Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Nine Heavens Rumbling Thunder

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“So what if I tricked you?” Ye Yuan looked at Cloudsky and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Old punk Cloudsky, your Yu Soul Sect’s shamelessness has been verified over a million years! Do you think that I’d be deceived by your little trick?”

Cloudsky was incomparably remorseful and angry. He actually made a such a low-level mistake just now.

It was not that he, Cloudsky, was foolish, but hearing the Yu Soul Sect and the secret of Deity Realm, these two things that Ye Yuan threw out were too shocking, resulting in him having that instant of lowering his guard.

And Ye Yuan took advantage of precisely this instant and succeeded in sneak attacking.

Sensing the traces of cold intent coming from his neck, Guo Xu’s heart went utterly cold.

Ye Yuan making a trip into the Bloodrain Wilderness, his current strength already flung him beyond the nine heavens.

Just now, his divine king domain was simply as weak as a piece of blank paper in front of Ye Yuan’s Evil Extermination Sword!

“Ji Qingyun, you despicable man! This place is the Holy City. Do you think that by holding me hostage, you can escape? Dream on!” Guo Xu clenched his teeth and said.

Ye Yuan made a move like lightning, directly sealing Guo Xu’s essence energy. Ye Yuan then lightly patted his shoulder and said smilingly, “You’d best worry about yourself. My matters don’t need you to be concerned. If I die here, you’d definitely die before me.”

Guo Xu’s face was ashen pale. He was really meat on somebody’s chopping board right now.

“Ji Qingyun, what do you want?” Cloudsky asked in a solemn voice.

Guo Xu’s status in the Holy City naturally went without saying. Hence, that was why Ye Yuan chose him to be the hostage.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Two conditions! First, immediately attack the Medicine King Hall! Second, hand over the Holy City’s divine inscriptions! Don’t look at me with that kind of look. There’s no room for discussion. I’ll give you ten breaths of time to consider. Once the time is up, Guo Xu will die!”

“You’re dreaming, Ji Qingyun! Divine inscriptions are my Holy City’s non-transmissible secret! Even ordinary elders can’t cultivate either, why should we give you?” Cloudsky said fiercely.

But Ye Yuan ignored him and started counting backward very calmly.

“Ten breaths.”

“Nine breaths.”

“Eight breaths.”

“Seven breaths.”

“Three breaths.”

Cloudsky’s expression was incredibly grim as he said with a cold smile, “Ji brat, you want to use this kind of method to scare this lord? You’re too naive! If you really kill Guo Xu, you’ll also die beyond all doubt today!”

Along with Ye Yuan’s countdown, Guo Xu’s breathing also became ragged.

The sweat on his body already soaked his clothing.

However, Cloudsky still did not have the intention of agreeing to Ye Yuan.

“Two breaths!”

“One breath!”

Cloudsky looked at Ye Yuan with a cold sneer just like that. He did not believe that Ye Yuan really dared to make a move.

This place was the Holy City. If he killed Guo Xu, Ye Yuan definitely could not escape!

“Guo Xu, you set your mind at ease. I assure you with my head that Ji brat absolutely won’t dare to kill you!” Cloudsky said to Guo Xu.

“Time’s up!”

Right at this time, ten breath’s time was up.

Cloudsky laughed loudly and said, “Ji brat, why don’t you kill! Just now, weren’t you still threatening this lord?”

The corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled, and a hint of a mocking smile flashed past. The Evil Extermination Sword pressed forward lightly.


Guo Xu’s head flew high up, turning into a headless corpse in a blink of an eye.

The Evil Extermination Sword’s edge ground Guo Xu’s divine soul into pieces along with it too.

Everyone was stunned!

Only all the way until the head hit the ground, did they abruptly startle awake.

The Holy City’s successor, was actually killed so easily?

Ye Yuan really killed Guo Xu!

Ye Yuan actually really dared to kill Guo Xu!

Was this guy mad?

