Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Fighting Two Alone

"I'm not going! If I go with you, can I even return?" Liu Ruoshui rejected straightaway.

Under these circumstances, she would not leave with Ye Yuan no matter what.

Regardless of whether what Ye Yuan said was true or false, Liu Ruoshui did not dare to take the risk.

If what Ye Yuan said was true, this incident certainly had connections to her, Liu Ruoshui. Could she still escape?

If what Ye Yuan said was false, then he did it to con her away. How could her outcome be good?

At this point, Ye Yuan simply ignored Liu Ruoshui. Whether she went or not, was not up to her.

"What do you think, Senior Apprentice Brother Su?" Ye Yuan looked at Su Yishan and asked.

The intention was already crystal clear. If he agreed, then everything can be settled through discussion. If he disagreed, then fight!

Su Yishan naturally would not agree. There were so many people were looking.

"Don't go too far, Ye Yuan! Do you think that you're a disciplinary hall's elder? You want to bring anyone with you, and they have to follow?" Su Yishan said in a low voice.

"Of course I'm not a disciplinary hall's elder. If I were a disciplinary hall's elder, then whoever I sentence to death had to die," Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

Everyone understood these words. Ye Yuan was making a crack about the incident of Su Yubai publicly ambushing!

"Humph! Ye Yuan, don't scold the locust while pointing at the mulberry!I'll report this matter to the Disciplinary Hall on my own. The Disciplinary Hall will get to the bottom of this, and do you justice." Su Yishan gave a derisive snort.

The moment he finished speaking, murmuring immediately broke out among the surrounding onlookers.

Who did not know that the First Elder of the Disciplinary Hall was his second uncle? Would there still be any justice to speak of once this matter reached the Disciplinary Hall?

"Since that's the case, we can only use fists to talk."

Ye Yuan did not waste any more breath. He raised his hand and unleashed an Eighth Layer Wave!

Now that Ye Yuan was already at peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, an Eighth Layer Wave was filled with incredible might.

Su Yishan clearly did not expect Ye Yuan to attack right away, so he fell behind.

However, he was worthy of being a pinnacle character in the top ten of the Martial Roll. He did not retreat at this point, but instead, he advanced with similarly a palm and clashed with Ye Yuan. It actually arrived first even though it was unleashed later!

Middle-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Prajna Palm!

A cold smile flashed across the corner of Su Yishan's mouth as if he saw Ye Yuan being heavily injured and vomiting blood.

A puny little Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm dared to make a move in front of him. If that was not courting death, then what was?

No matter how powerful the Stacking Waves Layered Palm was, it was but an incomplete Tier 1 martial technique. There was still some use when dealing with First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

Who was he, Su Yishan? Peak Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm, and a pinnacle character in the top ten of the Martial Roll!

Compared to the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, the might of the middle-grade Tier 2 Prajna Palm was a level higher.

In terms of essence energy, he was more than a level stronger than Ye Yuan!

No matter how one looked at it, there was no reason for Ye Yuan to remain uninjured.

The way Su Yishan saw it, Ye Yuan was seeking death.

He was wary of Wu Luochen but not Ye Yuan. Although Ye Yuan was recently in the limelight, his actual strength was at best slightly stronger than newly advanced Heaven rank students.

Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm and Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm are in completely different weight classes!


A violent confrontation. Su Yishan remained motionless, but Ye Yuan fell back over a dozen steps!

Su Yishan furrowed his brows. He was very displeased with the effects of this palm. The result had a huge discrepancy from his expectations.

Even though it was a hasty response, he had gathered 70% to 80% essence energy. It was just impossible for a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm to withstand it.

But there did not seem to be major issues with Ye Yuan currently other than his essence energy being a little disorderly.

A Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm was actually unable to completely crush a puny Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm in a faceoff!

Su Yishan used to turn his nose up whenever he heard how monstrous Ye Yuan was. Only now that he personally matched up with Ye Yuan, did he realize the degree of Ye Yuan's monstrousness!

"No way!Ye Yuan is actually fine? That was the Prajna Palm!"

"Just now, I still thought that Ye Yuan was too reckless. I didn't think that his strength was actually so great!"

"Just based on that palm just now, he has probably already firmly entered the Martial Roll, right?"

"Pretty much so!"

Very clearly, Ye Yuan's performance also exceeded everyone's expectations.

One had to know that those watching the battle were all Heaven rank students. Among them, there were quite a few who were experts on the Martial Roll.

They were all too clear on the power of the Prajna Palm. That was a middle-grade Tier 2 martial technique. Furthermore, they heard that Su Yishan had already trained it to the Large Success rank. It had extraordinary might.

Ye Yuan was actually perfectly fine after exchanging a palm with him!

Ye Yuan's performance previously was indeed sufficiently monstrous. But no matter how monstrous, it only meant that his potential was limitless. It did not represent how great his strength was.

Ye Yuan's skirmishes before were all within the Essence Qi Realm. Even Lin Tiancheng was at most a half-baked Spirit Condensation Realm.

Lin Tiancheng's strength when placed among Heaven rank students was among the lowest at the bottom of the ranking.

Even though Ye Yuan broke through to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm now, the way many people saw it, he was merely slightly stronger than the average Heaven rank students.

But only now, did the Heaven rank students understand that Ye Yuan already possessed the strength to talk on equal standing with them!

The present Ye Yuan was no longer that First Level Essence Qi Realm rookie from a month back. He was a true Martial Roll expert!

After calming down his disorderly essence energy, Ye Yuan also furrowed his brows.

"Hey, if you continue watching the show, then this place doesn't need you."

Ye Yuan was very dissatisfied with Wu Luochen's performance. He knew that Wu Luochen wanted to borrow Su Yishan's hand to probe his strength. This made him very disgruntled.

"H-haha, it was too sudden just now, didn't react in time." Wu Luochen cracked a laugh.

Facing Ye Yuan, Wu Luochen put away his zombie face that would not change in ten-thousand years, and smiled sheepishly, making Su Yishan gloomier.

Who said that Wu Luochen was dumb? He was sharp as hell!

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes, and could not be bothered with him. He merely said, "I'm attacking. You do as you see fit."

Ye Yuan's words made everyone faceplant on the ground. Even though he retreated just now, the gap between Su Yishan and him was also very obvious. It was clear that there was not much hope.

He still wanted to be foolhardy under this sort of circumstance?

Ye Yuan activated Instant Flash and pointed a finger at Su Yishan.

Absolute Yang Finger!

Presently, the might of the Absolute Yang Finger unleashed by Ye Yuan already surpassed the Eighth Layer Wave!

The cultivation law of the Spirit Bristle Divine King was no joke.

"Courting death!" Su Yishan responded to different situations using the same method. Prajna Palm was unleashed once more!

But this time around, Wu Luochen was not a spectator.

At the same time Ye Yuan attacked, he also moved!

Wu Luochen swept his leg at Su Yishan!

Compared to Ye Yuan's attack, Wu Luochen's attack clearly held a greater threat.

Under the two's pincer attack, Su Yishan did not panic the slightest bit.

Su Yishan's movement technique was similarly a genuine Tier 2 martial technique, with a speed of 1.5 times higher than Wu Luochen!

It was this time difference of 1.5 times which let him force Ye Yuan back with a palm first, and narrowly dodge Wu Luochen's leg.

At this moment, Su Yishan's strength as the number ten on the Martial Roll was displayed in its full!

Soon, the three people were locked in battle. The two parties actually fought to a standstill, with neither party able to do anything to the other.

Of course, the ones leading the battle were still Su Yishan and Wu Luochen. Ye Yuan was reduced to a supporting cast.