Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Divine Dao Three Realms

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If it was this reason, then did those Deity Realm powerhouses leave the Divine Realm because of this?

But where did they go to?

Could it be that there was still another expanse outside of this Divine Realm?

Countless questions hovered in Ye Yuan’s mind, unable to dispel them.

The queries left behind by the disappearance of Deity Realm powerhouses were truly too many.

The more one investigated, the greater the enigma discovered.

“I had once heard people say before that at present, the Divine Realm’s Heavenly Dao is deficient. Senior, I wonder if there is any method that can resolve this predicament?” Ye Yuan asked.

“Deity realms aren’t gods! Deity Realm is just a form of address. Even if they are Origin Deity Realm powerhouses, it’s impossible to truly take control of Heavenly Dao as well. One can only say that they are able to borrow even higher-level power of laws, that’s all. Since Divine Dao laws are already gone, nobody is capable of changing this outcome. Unless, you can find the missing Heavenly Dao!” the mysterious powerhouse said.

Ye Yuan’s gaze flickered. He fell into rumination himself.

If finding back the missing Heavenly Dao was the only method to break through to the Deity Realm.

Then his Dao Defying Pill was probably unable to let him break through to the Deity Realm either.

But if he admitted defeat like this, Ye Yuan was unwilling.

“Heh, Junior, don’t have wishful thinking! As long as there is a trace of means, those Deity Realm powerhouses would not possibly all disappear in the Divine Realm too. Since they disappeared, that means that they were helpless to do anything and could only choose to leave!”

The mysterious powerhouse naturally perceived Ye Yuan’s unwillingness. But how was Ye Yuan the only one who could not accept it? The others felt the same way too.

Something that even Deity Realm powerhouses were unable to solve, how could a measly little Dao Profound Realm martial artist possibly accomplish it?

Ye Yuan did not refute the mysterious powerhouse’s words. He then asked, “Senior, can you tell me about matters of the Deity Realm?”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s appearance, the mysterious powerhouse knew that he did not give up hope.

However, he did not refuse Ye Yuan and opened his mouth to say, “Divine Dao Three Realms can be categorised into Grotto Profound Deity Realm, Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm, and Origin Deity Realm! Essence, Energy, and Spirit, fusing all into one, mystic qi flooding the body, gaining insight into Great Dao, that is Grotto Profound Deity Realm. Great Dao connecting to the heavens, inferring some aspect from a peek, glimpsing a corner of Heavenly Dao, that is Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm. The end point of Dao, myriad life returning to their origins, drawing transcendent Heavenly Dao for their own use, that is Origin Deity Realm! Divine Dao Three Realms, each realm’s span is tremendous. The vast majority of people can only stop at Grotto Profound. In the ancient era, the fiend race rose up. Countless human geniuses corroborated their Dao and became deities. But those capable of reaching Origin Deity Realm were only three people!”

Ye Yuan listened by the side, his thoughts surging like the tide.

Such a secret, the people who knew about it in the Divine Realm were probably already scanty few.

Only at this time did he know that above Deity Realm, there were still three major realms.

Deity Realm was also just another beginning.

The mysterious powerhouse spoke rather detailedly and talked about his understanding towards Deity Realm for Ye Yuan to listen.

Deity Realm powerhouses had already glimpsed the source of Great Dao. Every movement and action secretly encompassed laws.

If Dao Profound powerhouses only had a fuzzy perception toward the power of laws, then Deity Realm powerhouses were able to draw powers of law for their own use.

The disparity in between this could not be measured with distance!

Even the lowest rank Grotto Profound Deity Realm was also capable of borrowing Divine Dao laws to easily eliminate Divine King Realm powerhouses.

These Divine Dao laws were even able to be inscribed by Deity Realm powerhouses, creating divine inscriptions.

“Many thanks for Senior’s teachings! This Ye has gleaned considerable gains! It’s just until now, Ye Yuan still doesn’t know who Senior is, and what relation Senior has with the ancient Heaven One Sect?” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and asked.

The mysterious powerhouse said, “I am a Black Tortoise Divine Beast under Daoist Absolute Heaven’s command, Skydistant, also the ancient Heaven One Sect’s sect-protecting divine beast.”

