Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Heaven Stabilizing Divine King

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“Su Qian!”

Nangong Zifeng’s and Cloudsky’s eyes turned bloodshot, virtually going crazy.

Helplessly watching a Void Mystic elder die before their eyes, but incapable of action. This sort of feeling made their chest almost explode.

The two of them had roamed the Divine Realm unobstructed for several thousand years. There had yet once where they were so helpless like today.

Counting in Zhao Lingdong and Howlsky, in a short one day’s time, the Holy City actually had five Void Mystic powerhouses perish!

This kind of loss was an unbearable weight to any sect.

Not just so, Ye Yuan even killed the Purple-Gold Hall’s divine king disciples.

Today’s one day of loss was likely able to compare to the Holy City’s thousand years of losses!

Except, as the Holy City’s two great titans, they could not even touch Ye Yuan’s hair.

“Ji Qingyun, don’t kill anymore! Don’t kill anymore! We … We admit defeat! As long as you’re willing to leave the Holy City, we can agree to any terms!”

In Cloudsky’s shout virtually carried tears.

He really did not expect that things would develop to this sort of situation today.

Cloudsky’s intestines were green with regret right now. What he regretted was not about not letting Ye Yuan enter the Bloodrain Wilderness, but that he should not have provoked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan wanted to leave, then let him leave nicely. Why was there a need to stir up so many things?

Truly blinded by obsession!

In-between this, he had a number of opportunities to let Ye Yuan leave safe and sound.

But he did not!

In fact, he did not believe in the outcome of going against destiny. He insisted on challenging the prestige of the Son of Heaven’s Mandate!

In the end, he suffered a crushing defeat.

Ye Yuan looked at Cloudsky and said with a cold smile, “If people don’t offend me, I don’t offend people! If people offend me, I’ll definitely repay it a hundredfold! Do you know regret now? It’s too late! Today, I’ll carry out justice on heaven’s behalf and eradicate your shameless Yu Soul Sect’s Dao teachings, let the two of you become generals without an army!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, and another dozen over Holy City powerhouses died under his sword.

Ye Yuan was truly enraged today as well. He was extremely annoyed with the Holy City in the first place and was provoked time and again by Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, even nearly dying under the divine rank grand array.

Since the grudge was already sowed, then make it irreconcilable then!

Even if he did not go on a killing spree today, could it be that Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng could let him off?

Cloudsky’s chest was like puffing bellows at this time.


Finally, he could not hold back and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

In this short while, Ye Yuan already killed several dozens of divine king powerhouses.

Even chopping vegetables was not so fast!

The might of a divine artifact was completely not what ordinary divine king martial artists could resist.

Ye Yuan was currently massacring wantonly when suddenly, alarm bells went off. Sudden Impulse was triggered once more!

An ominous feeling welled up in his head, making Ye Yuan’s actions suddenly pause.

He put away the sword and stood there, looking at Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng as he said, “Consider yourselves lucky today. The next time this Ji comes to the Holy City again, it will be your Yu Soul Sect’s Dao teachings’ day of doom.”

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort, his figure swayed, and he disappeared!

After several breaths, someone came to report that Ye Yuan exited the city through the wrecked city gates!

Hearing this news, Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, the two people, both heaved a long sigh in relief.

This killing god finally left!

“Quick, seal the city! Absolutely can’t let that punk take a step into the Holy City again!” Cloudsky immediately instructed.

He was cowed by Ye Yuan’s killing. Today could be said to have suffered grievous losses.

This killing god leaving, his first reaction was not never let this brat enter the city again!

As long as they cut Ye Yuan off outside, with the Divine Dao grand array defending, he definitely could not come in either.

The grand array activating, Cloudsky’s heart finally landed too.

“Cloudsky, why do you think Ji Qingyun suddenly pulled back?”

Nangong Zifeng was a little calmer than Cloudsky and kept feeling that Ye Yuan left oddly.

Except, he was the same as Cloudsky, both terrified by Ye Yuan’s killing. Hence, that was why he did not recover to his sense for a moment.

Thinking about it at this time, the more he thought, the more amiss it felt.

With him questioning, Cloudsky also immediately felt something amiss and said with furrowed brows, “This … He either has urgent matters to attend to, or … the Holy City has an existence that he’s apprehensive of! But …”

The two people exchanged a glance, both seeing the shock from the other party’s eyes.

Very clearly, they thought of a possibility.

Except, this kind of possibility, how could Ye Yuan know in advance?

Cloudsky’s pupils suddenly constricted, and he said with a face full with remorse, “Damn it, how could I forget this! This brat even comprehended the art of greater teleportation, he definitely comprehended Sudden Impulse too! Him leaving at this time, apart from fearing Qingxuan, who else could he dread?”

Nangong Zifeng also came back to his senses and said with a look of astonishment, “Could it be that … Qingxuan is already on the way back?”

Nangong Zifeng’s words had yet to finish speaking when there was a ripple in the void. An azure-robed man slowly walked out.

The azure-robed man wore a head ornament, his face frosty. With every movement and action, it gave people a feeling of profoundness and inscrutability.

Seeing the wrecked Holy City, the azure-robed man’s brows knitted together.

He shot a glance at the Cloudsky duo in the distance and actually slowly shut his eyes!

After several breaths, his eyes suddenly snapped open, his figure abruptly vanishing on the spot!

Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng exchanged a glance and said in shock, “Qingxuan seems to have had some gains entering the Godsfall Mountain Range this time!

Nangong Zifeng deeply felt that way too and said with a nod, “I discovered that I can’t see through him more and more. Perhaps Qingxuan might really be able to be the first powerhouse to step foot into Deity Realm in these 100 thousand years!”

Cloudsky suddenly smiled coldly and said in delight, “Heh, it’s still too early to talk about this! I want to take a look instead, at whether or not Ji brat can escape Qingxuan’s pursuit! Zifeng, you make arrangements for the aftermath. I’ll follow after to take a look! That brat practically brought to us an apocalyptic disaster today. Not seeing his head separate from his body personally, this lord isn’t reconciled to it! In my view, Qingxuan’s destiny isn’t weaker than his. I want to see just what kind of a conclusion the clash of two great living unparalleled geniuses will be!”

Ye Yuan executed greater teleportation to the limits, 10 thousand miles in a single breath!

The current Zhuge Qingxuan was not what he was capable of contending with.

The moment Sudden Impulse gave an early warning, Ye Yuan knew that it was definitely Zhuge Qingxuan returning!

Regarding this, he could only secretly curse his misfortune.

“I didn’t think that Zhuge Qingxuan actually returned at this time. So unlucky! Yu Soul Sect has been adept at being opportunistic these last few years. It looks like they accumulated considerable destiny and isn’t fated to die!” Ye Yuan secretly sighed.

The destiny accumulated for a million years was not so easy to extinguish.

In this one million years, no idea how much the Yu Soul Sect profited from wars. Accumulating year in and year out, that was how there was the Holy City today.

Although Divine Dao dwindled to zero, the situation of the Holy City leading the Divine Realm was an irrefutable fact.

This point, Ye Yuan was unable to deny it to.

If not for so, Ye Yuan would not come and seek help from Cloudsky either.

It was just that, did not expect that it would be such a conclusion in the end.

While currently flying, alarm bells suddenly went off. Ye Yuan’s countenance changed, and he forcefully stopped his moving momentum in the air.

Ahead, an azure-robed man stood with his hands behind his back, his hand fanning a paper fan.

Who could it be if not Zhuge Qingxuan!