Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Clearing The Weeds And Preserving The Essence

Chapter 1118: Clearing the Weeds and Preserving the Essence!
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“What? You’re already formidable to the extent that you can defeat me without using divine king domain?”

Currently, although Ye Yuan took out the Evil Extermination Divine Sword, he did not use his divine king domain.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingdong mocked even more incessantly.

If it was just aiming at Ye Yuan, Zhao Lingdong had enough assurance in striking him dead.

But now, Ye Yuan actually pretended to be mysterious in front of him. Simply laughable to the max!

Ye Yuan looked at him and said coolly, “Killing you, this is sufficient!”

The moment Zhao Lingdong heard this, he could not quite dare to believe his ears and let out a wild laugh. He said, “Ji brat, I know that you have some reliance behind you, but if you think that you can kill me by holding a divine artifact, I can only say … conceited and ignorant!”

Ye Yuan said with a calm look, “Use your strongest attack. Otherwise, you won’t have the chance!”

Zhao Lingdong laughed mockingly and said, “You’re teasing me, right? With just the likes of you? Fine, since you want to take a look at my strongest attack, then I’ll let you take a look! Howlsky!”

While talking, Zhao Lingdong directly turned into a large dog.

Immediately after, his divine king domain opened up fully!

However, what was different from the past was that the Howling Sky Divine Hound directly tunneled into Zhao Lingdong’s divine king domain and laid prone on his back.

This scene was remarkably like colluding in doing evil 1.

In virtually an instant, Zhao Lingdong’s divine king domain increased sharply close to a thousand feet!

This one human and one dog’s divine king domain were actually able to superimpose!

With this superimposition, Zhao Lingdong’s divine king domain expanded to 2500 over feet all at once; its power increased greatly.

To Void Mystic powerhouses, the divine king domain skyrocketing a thousand feet in one go, the strength could be said to soar by leaps and bounds!

“Ji brat, prepare to die! Fierce Wind Absolute Domain!”

Zhao Lingdong had a savage expression, seemingly incarnating to become a sea of wind between this heaven and earth.

Countless wind blades were akin to little blades, virtually slicing the space into countless fragments.

The might of a Void Mystic powerhouse was displayed in its entirety at this moment.

Ye Yuan, on the other hand, stood while grasping his sword. He actually slowly shut his eyes, as if paying no heed to the powerful Zhao Lingdong.

In a blink, Zhao Lingdong’s Fierce Wind Absolute Domain enveloped Ye Yuan inside!

Seeing Ye Yuan enter his divine king domain without the slightest resistance, a hint of a mocking expression flickered across the corners of Zhao Lingdong’s mouth.

Ye Yuan’s Evil Extermination sword, Zhao Lingdong had long had a taste of it. Although it was able to have an augmenting effect on Ye Yuan’s divine king domain, using it to deal with him, was still too tender.

Especially when right now was still him and Howlsky’s divine king domain superimposing!

The two of their minds becoming one was not just one plus one equals two that simple.

Ye Yuan’s actions were undoubtedly courting death!

But very soon, Zhao Lingdong’s mocking expression froze on his face.

Because he could not find Ye Yuan’s traces within his divine king domain at all!

Ye Yuan completely did not use divine king domain to contend with him!

“Are you looking for me?”

Ye Yuan’s voice slowly sounded out behind Zhao Lingdong, but it made his scalp tingle.

He was alarmed in his heart and hurriedly turned his head over, and could not help turning pale with fright.

“Merging into heaven and earth? Impossible! Even if you merged into heaven and earth, it’s impossible for me to not find you! Could it be … could it be that you broke through again?”

Zhao Lingdong looked at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost, with a look of disbelief.

The breakthrough of heart realm was far too difficult. But why did Ye Yuan break through like eating and drinking?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “That’s right, my Heaven Man Unity has already reached the realm of perfection! In addition, I had some comprehensions in sword intent. This sword, you … receive it well! Evil Extermination Sword Formula, first level, Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity!”

