Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Its All Fate

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Ye Yuan’s fleeing speed was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, he went several tens of thousands of miles away.

But his injuries were extremely severe, and he was completely unable to exhibit his movement technique anymore. So he simply found a secluded place and recuperated his injuries.

Consuming Tier 9 healing medicinal pills, after a day, Ye Yuan’s injuries finally obtained preliminary control.

“The title of the Ten Great Divine Kings are indeed well-deserving of their reputation! Reaching their kind of boundary, even Void Mystic powerhouses are ant-like existences too!”

Recalling that scene previously, Ye Yuan felt considerable vicissitude of emotions too.

Someone as powerful as Cloudsky also could not last more than one exchange in front of Teng Yun.

When Ye Yuan escaped, even separated by a distance of 10 thousand miles, he could also feel that terrifying undulation at the back.

This kind of confrontation between experts, using rocking the heavens and shaking the earth to describe it was not over the top in the slightest.

Just as Ye Yuan was feeling emotional, a trace of ripple surfaced in the space. Teng Yun’s figure appeared in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looked at Teng Yun and said with a frown, “You got injured?”

Teng Yun said with a smile, “Minor injuries. He isn’t much better off than me either.”

“Who won or lost?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

“Considered a draw!” Teng Yun said.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he could not help saying rather surprisedly, “Looks like this Divine Realm’s number one is somewhat undeserved reputation!”

“No, he’s stronger than me! I can sense that he still has trump cards yet to use. If we really have a life-and-death struggle, I most likely wouldn’t be his match,” Teng Yun said.

Ye Yuan was endlessly shocked when he heard.

Reaching Teng Yun’s level of realm, everyone cherished life greatly.

Especially Zhuge Qingxuan, his cultivation realm was extremely high and could be said to be the person with the greatest potential of breaking through to the Deity Realm.

If it ruined the chance to break through to the Deity Realm because of a battle, it was not worth it!

Even if Zhuge Qingxuan was able to kill Teng Yun, he was certain to have to pay a terrible price. He naturally would not do this kind of meaningless thing.

Although killing Ye Yuan was very important to Zhuge Qingxuan, compared to breaking through to Deity Realm, it was not considered a big deal.

The two people battled for a day and night and finally still wound up the matter with a draw.

But to be able to fight to a draw with Zhuge Qingxuan, this outcome still greatly exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

After all, Zhuge Qingxuan’s awe-inspiring reputation was too overwhelming. The title of Divine Realm’s number one was no joke. He even personally experienced it before previously.

Previously, when Ye Yuan left, he was still very worried about Teng Yun.

First and second sounded about the same, but just how far apart, nobody knew without fighting at all.

Looking at it now, the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s strength was even stronger than what the average person imagined!

He, this number two, lived up to his reputation.

Ye Yuan fished out a medicinal pill and threw it to Teng Yun and said, “Eat it. Your injuries are not severe and should be able to heal very quickly.”

Teng Yun received the medicinal pill. A burst of exotic fragrance hit his nose, and his expression could not help turning intent as he said, “Arcane insight rank! What a fine Ji Qingyun! Looks like you finally comprehended the Medicine God’s Soul Canon!”

But hearing these words, Ye Yuan heightened vigilance in his heart and said, “You know that my father had the Medicine God’s Soul Canon?”

He heard his father mentioned it before that there was barely anyone knew about the Medicine God’s Soul Canon. Although the relationship between the Spirit Bristle Divine King and the Medicine King Hall was pretty good, it was not good to that degree!

Seeing Ye Yuan’s vigilant look, Teng Yun smiled and said, “You don’t have to be like this. This seat isn’t your enemy! When Ji Zhengyang obtained the Medicine God’s Soul Canon, I was right beside him!”

Ye Yuan was incomparably stunned when he heard that. If it was really this case, then Ji Zhengyang and Teng Yun’s relationship was not as simple as on the surface!

