Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 Killing Spree

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Ye Yuan’s words made those Void Mystic powerhouses all break out in goosebumps, everyone feeling endangered.

The dust gradually dispersed. An enormous turtle shell was displayed in front of everyone.

Seeing the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng’s expressions both turned intent!

Although they did not recognize the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, the extraordinariness of this turtle shell, they perceived it with one glance.

On it faintly revealed extremely profound power of laws. Shockingly, it was precisely Divine Dao laws!

Ye Yuan was actually perfectly unscathed under the protection of this turtle shell!

Ye Yuan put away the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, killing intent revealing in his gaze fully.

The Holy City’s provocation utterly stirred up his wrath!

If not for Skydistant drawing out the Divine Dao might of the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, Ye Yuan would be dead for sure this time.

But with Skydistant’s present state, he could at most only make the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell resist Deity Realm attacks three times.

Ye Yuan also did not expect that just exiting the Bloodrain Wilderness, he would already use up one.

“Today, this young master is going on a killing spree!”

His voice had yet to fade, and Ye Yuan’s figure instantly vanished from where he stood!


A divine king guard directly had his head severed from his body.

While only at this time, did Ye Yuan’s words spread out far away like rolling thunder, making everyone’s hearts turn cold.


Ye Yuan’s figure disappeared. Those divine king powerhouses could not capture Ye Yuan’s silhouette at all.

Each and every one of their scalps tingled, uncertain who Ye Yuan’s next target was.

Ye Yuan’s art of greater teleportation was elusive as a ghost. With their strength, they could not detect Ye Yuan’s attacking direction at all.


Another divine king powerhouse had a sword pierced through the heart by Ye Yuan from behind, his life force instantly extinguishing!

Cloudsky’s eyes turned bloodshot, and he cried out, “Ji Qingyun, stay your hand! Don’t you forget, my Holy City still has a Heaven Stabilizing Divine King! If you dare to kill any more people, when Zhuge Qingxuan returns, you’ll die even if you escape to the ends of the world!”

What replied him was a ray of terrifying sword light!

This ray of sword light naturally was not aiming for Cloudsky, but targeting several of the Holy City’s divine king powerhouses!

Without the least bit of suspense, these few divine kings were directly slashed into minced meat by the sword light.

In front of the current Ye Yuan, ordinary divine king powerhouse completely did not have the slightest strength to counterattack.

Places that he passed through, there was a series of wails!

“Everybody, quickly disperse apart! Flee! The further you flee, the better!” Cloudsky shouted loudly.

He knew that it really poked the hornet’s nest this time.

Ye Yuan was already utterly enraged. They had to pay a terrible price for their actions!

Right now, under this sort of circumstances, he could only make everyone split up and run. Ye Yuan was just alone with a sword. It was impossible to kill everyone.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan already killed over a dozen divine king powerhouses.

Currently, apart from Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng who were safe, the rest all became Ye Yuan’s prey.

“Cloudsky, we can’t look on with folded arms! Take action! My divine king domain and yours can cover as wide as 20 thousand feet. As long as the cooperation is arranged properly, we might not be incapable of taking care of him!” Nangong Zifeng said solemnly.

Cloudsky nodded and said, “Fine! If I don’t kill this punk today, I, Cloudsky, am lesser than human!”

Done talking, Cloudsky’s Nine-Heavens Rumbling Thunder instantly opened up. The terrifying lightning sea appeared once again.

And Nangong Zifeng’s divine king domain was an extremely rare Purple Evil Domain, wounding people using wicked energy.

Places that it passed through was akin to death descending upon the mortal realm. The process from beginning to end was incomparably terrifying.

Seeing such horrifying power, those innocent people in the Holy City hurriedly retreated far away once more.

Two great titans joining hands to deal with the enemy, such a spectacle was truly too grand. As long as they touched a little, they would be dead without chances of survival too.

“A Fifth Level Divine Realm actually forced the Holy City’s two great titans to team up and fight the enemy. Today’s event is bound to shake the entire Divine Realm!”

“This is also something that can’t be helped! Comprehending the art of greater teleportation, Ye Yuan is virtually established in an invincible position already. As long as he doesn’t lose his mind and forcefully clash with the two great titans, the two of them likely can’t do anything to him at all!”

“Although saying that the Holy City is the leader of the Divine Realm is somewhat reputation falling short of reality, the might of the Holy City is indisputable. Even the Ten Great Divine Kings don’t dare to be impudent in the Holy City too! But today, Ji Qingyun actually wants to turn the Holy City upside down!”

Nangong Zifeng and Cloudsky crushed over towards Ye Yuan in a carpet-bombing style. However, they were completely unable to lock onto Ye Yuan’s position.

Ye Yuan had long abandoned his divine king domain already. Just one person and one sword, doing as he pleased.

In comparison, Nangong Zifeng and Cloudsky, the two people’s divine king domains were like two big dumb elephants; empty power, but inadequate mobility.

The two of them could only forever eat the dust behind Ye Yuan.

The Evil Extermination Sword was just like the scythe of the Death God, willfully reaping the lives of the Holy City’s powerhouses.

Under Ye Yuan’s perfected heart realm, those martial artists were laid completely bare.

Those powerhouses discovered to their dismay that no matter how they hid, how they ran, they could not escape Ye Yuan’s sword.

Ye Yuan was just like devil; no idea when he would appear behind them, and then he would end their lives with a slash.

“Qi Daoming, next is you!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s voice, Qi Daoming’s gaze turned intent. An aura of death pounced from head-on!

Finally, Ye Yuan turned his gaze on Void Mystic powerhouses!

Qi Daoming was precisely another Void Mystic elder of the Holy City.

Qi Daoming was currently sprinting like mad. But under Ye Yuan’s greater teleportation, his speed was too slow!

Right at this time, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly disappeared.


Nangong Zifeng shouted fiercely. Cloudsky immediately understood.

Two great divine king domains opened up, instantly protecting Qi Daoming with all their power.

“Huhu, you guys are still really naive!”

In the void, a mocking voice came over.

But Ye Yuan’s figure already appeared 10 thousand feet away.

The next instant, Ye Yuan’s figure vanished once more!

Merging into heaven and earth!

Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng’s expressions changed drastically at the same time as they exclaimed in shock, “Damn it! His target is Su Qian!”

That direction Ye Yuan went in was precisely another Void Mystic elder, Su Qian!

He deliberately baited Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, the two people, to Qi Daoming. However, he was actually making a feint, thoroughly shaking off the two people. He was rushing toward Su Qian.

Su Qian’s strength was even a notch weaker compared to Zhao Lingdong’s. He was completely not Ye Yuan’s match.

Ye Yuan merged into heaven and earth, how could he not know that Ye Yuan was chasing after?

“Ahh! Ji Qingyun, this old man will fight it out with you!”

Su Qian also knew that he could not run. Giving a frenzied shout, he directly opened up his divine king domain and charged over toward Ye Yuan who merged into heaven and earth.

However, the Ye Yuan that he originally locked onto actually vanished into thin air.

It was as if he had never appeared before!

“Ahh! Ji Qingyun, I want you dead!”

Su Qian went utterly insane. He was like a mad man, randomly unleashing terrifying martial techniques in all directions.

He completely did not know which direction Ye Yuan would come from and could only use this sort of method to reduce his terror.


A streak of sword light tore through the air and reach its target, directly tearing through Su Qian’s divine king domain, puncturing his chest and grinding his innards into pieces!