Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Peak Confrontation

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“Vast Heaven Stele!”

A change in countenance appeared for the first time on Zhuge Qingxuan’s face.


Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled, directly disintegrating Zhuge Qingxuan’s restrictive force.

Accurately speaking, it was the Vast Heaven Stele who scattered it.

The Vast Heaven Stele suspended above Ye Yuan’s palm quietly. A pale-yellow light halo intertwined around it akin to wandering dragons, exuding waves of mysterious aura.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhuge Qingxuan and said with a cold smile, “Looks like the Vast Heaven Inheritance hates the Yu Soul Sect’s inheritances very much! Thanks, Zhuge Qingxuan!”

Cloudsky’s laughter abruptly ceased. He was still waiting for Ye Yuan to be crushed into minced meat earlier. In a blink of an eye, such a sudden turn of events actually occurred.

“Could it be that this brat is really unkillable?”

Cloudsky was angered until his expression was livid. Fortunately, nobody was around here. Otherwise, this old face would really not have places to put today.

After the shock, Zhuge Qingxuan composed himself very quickly and said coolly, “Although the Vast Heaven Stele is strong, your strength is still too weak! Even if you’re able to control the Vast Heaven Stele, it’s hard to escape death today as well.”

Zhuge Qingxuan opened up the folded fan and fanned towards Ye Yuan without another word.

His action did not have much pompousness, just a simple fanning. But it gave people a feeling of profoundness and inscrutability.

“Huuuu …”

A terrifying essence energy light beam shot straight at Ye Yuan’s face.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, instantly feeling a mountain-like pressure.

This fan was way stronger compared to that one just now.

Ye Yuan hurriedly revolved the Vast Heaven Chaos Spell he just comprehended and cried out loudly, “Go!”

The Vast Heaven Stele was like a cannonball, welcoming Zhuge Qingxuan’s essence energy light beam.


The essence energy light beam smashed onto the Vast Heaven Stele, giving off a dazzling light.

The Vast Heaven Stele that had always succeeded was actually directly smashed flying backward!


Ye Yuan spewed out a mouthful of blood. His internal organs already suffered serious injuries!

Zhuge Qingxuan was too strong!

“The Vast Heaven Stele is merely thus!” Zhuge Qingxuan said indifferently.

Although his words were very calm, it exuded a thick mocking intent.

When Cloudsky saw the situation, he was similarly overjoyed.

He had to admit that that attack Ye Yuan controlled the Vast Heaven Stele to perform earlier, was very impressive.

Even he would likely need to expend quite a bit of effort to deal with it as well.

“Hahaha, Son of Heaven’s Mandate, this old man wants to see if you’re really unkillable!”

Zhuge Qingxuan’s might let Cloudsky find confidence once more, giving Ye Yuan hell.

Ye Yuan’s face was deathly pale. That attack of Zhuge Qingxuan’s earlier was truly incomparably profound.

Ye Yuan comprehended quite a few divine inscriptions presently and already had a shallow understanding of Divine Dao laws.

The Divine Dao laws contained in that fan of Zhuge Qingxuan’s was extremely profound!

One had to know that Zhuge Qingxuan only unleashed the attack with essence energy and not divine essence.

Facing such an attack, if Ye Yuan did not take the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell out, he could not block it at all.

Yet, even if he took out the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, once the power was exhausted, he was likewise a cooked goose 1 .

At the moment, he seemed to have walked into a blind-alley.

Zhuge Qingxuan looked at Ye Yuan and said indifferently, “Son of Heaven’s Mandate, is it? I want to take a look at whether or not I can contest for this heaven’s mandate with you!”

While talking, Zhuge Qingxuan’s body actually gradually became illusionary.

At this instant, he seemed to have merged into one with this heaven and earth.

It was as if he was the world, and the world was … Zhuge Qingxuan!