It was just that Ye Yuan was no longer an ignorant person long ago. How could he easily believe these words?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s look of disbelief, Teng Yun continued, “Do you know why I did I impart you this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art?”

Ye Yuan was stunned and thought to himself: Although this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art only had the first-half, without a doubt, it is one of the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most cultivation method!

If so, then why would Teng Yun impart it to him?

Back then, he only naively thought that the medicinal pill he refined was too valuable, that was why Teng Yun would reluctantly part with what he treasured.

Thinking about it carefully now, this logic seemed to be somewhat flawed.

It was just that in his previous life, Ye Yuan did not pay attention to these things before. While in this life, Ye Yuan was constantly embraced by hatred and never thought of this problem at all.

“Actually, the ones who calculated that this era’s Son of Heaven’s Mandate is you weren’t merely just the fiend race! Our human race also have a major power who divined that you’re the Son of Heaven’s Mandate! Imparting you the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was in order to let you cultivate well and protect yourself. But who knew that … man proposes, while God disposes. I was still a step slow in the end.”

Talking until here, Teng Yun also heaved a slight sigh.

He was not a member of the Medicine King Hall after all, and he had many matters himself too. It was impossible to keep on staying at the Medicine King Hall.

Except, he did not expect that the fiend race’s scheme was a stroke higher, resulting in the entire Medicine King Hall to be destroyed.

Hearing up to here, Ye Yuan was unbelievably shocked in his heart.

It turned out that in the past several hundred years, the two races’ major powers have already been secretly contending in the dark already.

And the focal point of contention was on him!

It was just that in the end, it seemed like it was the fiend race’s major power who was ultimately a notch higher.

Back then, when the Spirit Bristle Divine King was informed of the Medicine King Hall’s accident, he planned to charge up to the Medicine King Hall but was stopped by the human race’s major power in the end.

Ye Yuan was perplexed as he said, “Since you know that I’m the Son of Heaven’s Mandate, why not tell me bluntly?”

Ye Yuan felt that if Teng Yun had told him earlier, perhaps his father would have been able to take precautions early. Maybe there would not be so many things afterward.

Teng Yun shook his head and said, “Heaven’s secrets cannot be divulged! Moreover, identifying that you’re the Son of Heaven’s Mandate was only a conjecture. The major power could only calculate an approximate location. As for the specifics of who it was, there was no way of determining. I believe that the fiend race’s major power is likely the same as well. Honestly speaking, the former you … was still lacking the qualifications to be called the Son of Heaven’s Mandate!”

It was not that Teng Yun looked down on Ye Yuan, but the previous life’s Ye Yuan pursued Alchemy Dao wholeheartedly and completely had no time to attend to the martial path.

Although Alchemy Dao was powerful, it was unable to overturn the raging tides.

What could truly lead the human race to rise up was still a martial Dao supreme overlord!

Ye Yuan suddenly recalled that the Spirit Bristle Divine King had once consciously or unconsciously urge Ye Yuan to cultivate the martial path back then but was directly ignored by him.

Thinking about it now, turned out that Teng Yun had expended much thought and care back then!

It was just that, it seemed like his performance in his past life made him somewhat disappointed.

“The Son of Heaven’s Mandate was already dead. Then what did you do in those few years?” Ye Yuan said.

Teng Yun looked at him and said smilingly, “Being informed of the news of the Medicine King Hall’s destruction and you guys, father and son’s death, I felt like the sky had fallen down at that time. Who knew that later on, the major power summoned me over and said that there’s still a turning point for the matter and made me dive into cultivation and quietly wait for the appearance of the turning point. Now, I finally know what this turning point is.”

Talking up to here, he let out a sigh and said, “Looking at it now, heaven’s will is hard to infer! Regardless of whether it was the human race’s major power or the fiend race’s, it seems like it was all making a wedding gown for your appearance! They schemed against Heavenly Dao, but never would have thought that they themselves were actually schemed against by Heavenly Dao!”