Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art

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“Divine Dao laws are indeed extensive and profound. I thought that my comprehension in Sword Dao was already very high. But only now did I know that I haven’t even learned the rudiments!” Ye Yuan said with vicissitudes of emotion

Ye Yuan’s talent in Sword Dao was exceptionally strong. This point, even the Extreme Sword Divine King was ashamed of his own inferiority too.

After reviving, Ye Yuan’s path in Sword Dao was smooth-sailing and virtually did not encounter any obstacles.

In a short 20 over years’ time, Ye Yuan already comprehended the supreme true intent to rank nine. It could not be said to not be strong.

But just now, only when he sensed the Sword Dao power of laws inscribed in the divine inscription did he know how superficial he was.

The path of Divine Dao was the true Great Dao.

“That is, of course! Absolute Heaven was a Sword Dao great master. His Sword Dao attainments reached the acme of perfection. The divine inscriptions that you sensed are called Evil Extermination Sword Formula. It’s merely the spell that he used to activate the Evil Extermination Sword,” Skydistant said.

When Ye Yuan heard that, his heart could not help yearning for it too. Absolute Heaven was truly a staggering great talent.

“Then … I wonder if Senior Absolute Heaven’s Sword Dao comprehensions still exist in this world!” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Skydistant chuckled when he heard that and said, “Brat, you’re sitting on a treasure mountain but are unaware of it!”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Senior is talking about … the Vast Heaven Stele?”

“That’s right! With your current realm, you can only barely manage to activate the Vast Heaven Stele. When you step into the Deity Realm, you’ll discover what kind of existence the Vast Heaven Stele is,” Skydistant said.

Ye Yuan’s heart stirred, and he asked, “Senior, just what kind of an existence is this Vast Heaven Stele?”

When Skydistant heard, he could not help falling silent for a bit, before saying, “The Vast Heaven Stele is a marvelous foreign treasure. Just what kind of existence it is, even Absolute Heaven couldn’t explain it either. But comprehending Great Dao source laws through the Vast Heaven Stele yields twice the results with half the effort. Back then, Absolute Heaven was only able to overpower the other two sects and achieve supremacy in the Divine Realm because of its help. It’s just a pity that he was still ruined at the hands of the fiend race in the end.”

Hearing Skydistant’s words, Ye Yuan was endlessly alarmed.

This was Skydistant’s second time mentioning marvelous foreign treasure. Hearing the meaning in these words, the Vast Heaven Stele did not seem to be an object of the Divine Realm.

Furthermore, the Vast Heaven Stele’s power seemed to be even more greater than the Evil Extermination Divine Sword.

“Junior, the Vast Heaven Stele can not only help martial artists comprehend Divine Dao laws, but it’s also a strong offensive weapon. I have a set of controlling magic arts called Vast Heaven Chaos Spell. Take it and study it well. The power can naturally multiply! It’s just that this spell, I only know the first half. The other half was brought into the coffin by Absolute Heaven. However, if you can break through to Deity Realm, you can naturally study the second-half portion. Because he comprehended it from within the Vast Heaven Stele too,” Skydistant continued explaining, as Ye Yuan was in shock.

A series of golden characters flowed out from within the darkness and entered Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

These divine inscriptions were not long, but Ye Yuan also felt the extensiveness and profoundness.

“Many thanks, Senior!” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

Skydistant said, “Heavenly Dao is already gone. Just based on you comprehending on your own, there’s completely no way of controlling the Vast Heaven Stele. Facing the Holy Mother and Kanuo, you have no chances of victory at all. Since you’re this era’s Son of Heaven’s Mandate, I can naturally help you out. I still have a cultivation method here. If cultivated to the limits, myriad laws are unable to infringe!”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he was immediately very interested.

Skydistant was born from the Black Tortoise Clan among the Four Great Divine Beasts, while the Black Tortoise Clan was precisely world-renowned for having extremely strong defense.