When Cloudsky saw this scene, he could not help laughing loudly as he said, “Hahaha, what a terrific Qingxuan! Your Brahma Heart Sutra actually broke through once again! When you kill Ji Qingyun and snatch his Vast Heaven Stele, you might not be incapable of breaking this heaven and earth’s fetters, and step foot into Deity Realm!”

“Carefree Empty Intent!”

Zhuge Qingxuan’s wrist shook. A surge of terrifying Divine Dao laws crept out.

For a moment, the winds blew and the clouds rolled. The power of laws roused a terrifying essence energy undulation, gradually forming an essence energy dragon!

Ye Yuan’s eyes turned intent. This move was too strong. He knew that he was completely unable to match it!

Just as he was planning on taking out the Mystic Art Holy Tortoise Shell, an abnormality suddenly occurred.

In the sky, flames suddenly surged.

That terrifying temperature was seemingly going to incinerate this world entirely!

Likewise, a terrifying Divine Dao law, a fire-attribute Divine Dao law!

This unexpected sudden turn of events did not make Zhuge Qingxuan have any change in countenance. But his brows knitted together tightly.


Two surges of immensely powerful source power collided together. That impetus directly shattered the firmament!

That kind of power truly shook heaven and earth, and made gods weep!

The unceasing air billows lasted for 15 minutes before it gradually dissipated.

Zhuge Qingxuan’s Carefree Empty Intent was actually neutralized just like that.

In this world, there was actually still someone capable of rivaling the head of the Ten Great Divine Kings, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King!

“Teng Yun, could it be that you want to set yourself against this seat?” Zhuge Qingxuan said with furrowed brows.

Inside that boundless flames, a yellowed-clothed man slowly walked out. It was clearly the Teng Yun from Zhuge Qingxuan’s mouth.

“I’m here to bring Ji Qingyun again! If you dare to bar the way, what’s the harm in making an enemy out of you?”

Teng Yun’s nonchalant words had a manner of not placing the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, this Divine Realm’s number one, in his eyes at all.

“The people that this seat wants to kill, there has never been anyone who’s able to bring them away before!” Zhuge Qingxuan said.

Teng Yun said coolly, “People that this seat wants to bring away, nobody can kill either! Even if you’re hailed as the number one divine king!”

“Teng Yun, you and I will eventually have a battle. Picking a date is not as good as a chance encounter. Since we met today, battle it out then! I want to take a look if you, this Spirit Bristle Divine King, are really as formidable as in the legends!” Zhuge Qingxuan said.

It turned out that this Teng Yun was actually the legendary Spirit Bristle Divine King ranked second among the Ten Great Divine Kings!

Who else in this world that could be Zhuge Qingxuan’s match? It was none other than the Spirit Bristle Divine King!

Looking at Teng Yun’s back view, Ye Yuan felt a multitude of feelings surge up too.

He never thought that at the final moment, it was actually Teng Yun who came to save him.

It seemed like only Teng Yun had the ability to save him.

Looking at it now, between the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King and Spirit Bristle Divine King, there ultimately needed to be a battle.

Among the Ten Great Divine Kings, they had never battled in front of outsiders before.

Their relative superiority or inferiority in strength, nobody ever knew as well.

But today, could it be that a victor was going to be decided between the Ten Great Divine Kings’ number one and number two?

Teng Yun said coolly, “If you want to fight, then fight! The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King’s Brahma Heart Sutra, this Teng has long wanted to have a taste of it as well!”

“Ji Qingyun, you leave first. I’ll follow soon after!” Teng Yun turned around and said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan revealed a complicated look, but finally still nodded his head and said solemnly to Teng Yun, “Take care!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan directly cast the art of greater teleportation, and he appeared 10 thousand feet away.

“Want to run? Where are you going?!”

How could Cloudsky passively watch Ye Yuan leave? He instantly gave chase!

But he had yet to chase out very far when a ball of terrifying flames came from head-on.

Cloudsky was greatly astonished and hurriedly mustered up his divine king domain.


Cloudsky’s body floated down to the ground like a kite with a broken string.