Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 Tranquility Results In Distance

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Divine Dao laws were not laws that only Deity Realm powerhouses used.

One should say that Divine Dao laws were power of laws that only Deity Realm powerhouses could comprehend.

Dao Profound powerhouses, their life had not made a transition yet and were completely unable to touch the true source power.

But, ever since Deity Realm powerhouses created divine inscriptions and recorded down power of laws in the form of the golden characters, all of this became a possibility.

Although divine inscriptions were unable to truly depict source power, it used a shallow method to express the fleeting and ephemeral source of Great Dao.

And this gave Dao Profound martial artists the chance to comprehend the source of Great Dao.

Even though the comprehension of divine inscriptions was very difficult too, compared to genuine Great Dao source, it was much simpler.

Of course, powerhouses like Skydistant and Holy Mother Devil Flower they all were originally Deity Realm powerhouses and comprehended the source of Great Dao in the first place. Using Divine Dao laws was naturally nothing difficult.

Furthermore, their comprehension toward the Heavenly Dao was bound to be much deeper compared to a Dao Profound martial artist like Ye Yuan.

For Skydistant to be able to send the three great kings flying in one move, this in itself illustrated many things.

“The reason why divine artifacts are powerful is naturally because they are deployed with the powers of Divine Dao. Each divine artifact is inscribed with extremely profound power of laws. Only by stimulating the power of laws, can one unleash a divine artifact’s greatest might,” Skydistant said.

When Ye Yuan heard, he felt deeply ashamed too.

All along, his way of using divine artifacts was like a nouveau riche.

Although pouring in divine essence could unleash a portion of a divine essence’s ability, without corresponding powers of law to unleash it, the power was still very limited.

Ye Yuan unwittingly recalled the White Tiger Clan’s Heaven Imprisoning Spirit Locking Flask back then. That power compared to when he used it was simply a disparity of heaven and earth.

Thinking about it now, it should be this reason.

“Senior, then how should one trigger the powers of law inside the Evil Extermination Divine Sword?” Ye Yuan asked.

“Divine artifacts have a spirit. Grasp hold of the Evil Extermination Divine Sword. When you produce a resonance with it, you’ll naturally understand,” Skydistant said.

Ye Yuan froze and blurted out, “Just that simple?”

“Simple? Heh heh, although the Evil Extermination Divine Sword acknowledged you as its master, with your cultivation realm, wanting to reach the level of resonating with it is difficult. It will likely be hard to even enter the rudiments without ten or eight years of effort,” Skydistant said mockingly.

One was a divine artifact, while the other was a mortal.

For the two to want to reach the extent of resonating, how could it be that easy?

When Skydistant was ridiculing, Ye Yuan reached his hand out and grabbed the Evil Extermination Divine Sword.

To Ye Yuan, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword was merely a sharp weapon, used to storm and break enemy lines.

Ever since acquiring it, Ye Yuan had never really thought before that the divine sword still had so many secrets. He also did not even try to examine the Evil Extermination Divine Sword.

Under Heaven Man Unity Heart Realm, Ye Yuan’s state of mind became incomparably tranquil.

But when Skydistant saw this scene, he smiled and said, “This brat. Does he really think that divine artifacts are so easy to grasp? To Dao Profound Realm martial artists, wanting to reach a resonance with divine artifacts is even harder than ascending to the heavens.”

Ye Yuan held the sword hilt with one hand, the other supporting the sword body from below, and sat with crossed legs, entering an empty state.

Unknowingly, a mysterious power of law started winding around Ye Yuan.

Skydistant said in alarm, “This … This is Divine Dao law! This brat actually already comprehended a Divine Dao law! Furthermore, it’s even the extremely profound divine soul law! Truly inconceivable!”

Ye Yuan sunk his entire mind into the Evil Extermination Divine Sword, attempting to find that trace of resonance.

But he discovered to his dismay that this was really not that easy of a thing.

Ye Yuan felt like he had arrived inside a vast expanse of the universe by himself. It was easier said than done than wanting to search for that trace of resonance inside this universe.

No wonder Skydistant said that without ten or eight years of work, even entering the door was hard.

From Ye Yuan’s view, Skydistant’s way of saying was likely still somewhat conservative.

Losing one’s self inside this universe, one might even be unable to find that trace of resonance for all their lives.

“What in the world is this resonance? How can one arouse the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s resonance?”

Ye Yuan discovered that he really thought things too simple!

He thought that since the Evil Extermination Divine Sword took the initiative to acknowledge him as master, finding the resonance should be something easily accomplished.

But now, Ye Yuan sunk his mind inside it and discovered that he completely could not obtain a trace of the divine sword’s response.

Seemed like it acknowledging him as its master was merely just because he was the Son of Heaven’s Mandate. Or perhaps, it was merely because he possessed the Vast Heaven Stele.

Wanting to obtain the divine sword’s acknowledgment was completely not such an easy thing, let alone producing a resonance with it.

One had to know that the divine sword’s previous owner was a peerless powerhouse, the likes of Absolute Heaven. Its view was naturally incomparably critical.

Wanting to obtain its recognition was indeed not an easy matter.

If one did not have any extraordinary aspect, they could probably forget about ever producing a resonance with it.

“Seems like I have to do a little something before I can obtain the divine sword’s recognition!” Ye Yuan thought to himself.

Thinking this through, Ye Yuan’s state of mind calmed down instead.

In this word, there was no baseless love, and also no groundless hatred.

Since the divine sword had a spirit, it naturally would not acknowledge a stranger without rhyme or reason, and it produced a resonance with him.

During this period of time, Ye Yuan had indeed neglected the divine sword’s feelings, merely treating it as a sharp tool.

Even he himself did not acknowledge the divine sword, on what basis should the divine sword acknowledge him?

Therefore, that was how Skydistant was able to call it away so easily.

Because, to the divine sword, the relationship between Skydistant and it was even a little more cordial compared to Ye Yuan, its owner.

Perhaps it was because of his profession, Ye Yuan’s attitude towards weapons was far from comparable to medicinal cauldrons.

With this communication, it was five days and nights.

In the five days, Ye Yuan did not move a muscle. He was attempting to understanding Evil Extermination bit by bit, getting Evil Extermination’s recognition.

However, Evil Extermination still did not have any stirring.

Ye Yuan was still seemingly situated inside the universe, all alone by himself.

Skydistant did not interrupt Ye Yuan. He just watched him quietly like this.

Skydistant knew that Ye Yuan would ultimately still end in failure.

“Heh heh, although this brat’s soul force is very strong, it should also pretty much reach the limits already, right? Communicating with a divine artifact, being able to do it to this extent, it is already very impressive,” Skydistant said coolly.

The Deity Realm was another level. Even if it was a divine artifact, it was extremely taxing on the mind for Dao Profound Realm martial artists to communicate with it too.

For ordinary martial artists, being able to communicate with Evil Extermination for a day and night like this was most likely somewhat biting off more than they could chew.

For Ye Yuan to be able to communicate for five days and nights in one go, it was already several times that of an average person.

Skydistant could sense that Ye Yuan’s soul force consumption was already right about there too.

But right at this time, Skydistant’s pair of eyes suddenly constricted, as if he saw something inconceivable.

“This … How is this possible?” Skydistant exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes, his state of mind like an old well without ripples as he said indifferently, “A simple life shows high goals in life, tranquility leads to distance, I … understand!”