Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Preliminary Glimpse At The Door

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“D-Divine Dao laws!”

Zhao Lingdong’s gaze looked towards Ye Yuan, still not daring to believe this conclusion.

The might of this sword was actually horrifyingly powerful!

A majority of the force was blocked by Howlsky; Zhao Lingdong’s vital signs did not extinguish right away.

However, the Evil Extermination Sword’s tyrannical sword energy was currently wreaking havoc inside his body.

The name “Evil Extermination” was not called in vain. Dealing with Zhao Lingdong this fiend, Evil Extermination’s awe-inspiring sword energy was the most useful.

This was also the reason why Absolute Heaven hid it inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden back then.


Zhao Lingdong’s body toppled heavily onto the ground, while his hands were still hugging the Howling Sky Divine Hound tightly, his eyes filled with a look of tender love.

This pair was also considered affectionate and faithful.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not have any intention of taking pity on them.

“If not for the fiend race being consumed by ambition, you guys also wouldn’t have the current outcome! Therefore, want to blame, blame that Divine Master behind you all!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

Zhao Lingdong looked at Ye Yuan and said with an icy-cold gaze, “For the sake of this lifetime, Lord Divine Master has already prepared for 10 thousand years! Even if you kill me, your human race has no chance at all too! H-Hahaha!”

Talking till the end, Zhao Lingdong let out a wild laugh.

Ye Yuan’s expression darkened, and he directly killed Zhao Lingdong.

These few days’ comprehension, Ye Yuan was finally considered to have learned the rudiments in the Evil Extermination Sword Formula. He was able to utilize 5% of the Evil Extermination Divine Sword’s power.

But just this 5% power was already incredibly staggering!

The might of Deity Realm powerhouses was truly unimaginable.

Recalling the days when he used the Evil Extermination Sword and Sacred Dragon Token, it was truly weak to the max.

Divine Dao laws were the correct way to use divine artifacts!

These few days, under Skydistant’s guidance, Ye Yuan’s Sword Dao comprehension also obtained significant improvement.

Skydistant told him that his divine king domain was too motley.

Although it could let strength increase greatly within a short period, and was even able to leap realms to battle, in the long-run, the losses outweighed the gains.

Divine Dao powerhouses basically all specialized in one path, comprehending the source of Great Dao, comprehending the power of laws.

Motley concepts mixing together would affect the comprehension of the source.

Hence, Ye Yuan relied on great willpower and shattered his divine king domain, specializing in Sword Dao!

After specializing in Sword Dao, Ye Yuan discovered that his speed of comprehending the Evil Extermination Sword Formula indeed increased considerably.

The first level of the Evil Extermination Sword Formula, Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity, Ye Yuan finally fumbled out the way to do it.

Activating the power of the Evil Extermination Divine Sword, its might was truly unparalleled.

Even the veteran Void Mystic powerhouse, Zhao Lingdong, died under his sword too.

Furthermore, it was even under the circumstances of superimposing divine king domains with the Howling Sky Divine Hound.

The Slaughter Concept and Concept of Fire really delayed his speed of comprehension from a certain degree.

By relying on the power of the Evil Extermination Divine Sword, Ye Yuan’s strength currently was even one-up stronger than those Void Mystic powerhouses!.

At the entrance area of the Bloodrain Wilderness at the Heavenly Saint Tower, Cloudsky brought along several people and was currently staring at the transmission array with a complicated expression.

“Lord Cloudsky, there’s still one last day. Do you think … Ji Qingyun died inside?”

Guo Xu’s mood was still rather complicated. He naturally hoped for Ye Yuan to die in the Bloodrain Wilderness, but also felt that once Ye Yuan died, he would have one less opponent; very boring.

But in the end, he still hoped for Ye Yuan to die inside more.

Because the humiliation that Ye Yuan brought to him was too much!

From past life to this life, Ye Yuan had always been a great mountain crushing on top of him.

Cloudsky’s expression was complicated. Thinking it over, he still said, “Logically speaking, Ji brat won’t die inside. But …”

Guo Xu also frowned and said, “There’s still Lord Spirit Hound. He wouldn’t accompany Ji Qingyun to mess around inside too, right?”

Cloudsky also shook his head and said, “No way! Zhao Lingdong’s strength, I’m still very clear. If he doesn’t let Ji brat enter the fifth level, it’s absolutely impossible for Ji brat to go in! Could it be that some unforeseen event really happened to them inside?”

Thinking it over and over, Cloudsky could not figure out the reason why as well.

There was only the greater half a day’s time from the closing of the passageway. If Ye Yuan wanted to come out, he should have come out long ago.

But up until now, Ye Yuan did not even show up. It involuntarily made him somewhat hesitant.

He knew that Ye Yuan was the son of heaven’s mandate. It should not be possible to die in the Bloodrain Wilderness, this sort of place.

But why had he still not showed up until now?

The two people were currently talking when a series of ripples came from the transmission array.

Very soon, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Seeing Ye Yuan appear, a look of disappointment in Guo Xu’s eyes flickered past.

But Guo Xu’s gaze passed through Ye Yuan and looked towards the transmission array.

After a long time, the transmission array still did not have activities.

With this, Cloudsky’s brows knitted together, and he questioned, “Ji Qingyun, where’s Elder Spirit Hound?”


A dull sound echoed out. Ye Yuan did not talk rubbish either, directly throwing out Zhao Lingdong and Howlsky’s corpses.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s expressions changed drastically. The atmosphere immediately became strange.

“Ji brat, what’s the meaning of this?! This lord let you, an outsider, enter the Bloodrain Wilderness unprecedentedly. You actually repaid kindness with ingratitude and killed our elder?” Cloudsky’s expression changed, interrogating.

The wounds on Zhao Lingdong’s body were clearly caused by a sharp instrument.

In the entire Bloodrain Wilderness, there was only Ye Yuan and Zhao Lingdong left. Who killed if it was not Ye Yuan who killed?

It was just that the astonishment in Cloudsky’s heart surpassed even his fury.

How Zhao Lingdong’s strength was like, he was all too clear.

In addition to Howlsky, ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses were not a match at all.

However, he and Howlsky actually died under Ye Yuan’s sword at the same time. What did this indicate?

It showed that Ye Yuan’s strength already surpassed these two people’s summing up!

Merely half a year’s time from start to end, how could Ye Yuan’s strength possibly have such a great increment?

What in the world happened during this Bloodrain Wilderness trip?

“Ji Qingyun, Elder Spirit Hound escorted you into the fourth level, and you actually killed him! Lord Cloudsky, still talking what nonsense with him? Directly kill and be done with it!” Seeing Zhao Lingdong’s corpse, Guo Xu was beside himself with rage.

Ye Yuan could not even be bothered to glance at Guo Xu and said to Cloudsky coolly, “No meaning, just helping you all clean your household! This dog-person is a spy of the fiend race!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan casually fired out a spell and got rid of the restriction on Zhao Lingdong’s body. A cloud of fiendish energy billowed to the sky.

When Cloudsky saw this scene, his expression changed once more.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Ji Qingyun, it must be you playing tricks! Elder Spirit Hound has already been in my Holy City for a thousand years. How can he possibly be a spy of the fiend race?” Guo Xu shouted.

Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “Impossible? If not for the accident 20 years ago, who could have known that Ji Canglan is a member of the fiend race? The fiend race has clearly plotted for a long time, and was long already able to completely camouflage themselves as humans! It’s still unknown how many of such spies the Eight Great Super Holy Lands have!”