“You … You really dared to kill him!” Cloudsky said angrily.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “If killed, then killed, what’s to dare or not dare about? You wouldn’t think that I was joking with you earlier, right? Oh, right, you even guaranteed it with your head just now. Now, can you take it down?”


Cloudsky’s divine king domain suddenly erupted, sweeping over towards Ye Yuan instantly.

“Ji brat, I’m going to tear you to pieces!”

Cloudsky roared as he rushed over!

Cloudsky was one of the Holy City’s three great titans. His strength connected to the heavens and penetrated the earth.

His strength was not what ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses were able to compare to.

One could say that Cloudsky was the Divine Realm’s true apex existence.

Below the Ten Great Divine Kings, he reigned supreme!

The moment the divine king domain opened up, it enveloped Ye Yuan inside instantly.

However, Ye Yuan was long prepared and completely did not give Cloudsky any chance at all.

The instant that Cloudsky’s divine king domain opened up, Ye Yuan’s figure already merged into heaven and earth, escaping outside the Heavenly Saint Tower with a flash.

How could Cloudsky allow Ye Yuan to flee? He immediately chased outside.

“Pass down the order, seal the city gates! I want to see if this brat really can’t be killed!”

Outside the Heavenly Saint Tower, Cloudsky and Ye Yuan faced each other across a great distance.

He was already beyond furious and completely did not care about the matter that Ye Yuan was the son of heaven’s mandate.

He only knew that he had to kill Ye Yuan today.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to have the intention of running away. He still stood there in a collected manner.

Looking at Cloudsky from a distance, Ye Yuan said with a calm smile, “Old punk Cloudsky, you don’t have to be like this. This young master hasn’t played enough yet. How would I leave readily? Come, come, come, I’ve long heard that the Holy City’s three titans’ strengths are exceedingly formidable. This Ji wants to experience it today, whether or not it’s really as powerful as in the rumors!”

Cloudsky snorted coldly and said, “Fine. Since you’re not running, then this lord will let you witness what’s true might!”

Cloudsky’s divine king domain opened fully. The entire Holy City was shaken!

The radius that his divine king domain covered was too large.

The horrifying aura that came from inside virtually made people asphyxiated.

A hint of a cold sneer flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth. His figure became erratic all of a sudden.

When Cloudsky saw this scene, his gaze involuntarily turned intent!

With his strength, he was actually unable to lock onto Ye Yuan!

“This … This brat’s heart realm actually already reached the realm of perfection! Heaven Man Unity! Heaven Man Unity! Damn it! How on earth did this punk do it? Since I’m unable to use aura to lock on, then I’ll directly annihilate you! Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder!” Cloudsky said indignantly.

Above the sky, turned into a sea of lightning, enveloping the 10 thousand foot radius that Ye Yuan was in inside entirely.

Cloudsky’s divine king domain actually reached a terrifying 10 thousand feet!

This terrifying undulation shocked the entire Holy City.

Only at this moment did people know that Wu Yuanqiao, who was known as the Thundercry Divine King, was simply not worth mentioning in front of Cloudsky!

This was a true peak powerhouse!

That violent lightning ocean could simply obliterate everything!

Back then, the Spirit Bristle Divine King exterminating a hundred divine king powerhouses with the power of flames, was also nothing more than this!

“S-So strong! How did Lord Qingyun Zi provoke Lord Cloudsky? This time, it’s really dying without even leaving dregs behind.”

“Truly didn’t think that Lord Cloudsky’s strength is already terrifying to such an extent! Looking at the power of this divine king domain, his strength is probably already not beneath the Ten Great Divine Kings, right?”

“Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder! This is the Divine Realm’s most powerful domain of lightning power! The Holy City’s three titans are indeed all not ordinary people!”

Such tremendous undulations naturally incurred large numbers of powerhouses to surround and watch. Everyone was unbelievably shocked towards Cloudsky’s Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder.

Such a grand occasion, how many years had it not appeared already?”