Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Greater Teleportation

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Quite a few people were very sympathetic towards Ye Yuan. The consequences of angering Lord Cloudsky was not that fun.

The price was death!

But right at this time, Cloudsky’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

Behind Cloudsky, inside the void, a peerless sword light tore through the air, akin to a falling star, falling fiercely to the ground.

“Ji Qingyun, you dare?!”

Cloudsky’s eyes turned bloodshot, but looking at that sword light in the distance, he felt powerless.

Ye Yuan was able to hear his roar, but the sword light could not hear it.

With a boom, a tiled building was directly ruined by the sword light, kicking up clouds of dust.

“No way, right? What happened just now? Wasn’t Ji Qingyun trapped by Lord Cloudsky inside the Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder? How did he run over there?”

“That sword light of Ji Qingyun’s … was so strong! Isn’t he just Fifth Level Dao Profound? How could he release such a powerful attack?”

“No, wait! That direction … seems to be the Purple-Gold Hall! This … This is severing the lineage! Ji Qingyun, what ruthless means!”

The Holy City’s powerhouses spoke at great lengths unceasingly. Only now, did they discover that the direction Ye Yuan attacked was actually the Purple-Gold Hall!

What kind of place was the Purple-Gold Hall?

That was the Holy City’s future!

Each disciple inside were all peerless geniuses that the Holy City spent countless resources to groom.

This baffling sword of Ye Yuan’s was actually going to eliminate those Purple-Gold Hall’s disciples!

He already killed Guo Xu. Annihilating the Purple-Gold Hall’s powerhouses, the blow to the Holy City was tremendous.

Although this move was rather vicious, Ye Yuan did not have much sympathy in his heart.

The price of this sin was death!

Ever since becoming aware of the Yu Soul Sect’s actions and conduct, as well as the Holy City’s attitude, Ye Yuan had the idea of destroying the Holy City.

This kind of sect existing in the world, even continuing the shameless behavior for a million years, was simply the Divine Realm’s nightmare.

Cloudsky they all still had this sort of attitude toward the fiend race. It indicated that the Holy City’s style was already penetrated deep into the bones and was simply hard to change anymore.

Since there was no way of changing, then let him destroy it.

Currently, Ye Yuan was not the three titans’ match yet. But it did not impede him from claiming a bit of interest first.

At this time, wailing cries echoed out inside the Purple-Gold Hall.

“Second Senior Brother! Third Senior Brother! You guys … why have you guys departed?”

“Senior Apprentice Brother, seems like … seems like our Divine King Realm senior brothers all … all died!

“This … Who in the world did this?”

Ye Yuan did not annihilate them completely. Under the great circle of perfection Heaven Man Unity, he was able to clearly sense the situation of those disciples in the Purple-Gold Hall.

This streak of sword light, he was targeting those Divine King Realm disciples.

“Ji Qingyun, you … you’ll die a horrible death! Such an inhuman and brutal thing, you’re actually capable of it!” Cloudsky pointed at Ye Yuan and let loose a torrent of abuse.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a calm look, “Your Yu Soul Sect has powerhouses being born every generation. Zhuge Qingxuan is even hailed as the Divine Realm’s number one divine king! But you all watch on with folded arms regarding the matter of the fiend race’s invasion. Think about it, how many people are plunged into an abyss of misery and suffering because of you! Several tragic wars, you all stayed aloof from the matter. Comparing cruelty, comparing shamelessness, this Ji … is truly far off.”

Ye Yuan’s words were akin to rolling thunder, resounding throughout all major streets and small alleys in the Holy City.

Although everyone had not heard before the great name of the Yu Soul Sect, Ye Yuan’s meaning was already very clear.

For a moment, there was another wave of commotion.

Cloudsky’s face was livid with rage, hating Ye Yuan to the bones.

Of course, he was more regretful now!

If he did not allow Ye Yuan to enter the Bloodrain Wilderness back then and chased him away with forceful measures, perhaps there would not be so much trouble.

Now, the consequence caused by a wrong decision made in a moment of weakness was too severe.

“Nangong Zifeng, what are you still waiting for?! All Void Mystic martial artists obey my command, everybody attack together and eradicate Ji Qingyun!” Cloudsky said solemnly.

There was a series of ripples in the void. Six to seven figures surrounded Ye Yuan in the middle at the same time, cutting off all of his escape routes!

A purple-robed powerhouse stepped out slowly and looked at Ye Yuan with a frown as he said, “This boy’s heart realm broke through to the realm of perfection and already comprehended the art of greater teleportation. Unless Qingxuan is here, no one can make him stay.”

This purple-robed powerhouse was precisely one of the three titans, Nangong Zifeng!

Nangong Zifeng’s words stirred up massive waves in the crowd.

“Art of greater teleportation! It’s actually the art of greater teleportation! No wonder Lord Cloudsky’s Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder couldn’t do anything to Ye Yuan either!”

“Art of greater teleportation is an extremely profound spatial secret art. Rumors have it … that this is a magical ability that only Deity Realm powerhouses can comprehend!”

“This Ji Qingyun is simply too monstrous! It’s fine if his Alchemy Dao talent is strong, didn’t think that resurrecting again, even his martial path talent became so terrifying as well.”

“The Holy City’s two great titans moved out at the same time and actually can’t do anything to him either, and even had their lineage severed by Ji Qingyun. If this were to spread out, the Holy City’s face would be utterly lost!”

The art of greater teleportation was actually the upgraded version of merging into heaven and earth.

When Heaven Man Unity reached the great circle of perfection, one’s comprehension of heaven and earth would reach a higher level.

Within a certain radius, the martial artist could reach another spatial node as they pleased, making people incapable of grasping.

Even Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, this kind of Void Mystic powerhouses whose divine king domains reached 10 thousand feet, were also unable to lock onto Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan’s current cultivation realm was on the low side. At most, he could only teleport roughly a 10 thousand feet distance.

It was just that these 10 thousand feet were already sufficient.

The art of greater teleportation was not an exclusive right of Deity Realm powerhouses. It was just that those able to use the art of greater teleportation in the legends were all Deity Realm powerhouses. Hence, that was why these martial artists would have this kind of mistaken cognition.

Casting the art of greater teleportation, one’s heart realm must reach Heaven Man Unity’s great circle of perfection.

This was an extremely difficult thing to accomplish, even during the Divine Dao Era.

Even if the Divine Dao Era powerhouses cultivated Essence, Energy, and Spirit to the great circle of perfection, they might not be able to cultivate heart realm to perfection either.

Hence, Divine King powerhouses who used the art of greater teleportation were virtually non-existent!

Cloudsky looked at Ye Yuan from far away, his face livid with rage.

How could he not know that he could not make Ye Yuan stay? But this current sort of situation, what else could he do?

“Ji Qingyun, your cultivation increasing greatly is also all thanks to the Holy City. Why not we each take a step back. You leave the Holy City, and we’ll let today’s incident pass, just treat it like nothing happened, how’s that?” Nangong Zifeng suddenly opened his mouth and said.


These words actually made Ye Yuan laugh.

“What are you laughing at, Ji Qingyun?” Cloudsky said in a deep voice.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I’m laughing at your shamelessness! This Bloodrain Wilderness is the medicine garden of the ancient Heaven One Sect. You guys took forcible possession of it. Now, using it to treat it as a favor, isn’t it funny?”

“You!” Cloudsky could not help being rendered speechless.

But his inner-heart was endlessly shocked. Looks like Ye Yuan really entered the seventh level. Otherwise, how could he know so many ancient secrets?