Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Easier To Call Up An Evil Spirit Than To Allay It

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“Ji Qingyun, you comprehended greater teleportation. But … those subordinates of yours didn’t comprehend it! Do you think that they can escape the Holy City?” Nangong Zifeng suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and finally knew why Nangong Zifeng did not show up all along.

It looked like this guy had been preparing a contingency plan the whole time!

It was naturally impossible for a sly old fox like Cloudsky to give Ye Yuan opportunities on the Heavenly Dao Oath.

His oath was merely just up until Ye Yuan exited the Bloodrain Wilderness.

Now that Ye Yuan came out, the oath naturally ended here too.

The Holy City could not touch Ye Yuan, but they naturally could turn the blades onto Ao Qian they all.

“If you dare to touch them once, I’ll kill a Void Mystic powerhouse! I’m not the two of your match, but the others, you can give it a try!” Ye Yuan said with a frosty expression.

Ao Qian they all followed him and braved through fire and water. Ye Yuan had long viewed them as bosom friends already.

Nangong Zifeng using them to threaten him really made Ye Yuan genuinely give rise to killing intent!

“Ji Qingyun, don’t be cocky! If you have the capabilities, bring it on! You really think yourself to be invincible after comprehending greater teleportation?” a Void Mystic powerhouse said furiously.

This person was called Shi Renhui, a Holy City elder and a veteran Void Mystic powerhouse.

His strength was even a bit stronger compared to the Zhao Lingdong after fusing bodies.

Toward Ye Yuan’s arrogant speech, he naturally could not carry on listening.

In his view, for Ye Yuan to still be able to stand here, it was merely because of the art of greater teleportation.

Ye Yuan grinned widely and said, “Is that so? Old Man Shi, I’m coming. You have to get ready!”

Shi Renhui only felt a blur before his eyes, and he already lost track of Ye Yuan.

In virtually an instant, his hairs stood on its ends. A feeling of immense danger welled up in his heart.

Ye Yuan wielded the Evil Extermination Divine Sword and actually already arrived behind Shi Renhui!

Another ray of sword light!

This sword was like a death-hastening talisman. How many years had it already been since Shi Renhui felt that he was so close to death?

Without the slightest hesitation, he opened up his divine king domain!

Nangong Zifeng also did not expect Ye Yuan to attack when he said so. Expression changing, his divine king domain instantly expanded out!

His distance away from Shi Renhui was exactly what the divine king domain was able to reach. But the power was already very weak.

Divine king domain, the closer to oneself, the more powerful. The more towards the borders, the weaker.

Facing Nangong Zifeng’s divine king domain, Ye Yuan did not have the slightest hesitation, pressing forward with an indomitable slash!

Like crushing dead branches and leaves, the Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity state Evil Extermination Sword scattered Nangong Zifeng’s divine king domain.


The sword light’s remnant force did not abate, directly slamming onto Shi Renhui’s divine king domain.

“Puhwark …”

Shi Renhui vomited a mouthful of fresh blood violently, his body akin to sustaining a heavy blow, flying out backward.

Everyone looked at this scene with wooden stares and slack jaws, deeply astonished by Ye Yuan.

If talking about that sword of Ye Yuan’s prior to this, it only killed some divine king powerhouses and was not breathtaking enough yet.

Then this sword really shocked them!

“How could it be so strong? Ji Qingyun didn’t even use divine king domain, and he beat Elder Shi to serious injuries? If not for Lord Nangong making a move, Elder Shi would most likely be dead already!”

“Too inconceivable! Could it be that this is the true power of divine artifacts?”

“A Fifth Level Dao Profound severely wounding Elder Shi in one blow. This battle achievement is simply outrageous!”

This sword of Ye Yuan’s utterly subverted their understanding toward divine king domains.

The way these martial artists saw it, divine king domain was the zenith of Martial Dao.

Those able to defeat Void Mystic powerhouses were only Void Mystic powerhouses!

But Ye Yuan only used one slash and almost eliminated a veteran Void Mystic powerhouse.

This scene was seriously too inconceivable.

Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng both looked at the Evil Extermination Sword in Ye Yuan’s hands with heated eyes. Those ordinary martial artists could not tell, but how could they not perceive it?

Ye Yuan triggered the Divine Dao laws inside the divine artifact, that was how it unleashed such a terrifying sword intent!

Ye Yuan comprehended Divine Dao laws!

Nobody was clearer than the two of them why the Ten Great Divine Kings were so powerful.

The reason was that they all comprehended Divine Dao laws!

But now, Ye Yuan comprehended Divine Dao laws when he was at the Fifth Level Dao Profound!

What was even more damnable was that Ye Yuan actually still had a divine sword in his hands.

A divine artifact that activated Divine Dao might. That was very frightening.

This point, to the Holy City with a long-standing lineage, they were all too clear.

Nangong Zifeng forcefully pressed down the astonishment in his heart and drew a deep breath as he said, “Ji Qingyun, I admit that you have this strength! Fine, your subordinates, I’ll bring them over wholly intact. Now, can you leave?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said with a nod, “Okay. You let people bring them to outside the gates. I’ll go there and rendezvous with them! I urge you to best not have any devious thoughts. Otherwise, the Holy City will definitely shed blood like water today!”

Easier to call up an evil spirit than to allay it!

Hearing Ye Yuan agree to leave, all of the Holy City’s powerhouses all heaved a sigh in relief.

They had never thought that a super Alchemy Emperor would actually have a day where his Martial Dao strength would reach such a level!

Finally sent this god of plague away!

“You already proved your strength. Rest assured, we absolutely won’t find trouble with you again! However, you also have to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath, to never go on a killing spree again under no circumstances!” Nangong Zifeng said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “As long as you all don’t provoke me anymore, I won’t attack again!”

Following that, Ye Yuan swore a Heavenly Dao Oath before Nangong Zifeng order people to bring Ao Qian they all over.

Seeing Ye Yuan leave, a hint of a wicked plan succeeding smile flashed past the corners of Nangong Zifeng’s mouth.

Roughly the time it took to brew a pot of tea, Ao Qian they all were brought outside the city gates.

Seeing Ye Yuan return safe and sound, Ao Qian and the rest were all overjoyed.

“Haha, milord, you finally came back! Holy City this bunch of fellows are truly despicable! To actually drug our food, then capture all of us!” said Jiang Taicang. The moment Jiang Taicang saw Ye Yuan, he immediately complained.

This place was where the Alchemist Association’s headquarters was located. Drugging the few of them was all too effortless.

Moreover, with the Heavenly Dao Oath previously there, the Holy City was very courteous to them this half a year. They did not have suspicions either, resulting in being directly put down.

Seeing that everyone was fine, Ye Yuan finally set his mind at ease and said with a smile, “With me around, they don’t dare to do anything to you guys! Entering the Bloodrain Wilderness this time, my harvests are considerable. Later, I’ll help you all refine medicinal pills and help you advance a step further! Old Ao, especially you. I’m very much looking forward to your bearing when you recover to your peak strength!”

Ao Qian’s entire body trembled when he heard that and immediately revealed a look of wild elation.

Ye Yuan saying it like this, he definitely found the last spirit medicine inside the Bloodrain Wilderness!

This way, he would be able to recover to his peak strength!

With Skydistant around, it was naturally nothing difficult for Ye Yuan to find a few stalks of spirit medicines.

Just as the few people were preparing to leave, a terrifying aura came from above the skies all of a sudden.

“Hahaha, Ji Qingyun, this lord wants to see if you’re really unkillable! Even if Qingxuan isn’t around, this Divine Dao grand array is likewise able to exterminate you!” Cloudsky laughed wildly as he said.