Even though the Black Tortoise Clan had already declined, it was an extremely powerful clan in the Divine Dao Era.

Legends said that in the Divine Dao Era, the Black Tortoise Clan had a Divine Dao cultivation method called Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art. It could train the fleshy body to a realm where myriad laws could not taint it, extremely terrifying.

It was just that this cultivation method was already lost for goodness knows how many tens of thousands of years.

Could it be that what Skydistant was going to impart him was this cultivation method?

“Could the cultivation method that Senior be talking about be the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art?” Ye Yuan asked with some agitation.

This cultivation method was an exceedingly powerful divine art and also the first true Martial Dao Divine Art that Ye Yuan cultivated!

As for the Medicine God’s Soul Canon, it was just an Alchemy Dao Divine Art. Its assistance towards the Martial Dao was not very great.

While the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was also only the first half, and it did not have the divine inscriptions’ portion. Although strong, the potential was very limited.

Even though Spirit Bristle that fellow’s relationship with him was pretty good, divine inscriptions were of vital importance. He might not be willing to give to him.

If it was the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art, then Ye Yuan really picked up a treasure.

Skydistant said, “That’s right! It’s precisely the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art! This cultivation method was created by Ancestor Black Tortoise, its might is boundless. Cultivating to the limits, one can use the power of the fleshy body to shatter the firmament with force! Back then, even though Zuo Zong was powerful, he could not breach this lord’s defenses at all. Hence, that’s why he would suppress this lord here! It’s a pity that this lord didn’t break through the seventh level of the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art back then. Otherwise, how could it come to Zuo Zong, that punk, to destroy the Heaven One Sect?”

Skydistant’s words made Ye Yuan’s pupils constrict.

Seventh Level only cultivated to the seventh level boundary of the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art, and an Origin Deity Realm powerhouse actually could not break his defenses!

Such defensive ability could simply be rated as perverse!

Along with the understanding of Deity Realm, Ye Yuan already knew the terror of Origin Deity Realms.

After Absolute Heaven, Zuo Zong could be said to be the Divine Dao’s number one person.

Even so, he could not breach Skydistant’s defense too.

The prowess of this cultivation method could be seen at a glance!


A stream of flowing light flew out from within the darkness. Ye Yuan reached his hand out and grabbed, clutching that stream of flowing light in his hand.

Focusing his eyes to look, it turned out that it was a tiny little tortoise shell.

This little tortoise shell appeared as a dark-green color. An undulation that made people’s hearts palpitate faintly transmitted from it, extremely profound.

“I’ll impart you the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art’s Human Path cultivation method first. You have a primeval dragon bone in your body, and your fleshy body is already very powerful. Cultivating this Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art will yield twice the results with half the effort. When you cultivate the Human Path cultivation method to the great circle of perfection, you can study the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell. The Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art is on this Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell!” Skydistant said.

Done talking, a set of cultivation method was imprinted in Ye Yuan’s mind. It was precisely the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art’s Human Path section.

Ye Yuan roughly skimmed through this Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art’s Human Path section, and discovered that it was actually much more profound than the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art!

It seemed like the grade of this cultivation method was likely even far above the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

These Four Great Divine Beasts’ founding ancestors were truly incomparably formidable figures. The cultivation methods that passed down, even their descendants could not cultivate them to the highest realm.

It could be seen that these four great founding ancestors were figures that rocked the heavens and shook the earth.

But this cultivation method primarily cultivated the fleshy body. It did not clash with the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

Ye Yuan’s mind stirred, and he put the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell away. Clasping his hands at Skydistant, he said, “Senior’s great kindness, Ye Yuan will forget it! I wonder if there’s a way to let senior out?”

“Heh, you have the heart! However, unless you can cultivate to Origin Deity Realm, otherwise, there’s no way of breaking apart the restrictions that Zuo Zong laid down,” Skydistant said.