“Black Tortoise Divine Beast!” Ye Yuan’s shock was by no means insignificant. He did not think that this Bloodrain Wilderness’s seventh level actually sealed a genuine divine beast!

For 100 thousand years, true divine beasts had already become legends.

At present, the bloodlines of those so-called divine beasts in the Divine Realm actually became increasingly thin.

Even as powerful as the Azure Dragon Clan could not escape this fate either.

But now, Ye Yuan actually met with a living divine beast. How could he not be astonished?

“Since Senior is Heaven One Sect’s sect-protecting divine beast, why would you be sealed in this place?” Ye Yuan asked.

When Skydistant heard Ye Yuan’s words, a wave of foul air suddenly erupted, and he said with a cold snort, “It was all that insidious Zuo Zong! Truly deserve to die!”

Mentioning this Zuo Zong, Skydistant truly gnashed his teeth in hatred. Clearly, he hated him to the extreme.

Turned out that this Zuo Zong was also one of the three great Origin powerhouses back then. It was just that his strength was much weaker compared to Absolute Heaven.

The human and fiend, two races’ war, the Yu Soul Sect that Zuo Zong was in showed up for work but did not exert themselves, causing the human race to fall into passivity at one time.

If not for Absolute Heaven and the other human race leader fighting the fiend race to the death, the human race would have long become extinct.

Later on, the war subsided, and the human race had a pyrrhic victory. Absolute Heaven and the other human race leader passed away one after another. This Zuo Zong became the number one person in the world.

Therefore, Zuo Zong led the sect’s disciples and charged up to the Heaven One Sect together.

This Bloodrain Wilderness was originally Heaven One Sect’s medicine garden but was directly connected to the Yu Soul Sect by Zuo Zong with great magical ability.

Zuo Zong, at that time, was truly incomparably mighty. He divided the space where the Bloodrain Wilderness was at into seven layers, and he sealed it layer by layer. He then suppressed Skydistant at the bottom-most section.

The Heaven One Sect at that time actually still had some Deity Realm powerhouses. But compared to Zuo Zong, they were far too lacking.

The strength of an Origin powerhouse was completely not what ordinary people could estimate.

“Heh heh, Absolute Heaven only turned a blind eye to Zuo Zong’s actions for the human race’s overall situation at that time. But Zuo Zong probably never dreamed that Absolute Heaven had long left behind a big meal for him, just waiting for him to attack the Heaven One Sect.”

Talking up to here, Skydistant was truly incomparably delighted.

He knew that Zuo Zong was severely wounded by the contingency plan that Absolute Heaven left behind. Not long after, he perished too.

Hearing these stories from way back, he felt his mind rattled too. He endlessly admired Absolute Heaven’s actions.

Humans were like that. Normally when together, they would engage in petty intrigue and try to get the better of each other. But whenever a crisis happened, there would always be righteous people coming forward.

Absolute Heaven was like that, and Fang Tian was similarly like so.

But what made Ye Yuan surprised was that the present Holy City was actually the descendant of the Yu Soul Sect one million years ago!

Indeed descended from the same lineage. Even the filthy manner was passed down perfectly.

Ye Yuan sneered coldly in his heart.

“Oh, right, Senior said previously that the Vast Heaven Stele and Evil Extermination Sword had another way of using. I wonder if … you can impart the method to me?” Ye Yuan said.

He currently desired strength and hoped to become stronger.

Regardless of whether it was in order to kill Ji Canglan or suppress the fiend race, his current strength was far from enough.

Just as Skydistant said, if these two kinds of divine objects were unable to unleash the strength that they should have, then it was truly a wanton waste of God’s good gifts in his hands.

Skydistant said, “Of course! As you said, the burden on your body is likely even heavier compared to Absolute Heaven! The Holy Mother Devil Flower and Kanuo coming into being at the same time, even if Heavenly Dao is deficient, they are still able to use Divine Dao laws under Deity Realm! This way, their advantage is even greater instead!

[0] Seems like there is a differentiation between great Dao and heavenly Dao. Because of that, they will be capitalised: Great Dao, Heavenly Dao, including Divine Dao, starting from this chapter. This includes Sword Dao, Alchemy Dao, and so on; but not sword path or path of the sword. Son of Heaven’s Mandate will also be capitalised.