While talking, Ye Yuan turned his hand over. The Evil Extermination Divine Sword suddenly made a great show of invincible might!

At this instant, the Evil Extermination Divine Sword seemed to have come to life, having quite the air of when it just came into being at the Immemorial Medicine Garden back then.

Clearly a sword, but it was akin to a divinity descending!

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingdong’s expression changed greatly.

In Ye Yuan’s hands was clearly still that Evil Extermination Sword. But why did it seem to have cast off its old self and underwent a complete transformation with a few days of not seeing?

In the past, although the Evil Extermination Sword was powerful, it was merely a slightly sharper fine tool.

But now, this sword seemed to have become a peerless expert.

It … was just the incarnation of sword intent!


At this instant, Ye Yuan seemingly combined into one with Evil Extermination. A sword stabbed right onto the Fierce Wind Absolute Domain!


The originally appropriately shaped Fierce Wind Absolute Domain became oval-shaped in this instant, directly being crushed out of shape by the immense force!

Force penetrating the back of the paper 1!

The violent sword intent passed right through the divine king domain and wreaked havoc in the entire space.


It was as if Zhao Lingdong was struck by the tremendous force, directly spewing out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s sword intent penetrated right through the divine king domain and struck right onto Zhao Lingdong’s body.

This move of Ye Yuan’s dealt with a greater force by using a weaker force!

Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s sword intent was already inscribed inside. Ye Yuan directly unleashed the sword intent belonging to Divine Dao by employing the Evil Extermination Sword Formula.

The truly formidable aspect of divine artifact lay precisely here!

The current Ye Yuan was seemingly a sword deity descending upon the world, standing in the air. That aura truly showed disdain on all under the heavens.

“Clearing the weeds and preserving the essence, Senior Skydistant didn’t deceive me! A bird in the hand is worth more than 10 birds in the forest! Looks like the previous me went astray!” Ye Yuan said rather emotionally.

Zhao Lingdong and Howlsky rolled in midair for as far as 10 thousand feet before barely managing to stabilize their figures.

He looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief with a look of incredulity.

The Divine Dao sword intent that Ye Yuan unleashed already severely wounded his organs.

Zhao Lingdong was completely unable to understand. Ye Yuan did not even utilize divine king domain at all and already utterly trounced him!

“What the hell did you comprehend in this period of time!” Zhao Lingdong said with the unwillingness to yield.

Ye Yuan’s means completely subverted the understanding of normal Void Mystic powerhouses!

In the present Divine Realm, what was able to deal with divine king domains were only divine king domains!

But Ye Yuan did not unleash his divine king domain!

Ye Yuan shot him a pitying glance and said coolly, “The Great Dao of Sword, what it pays particular attention to is pureness and innocence. Although the power of domain is strong, under this present heaven and earth, it’s an aberrant existence. Forget it, you’re not worthy of debating on Dao with me. Send you on your way first!”

Ye Yuan’s expression turned intent. That multiple bursts of terrifying Divine Dao laws were unleashed once more!

Zhao Lingdong’s gaze turned sharp, wanting to wage a last-ditch struggle.

However, all of it was futile!

The sword intent belonging to Divine Dao directly crushed over!


A sword that swept all obstacles away. Zhao Lingdong, who was a spent force, was completely unable to resist.

But what made Ye Yuan rather surprised was that who this sword pierced through was not Zhao Lingdong but his spirit beast, the Howling Sky Divine Hound!

At the critical moment, the Howling Sky Divine Hound’s figure moved, and it blocked right in front of Zhao Lingdong.

This sword passed through it without any accidents!


A forlorn and bitter yelp transmitted over. The violent sword intent directly destroyed all of Howlsky’s vitality.

However, it was not over yet!

The Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s sword intent had yet to be depleted. Like sugarcoated haws on a stick, it pierced through Zhao Lingdong’s chest!