Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 Battling Zhao Lingdong

Chapter 1117: Battling Zhao Lingdong!
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At the fourth level, the entrance area that led to the fifth level.

Three figures were currently sitting with crossed legs, plus a dog.

These three people were naturally the Mo Datong and Mo Santong of the Devil Ridge Three Freaks, as well as Zhao Lingdong.

The three of them had already guarded here for over a month, but Ye Yuan kept failing to show up.

Currently, Mo Datong was very agitated. He could not resist standing up and pacing around back and forth, looking over to the exit from time to time.

“Half a year’s time is going to be up soon. Could it be that this brat really wants to die inside?” Mo Datong said in a cold voice.

Each time the Bloodrain Wilderness’s passageway opened was only half a year’s time. Once half a year was up, the passageway would automatically close. The restrictions would activate, eliminating all of the outsiders that did not belong to the Bloodrain Wilderness.

Seeing as half a year’s time was reaching bit by bit, Mo Datong was burning with anxiety.

Although he very much hoped for Ye Yuan to die right inside, not seeing Ye Yuan’s corpse, he still could not set his mind at ease in the end.

But Zhao Lingdong was much calmer than him and said indifferently, “Ye Yuan not coming out, you should be happy instead! Rushing from here to the first level, even if he spared no effort to press on with the journey, he’d need around ten days too! As long as we wait until the last ten days, he’ll be hard-pressed to escape even if he grew wings!”

But Mo Datong was not happy at all. Instead, he stomped his foot angrily and said, “Not being able to personally kill that brat, I’m truly not reconciled to it!”

Mo Santong also gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “This brat killed Second Brother. Not being able to take revenge for Second Brother personally, it’s not satisfactory!”

Zhao Lingdong’s expression turned cold, and he said, “Humph! You guys don’t forget, what’s the objective of coming here? You guys are here to kill the Son of Heaven’s Mandate, not to take revenge for Mo Ertong! Compared to you guys, I believe in this Bloodrain Wilderness’s restriction power more! It’s much more reliable for this restriction power to kill him compared to us taking action!”

Zhao Lingdong had laid undercover in the Holy City for many years and was all too clear about the Bloodrain Wilderness’s restriction power.

Even Zhuge Qingxuan that level of existence, if he did not come out in half a year, he would still immediately be annihilated, let alone a measly little Ji Qingyun.

There was still the last three days from the ten days cutoff. As long as three more days passed, even if Ye Yuan had the ability to connect to the heavens, it would be impossible to escape too.

Mo Datong’s face fell, and he was just about to refute when suddenly, a terrifying energy undulation came from the depths of the Bloodrain Wilderness!

All of a sudden, two light beams came out from within the void.



Mo Datong and Mo Santong had yet to figure out what was happening and were directly blasted to residue!

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingdong’s eyes became wide-saucers, not daring to believe everything that happened before his eyes at all.

This unforeseen event was too sudden, resulting in Zhao Lingdong’s brain to somewhat short-circuit, completely not understanding what happened.

He was certain that those two light beams earlier were absolutely not the Bloodrain Wilderness’s restriction power.

However, if it was not the restriction power, who had the divine might to be able to instantly one-shot Mo Datong and Mo Santong, these two great Void Mystic powerhouses?”

Gulp …

Zhao Lingdong could not refrain from swallowing a mouthful of saliva, feeling like his scalp was about to explode.

He could clearly sense that if those two light beams hit him, his outcome would be exactly the same as the Mo Brothers!

Swoosh, swoosh …

The two divine artifacts that lost their owners escaped through the void just like that.

Zhao Lingdong could not resist taking two steps back. He wanted to flee!

But fleeing just like that?

There were still three days to go. Perhaps Ye Yuan would show up at this time?

As if it was affirming exactly what he thought, there was a ripple in the void. A figure appeared.

This person was currently looking at him with a smile that was not a smile. Who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

Zhao Lingdong’s entire body trembled, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

Ye Yuan did not come out from the transmission array, but directly shuttled through the void and arrived!

This … How was this possible?

Without the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, how did Ye Yuan do it?

“What? Are you very surprised to see me?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Zhao Lingdong’s state of mind was already utterly messed up. He suddenly thought of a legend regarding the Bloodrain Wilderness in the Holy City.

Legends had it that under the Bloodrain Wilderness’s seventh level, suppressed a terrifying existence.

That terrifying existence was the true sovereign of the Bloodrain Wilderness!

Back then, Zhuge Qingxuan charged into the Bloodrain Wilderness’s sixth level because he wished to meet with that legendary existence, wanting to seek that trace of lucky chance to become a deity.

However, he returned in defeat at the sixth level.

Could it be that Ye Yuan actually went down to the seventh level?

Zhao Lingdong was taken aback with fright by his idea. This was simply something impossible.

But apart from that existence in the seventh level, who else had the capability to let Ye Yuan directly shuttle through the void and arrive?

Zhao Lingdong forcefully resisted the impulse to escape and asked with a rather guilty conscience, “You … How did you accomplish shuttling through the void?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Want to know? Have a battle with me. Beat me, and I’ll tell you.”

Zhao Lingdong’s face fell, uncertain where Ye Yuan’s confidence came from.

If it were in the past, he would definitely scoff in contempt towards Ye Yuan’s action.

Although Ye Yuan’s strength was decent, facing him and Howlsky’s teaming-up, there was no chance of victory at all!

But seeing Mo Datong and Mo Santong’s bizarre death, as well as Ye Yuan’s strange appearance, Zhao Lingdong became somewhat uncertain.

“If … I don’t fight with you?!”

When he uttered this sentence, Zhao Lingdong was aggrieved to the max.

But he kept feeling that Ye Yuan had some reliance!

Not that he felt that Ye Yuan’s strength was very powerful, but those two light beams earlier made him endlessly fearful.

Hearing that, Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “You can give it a try! Sparing you from death is only to use you for testing my sword.”

Zhao Lingdong’s heart thumped, thinking to himself that it was indeed so!

Those two light beams definitely had the ability to exterminate him.

However, they only killed the Mo Datong and Mo Santong, who possessed divine artifacts. Leaving him behind really just seemed to be in order to let Ye Yuan try his sword!

Thinking up to here, Zhao Lingdong no longer had any thought of getting lucky in his heart.

Those two formidable light beams were not fake!

If he wanted to escape, it would definitely be a one-way ticket to hell!

But thinking up to here, Zhao Lingdong laughed coldly and looked at Ye Yuan as he said, “Do you think that by breaking through a minor realm, you can overturn the heavens? Just based on your current strength, could it be that you wish to fight one-on-two, dealing with Howlsky and me, two people, at the same time?”

The current Ye Yuan already broke through a minor realm, breaking through from Fourth Level Dao Profound to Fifth Level Dao Profound.

Although Howling Sky Divine Hound had a wing chopped off by Ye Yuan, its strength was still there. It was just that its speed was greatly diminished.

If it really wanted to fight a positional warfare, the influence of speed was negligible.

With its tacit cooperation with Howlsky, wouldn’t dealing with a Fifth Level Dao Profound martial artist be effortless?

Zhao Lingdong made a name for himself for a thousand years and had yet to be looked down upon by someone like this before!

Could it be that this brat already forgot the experience of being hunted down previously?

A short one month plus time, could this brat still have some heaven-defying improvement?

He, Zhao Lingdong, truly did not believe in this heresy!

But Ye Yuan pulled out the Evil Extermination Divine Sword calmly and said with a light smile, “That’s right! What’s the harm in fighting one versus two?!”