Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Shaved

Ye Yuan did not seem to be unhappy about being in a supporting role.

He knew that he was not Su Yishan's match, so he deliberately dragged Wu Luochen into the water.

Su Yishan and Wu Luochen were engrossed in their fierce fighting. He would occasionally throw in a distraction, which would immediately fluster Su Yishan.

This made Su Yishan so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood.

Su Yishan was a little wary of Wu Luochen, but his number ten on the Martial Roll was not obtained through Su Yubai. His strength was truly incomparably great.

Matching up with Wu Luochen, he had confidence in defeating him within a hundred exchanges.

But with Ye Yuan causing trouble by the side, it swiftly increased the pressure significantly.

Although Ye Yuan's attack did not pose much threat to him, Ye Yuan's attacking power was indeed mighty. Even he, Su Yishan, would absolutely not feel good taking on an Eighth Layer Wave or Absolute Yang Finger.

However, from another perspective, this also proved Su Yishan's might.

He was not in a disadvantageous position even when fighting two people alone!

"The top twenty in the Martial Roll are all a bunch of sickos! Su Yishan and Wu Luochen became much stronger after the last Battle of Martial Roll!"

"Yeah. The top twenty students of the Martial Roll are of a different level. The top twenty and the next twenty's power difference is enormous! The top twenty students' ranking would also change, but the majority of the time, it's inter-swapping positions. It's too difficult for those after rank twenty to try to squeeze inside."

"En. After so long, only a sicko like Wu Luochen could charge into the top twenty. I feel that he might become the next Senior Apprentice Brother Long!"
"I also have that feeling. This fellow's too sick! Not only does his cultivation realm rise rapidly, but his martial techniques also improves unimaginably fast!"

"However, no matter how sick those two people are, they aren't as sick as Ye Yuan. That fellow simply isn't human! If any other Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm were swapped into this battle, the outcome would be being one-shotted instantly. Not only can Ye Yuan protect himself, but he can also even cause trouble for Su Yishan every now and then."

"Don't talk about him anymore. That fellow is destined to be in a different world from us. I reckon that before long, he would become the core disciple of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, right? Even Senior Apprentice Brother long doesn't have the qualifications!"

A matchup between the top twenty of the Martial Roll was not so easy to see. Many Heaven rank students were commenting on it, but the final stop was still on Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan's might had completely exceeded their expectations. Many students substituted themselves into the battle. But to their dismay, they just could not perform as well as Ye Yuan.

That was to say, Ye Yuan was already much stronger than the majority of them!

There were around four to five hundred Heaven rank students in the Dan Wu Academy. And only the top 100 could enter the Martial Roll, becoming a Martial Roll's expert!

These 100 people were all elites among elites!

Most of them had exhausted their potential like Lin Tiancheng, becoming mediocre people among the Heaven rank students.

It was apparent that Ye Yuan was way stronger than them.

Even the students at the back of the Martial Roll ranking felt ashamed of their inferiority in front of Ye Yuan.

Just as everyone was immersed in their emotions, there was a sudden development to the battle situation!

Who knew when an azure tasseled sword appeared in Ye Yuan's hand? His entire aura underwent a massive change!

At this moment, Ye Yuan's entire person was just like an unsheathed sword; abnormally sharp!

Su Yishan and Wu Luochen were in the midst of a fierce battle. When they felt that aura, they were greatly startled.

But Ye Yuan did not give him much time to react. A streak of sword qi slashed towards his head!

The timing of this sword was beautifully grasped. Su Yishan and Wu Luochen were right in the process of attacking. Their current state could not easily be changed or even halted.

He was being tied down by Wu Luochen, so how could it be easy for him to free himself?

This sword made Su Yishan's heart palpitate. That horrifying sword intent could unequivocally tear through his protective essence energy, and directly slice off his head!

In the moment of peril, how could Su Yishan be bothered to deal with Wu Luochen? He forcefully withdrew his move halfway, and dived straight down!

That streak of sword qi just brushed the top of his head as it shot by.

One had to say that Su Yishan's reaction was quick. The dive of his not only evaded Ye Yuan's lethal sword, but it also dodged Wu Luochen's move!

Even so, Su Yishan still cut an utterly sorry figure.

While he evaded Ye Yuan's lethal sword, that streak of sword qi still shattered his headpiece. Currently, Su Yishan was disheveled like a beggar. Where was there any grace of an expert?

"Spirit artifact! That was definitely a spirit artifact!"

Many students recognized the sword in Ye Yuan's hand and exclaimed in surprise.

"My god. Why does Ye Yuan have a spirit artifact?"

"In the entire Dan Wu Academy, apart from the Illusionary Spirit Tower, only the dean has a spirit artifact as well! Where did Ye Yuan's spirit artifact come from?"

The moment Ye Yuan's Canghua Sword was drawn, it immediately caused an uproar!

In a mortal country, the scarcity of spirit artifacts already reached a degree which made people despair!

The number of spirit artifacts in the entire State of Qin would not exceed one hand.

But Ye Yuan actually had a spirit artifact in his hand!

After the astonishment, virtually all the students had covetous eyes.

This truly made people admire, envious, and hate!

One had to know that if a martial artist possessed a spirit artifact, it could increase their combat power multiple times. Especially an attack type spirit artifact like Canghua Sword!

And the power of a spirit artifact that could be unleashed by Ye Yuan was not even ten percent!

Only Crystal Formation Realm martial artists could unleash a spirit artifact's true power.

If a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist possessed a spirit artifact, they could absolutely dominate those in the same realm!

But now, a spirit artifact was actually held in a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm's hands. What a reckless waste of God's good gift!

Ye Yuan ignored the other people's amazement, and just asked casually. "Now, can I bring her away?"

Hearing Ye Yuan's words, a cold shiver ran down Liu Ruoshui's spine. She did not think that Ye Yuan could defeat even Su Yishan!

Su Yishan was number ten on the Martial Roll!

Even Su Yishan could not shelter her. Then wasn't she dead for sure?

"Argh! Ye Yuan, you forced my hand!" Su Yishan was already completely incensed. He wanted to kill Ye Yuan at any cost!

The next instant, a horrifying aura surged from Su Yishan's body.

He lightly lifted both hands with the palms facing the sky. Dirt-yellow color essence energy condensed in the center of his palms. That horrifying pressure suffocated people!

"This . . . this aura is . . . the high-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Heaven Flipping Palm! You have to be careful, Ye Yuan!" Wu Luochen solemnly warned him.

Ye Yuan's face was similarly serious. He did not expect that Su Yishan still had such a trump card.

Just this horrifying aura already far surpassed the power of Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm! The might of a high-grade Tier 2 martial technique was extraordinary!

Ye Yuan stood with his sword horizontally with a never before seen solemnness on his face.

"Ye Yuan! I want you to know that provoking me, Su Yishan, comes with a price! Go and die!"

Right now, Su Yishan had already completely lost his reason. There was only one thing on his mind, which was to kill Ye Yuan!

He brought both palms together, and the dirt-yellow glow rippled out.

Next, would be a terrifying attack!

"Yishan, leave it at this . . ." Right then, a faint voice sounded out in Su Yishan's ear.