence among deity realms.

A million years ago, Absolute Heaven should be a figure standing at the very summit of the entire Divine Realm. Then his cultivation realm was naturally also the highest realm.

Ye Yuan looked at that pair of eyes with a fervent gaze. He had never felt so close to Deity Realm before.

“Senior, the Origin Deity Realm that you said, what kind of realm is it?” Ye Yuan guided along skillfully.

Seemingly sensing Ye Yuan’s enthusiasm, that mysterious powerhouse suddenly fell silent.

Ye Yuan held his breath, patiently waiting for the other party’s response.

After a long silence, the mysterious powerhouse suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Did a massive change happen to the Divine Realm’s heaven and earth 100 thousand years ago?”

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately nodded his head and said, “That’s right! Around 100 thousand years ago, all of the Deity Realm powerhouses vanished overnight, even bringing along many deity realm inheritances and disappearing along with them too. At present, beneath this stretch of heaven and earth, there are already no more Deity Realm powerhouses!”

“No wonder! Oh, no wonder!” The mysterious powerhouse murmured under his breath.

Ye Yuan was anxious in his heart, but asked verbally, “Senior, what on earth happened 100 thousand years ago?”

The mysterious powerhouse heaved a sigh and said, “I was sealed here, how was I able to know what is happening in the outside world? It’s just that 100 thousand years ago, my body had a portion of the power of laws being taken away out of the blue. Ever since then, I’ve been unable to use Deity Realm strength anymore.”

Hearing the mysterious powerhouse’s words, Ye Yuan was rather disappointed.

But he also obtained many information from it. One of it was that this powerhouse before his eyes was really a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Another information concerned the present Divine Realm. If there were Deity Realm powerhouses who lingered here, their power of laws would likewise be siphoned off, and their cultivation would regress back to the Divine King Realm!