Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Enlightenment

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“You actually … reached the perfection of heart realm?” Skydistant was greatly shocked.

Just earlier, Ye Yuan’s Heaven Man Unity finally reached the realm of great circle of perfection!

To the average martial artist, the great circle of perfection heart realm was the hardest step.

But Ye Yuan was just Fourth Level Dao Profound, and he did it.

Heart realm perfection was a requisite condition for breaking through to the Deity Realm. Without this step, wanting to break through to the Deity Realm was as hard as ascending to heaven.

Skydistant was all too clear that even in the Divine Dao Era, the powerhouses being blocked outside the great door of Deity Realm by heart realm could easily be found too.

However, Ye Yuan accomplished it just like that!

Ye Yuan lightly caressed the Evil Extermination Divine Sword and said with a calm look, “The more one pursues, the more one cannot obtain it. Only with indifference to fame and wealth, serenity, and an enlightened mind, can it be achieved when the conditions are ripe. Evil Extermination, do you think that what I said is correct?”


Seemingly replying to Ye Yuan’s words, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword emitted a light sword humming sound.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Evil Extermination, thank you!”


Another wave of acoustic resonance.

Although Skydistant’s expression could not be seen, he must be very amazed right now.

“You … You actually obtained Evil Extermination’s recognition! It actually … only took five days’ time!” Skydistant’s astonishment could not be any greater.

Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s recognition was the first step to producing resonance, and also the most crucial step.

Five days ago, he still said that without eight to ten years’ time, it would be hard for Ye Yuan to even learn the rudiments.

But now, Ye Yuan only used five days’ time and already obtained the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s recognition.

However, Skydistant understood what was going on.

Ye Yuan’s talent was too monstrous!

In a mere five days, Ye Yuan gave rise to enlightenment; his heart realm was cultivated to the level of great circle of perfection. This was simply not what an ordinary person could achieve.

The Son of Heaven’s Mandate, this term of address, Ye Yuan was fully deserving of it.

Since Ye Yuan exhibited his strength that surpassed the rest, winning the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s recognition was naturally not something difficult.

Murmur . ..

Ye Yuan was currently communicating with the Evil Extermination Divine Sword when all of a sudden, countless images poured into his mind.

Ye Yuan’s body suddenly trembled, feeling like his head was going to explode.

Skydistant was startled again and said, “Evil Extermination, you actually took the initiative to want to produce a resonance with this brat? T-Truly inconceivable! Looks like in your eyes, this brat completely has the ability to replace Absolute Heaven’s position!”

Wanting to reach resonance, one must first obtain the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s recognition, and could only produce a resonance at the next step.

But now, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword actually took the initiative to throw out an olive branch, and help Ye Yuan produce a resonance.

Skydistant was shocked by Evil Extermination’s action.


Another series of light humming, seemingly replying to Skydistant’s astonishment.

Skydistant sighed slightly and said, “What you said is right. Currently, it’s already not the Heaven One Sect’s era and also not Absolute Heaven’s era anymore! Wallowing in the past splendor doesn’t help the situation. Holy Mother and Kanuo coming into being at the same time, the perils of this age is probably even greater than in the past. This brat’s talent is truly terrifying. In the future, his accomplishments might not be worse than Absolute Heaven’s. You following him, perhaps you’ll be able to climb to the apex once again in the future!”

Being assaulted by countless images, Ye Yuan’s mind felt like it was about to explode.

These were all the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s memory fragments!

Only by spending an entire day’s time did Ye Yuan finish sorting out this massive amount of information.

One image after another flashed inside Ye Yuan’s mind. Those were all scenes together with Absolute Heaven.

The Evil Extermination Sword and Absolute Heaven experienced a great battle after another together, and finally reached the summit of the Divine Realm.

Later on, it was they who battled the fiend race together, and experienced hardships and dangers, before Absolute Heaven finally sealed the Holy Mother Devil Flower in the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

But this time, Absolute Heaven left it in the Immemorial Medicine Garden!

Ye Yuan even found himself at the last of the images. That was the scene of him in a bloody battle with the Holy Mother Devil Flower as well as Jia Lan.

Turned out that all of these, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword took it into its sight.

For it to choose to acknowledge as master, his life-and-death battle with the fiend race was likely a very important reason too, right?

If he was a guy who did not undertake the responsibility, even if he had the Vast Heaven Stele, Evil Extermination would probably not acknowledge him as master either.

“Sword intent soaring to the sky, evil can never prevail over good! The heart of a gentleman is broadminded, the path of Sword Dao connecting to the heavens! Evil Extermination, rest assured, even if I perish in the end, my Dao disappearing, I’ll also utterly eradicate the fiend race! From henceforth, you and I will join hands and exterminate the evils of this world fully!” Ye Yuan said heroically.

As if sensing Ye Yuan’s valiantness, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword started vibrating intensely in Ye Yuan’s hand.

Ye Yuan grasped the sword hilt. Suddenly, a series of golden characters converged into Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness!

Divine inscriptions!

A hint of enlightenment was produced in Ye Yuan’s heart. These divine inscriptions were the crux of wielding the Evil Extermination Divine Sword.

Feeling the sense of intimacy coming off of the Evil Extermination Sword, Ye Yuan felt that they were like old friends who had not met for many years.

While the deep aura of having experienced the many vicissitudes of life made Ye Yuan sense the extensive and profoundness of Sword Dao.

The Azure Dipper Floating Zero Supreme True Intent that he comprehended was weak as a little child that was learning how to walk in front of this aura.

This was the aura of the source of Great Dao!

This was the aura of Divine Dao laws!

Same as when he saw the Medicine God’s Soul Canon for the first time back then, Ye Yuan had a feeling of being petrified.

Being assaulted by this grand aura, Ye Yuan heart instantly gave rise to enlightenment!

His Sword Dao Supreme True Intent actually suddenly saw the light just like that, and reached the great circle of perfection!

“So that’s how it is! Supreme true intents are merely a prerequisite for unlocking the source of Great Dao. Only by cultivating a supreme true intent to the realm of perfection, can one use it as a guide to comprehend the source of Great Dao!” Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes and sighed with admiration.

Skydistant looked at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost and exclaimed in shock, “You, brat, are simply a freak! Comprehending Divine Dao laws, the hardest is crossing the threshold. Even by cultivating supreme true intent to the realm of perfection, wanting to comprehend Divine Dao laws got to look at lucky chances too. I didn’t think that you actually directly crossed the threshold after obtaining divine inscriptions!”

The shock that Ye Yuan brought to Skydistant was seriously overly intense.

What divine inscriptions represented were exceedingly profound power of source laws.

What Dao Profound Realm martial artists comprehended was merely some branch of the source power.

Wanting to comprehend the source through this subfield, this required a tremendous opportunity.

This turning point, the vast majority of the people could not obtain it for all their lives.

But Ye Yuan actually gained enlightenment just like that under the impact of the divine inscriptions earlier!

Even though what Ye Yuan comprehended was still very shallow, once he opened up this gate, the road at the back would be much easier to walk.

This was Ye Yuan’s second time comprehending divine inscriptions. The acquired the Medicine God’s Soul Canon’s divine inscriptions for a very long time but kept failing to cross the threshold.

All the way until he broke through to the Dao Profound Realm, it was when refining a Tier 9 medicinal pill did he comprehend it, stepping into the gates of Divine Dao laws.

But this time, Ye Yuan even directly comprehended the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s Sword Dao source power!