Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Arts Origins

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The information obtained out of the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s mouth made Ye Yuan feel an upsurge of emotion too.

He never thought before that he actually became the center of the whirlpool of the human and fiend, two race’s veiled strife.

He also never thought that there was actually someone truly capable of prying into Heavenly Dao and calculating everything.

“The major power that you speak of, just what kind of person is he? With your strength, could it be that you still have to bow down to him?” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

From Teng Yun’s words, Ye Yuan could sense that he was very respectful towards that so-called major power.

Ye Yuan examined himself and thought that he was already very familiar with the Divine Realm. But he had never heard before that the human race actually still had such an existence!

According to what the people knew, the Ten Great Divine Kings was already the apex of what humans were capable of reaching.

Who else could make the Spirit Bristle Divine King, this kind of powerhouse, be so respectful?

Teng Yun shook his head and said, “He said before: we’ll naturally meet if fated. It’s just that right now, the time isn’t right. As for how formidable his strength is, I can’t say for sure either. But … for me to be able to have today’s fortunes, it was all thanks to him!”

Teng Yun’s words made Ye Yuan endlessly shocked.

To be able to foster the Spirit Bristle Divine King, this kind of powerhouse, single-handedly, then how powerful should his strength be?

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “If he really has this kind of strength, why doesn’t he step forward himself?”

Teng Yun said, “He naturally has difficulties in disclosing! His strength might not be very great, but his prophetic ability is unmatched by all! It was him who told me the news of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art coming into existence. He made me take action to seize it. If not for his guidance, how could I, this martial artist who was only First Level Dao Profound back then, be able to obtain such a heaven-defying cultivation method?”

This was truly a mysterious existence. He seemed to be an invisible hand, manipulating the entire Divine Realm’s direction.

Even the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, this kind of heaven-defying cultivation method, he was actually able to accurately predict too.

Ye Yuan could not help sighing emotionally after hearing it. This was really a terrifying existence.

It was just that, that fiend race existence did not seem to be some nice person either.

Under his schemes, Fiendgod Jia Lan and the Holy Mother Devil Flower came into being one after another.

On this point, it seemed like this human race major power fell into a disadvantageous position again.

Looking at the current Divine Realm’s direction, it was clearly the fiend race who took the massive upper-hand!

Thinking about it like this, that fiend race existence seemed to be even more fearsome!

“Then you coming to save me this time was already divined by that person?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

Teng Yun did not deny it and said with a nod, “That’s right! A month ago, I suddenly received his news, making me come to the vicinity of the Holy City. I didn’t think that you were actually being hunted down by Zhuge Qingxuan!”

Ye Yuan also heaved a long sigh when he heard that and said, “Originally, I planned on exterminating the Yu Soul Sect’s Dao teachings. But I didn’t expect Zhuge Qingxuan to actually come back at this time! However, although I didn’t succeed this time, they suffered a great loss in vitality too!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, with Teng Yun’s composure, he drew a cold breath too.

Exterminating the Holy City’s Dao teachings, this kind of thing, even he did not dare to think about it. To think that this brat did it!

When he heard Ye Yuan say that he killed five of the Holy City’s Void Mystic powerhouses and eliminated the Purple-Gold Hall’s divine king powerhouses, he could not help staring aghast with his jaws slack.

With his cultivation realm, it was already very hard for something to be able to make him visibly moved.

But Ye Yuan’s actions were undoubtedly a heavyweight bomb, making him incredibly alarmed.

Only after a long time did Teng Yun said emotionally, “You, this brat, are truly a freak! But this matter was beautifully done!”

The two people exchanged a glance, both roaring with a hearty laugh.

Although Ye Yuan’s actions were incapable of wrecking the Holy City’s foundations, it was absolutely able to make it hard for them to bear.

Divine king powerhouses were not considered much. But Void Mystic powerhouses, each one was extremely valuable.

Ye Yuan’s indiscriminate killing could be said to have severed half of the Holy City’s foundation.

“Since you already know about the Yu Soul Sect, then you should also know about the ancient Heaven One Sect, right?” Teng Yun asked.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, expressing that he was aware.

“Then do you know where the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art originated from?” Teng Yun asked again.

Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard that. Could it be that this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art still had a great background?

Recalling it a bit, seemed like it really was so!

If not for a great background, what right did Teng Yun have to be evenly-matched with Zhuge Qingxuan?

Ye Yuan suddenly recalled Skydistant mention before, there had once been three great Origin Deity Realm powerhouses a million years ago. The strongest was Absolute Heaven, next was Zuo Zong.

While the other person, Skydistant did not say. But he was clearly an exceptionally terrifying existence too.

Could it be that this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was actually his legacy?

“Could it be that the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art is the legacy cultivation method of the ancient Nine Suns True Sect?” Ye Yuan said in amazement.

Teng Yun smiled and said, “That’s right! The sects from a million years ago, the information left behind currently are already extremely few. But this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and the Yu Soul Sect’s Brahma Heart Sutra were known as the three great unparalleled cultivation methods at that time along with the Heaven One Sect’s Vast Heaven Sword Art! One million years ago, the Nine Suns True Sect’s sect master, Jiang Chen, cultivated it to the eighth level, his cultivation reaching the heavens!”

Ye Yuan was amazed as he said, “I didn’t think that the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art actually still had such an origin! Senior Jiang Cheng assisted Senior Absolute Heaven and defeated the fiend race with the utmost effort, but he was willing to stay behind the scenes. Truly respectable! Rather, that Zuo Zong left behind a Dao teaching that brought harm for a million years. Simply the disgrace of the human race!”

Teng Yun deeply felt that way too as he said, “I cultivate the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. The person that I respect most in this life is Senior Jiang Chen! Ji Qingyun, you entered Dao with the sword, but you never seemed to have cultivated the Vast Heaven Sword Art. This Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s second-half, I’ll impart it to you. If you can have some comprehensions, you can similarly carve out a Great Dao!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent and he said, “You can really bear to part with it?”

Teng Yun said with a smile, “What’s there to be reluctant about? As long as we can repel the fiend race, forget about a cultivation method, even if it wants this Teng’s life, why not?”

Toward Teng Yun, Ye Yuan could not help feeling great respect.

Deity Realm cultivation methods were incomparably precious, let alone the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, this sort of cultivation method that could cultivate to the Origin Deity Realm.

Teng Yun actually took it out without even batting an eyelid. It could be seen that he did not just obtain the Nine Suns True Sect’s legacy, even the character was passed down too.

It looked like when this cultivation method chose the successor back then, not anybody could obtain it.

Everything was foreordained by heaven!

Divine inscriptions slowly flowed into Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness. The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art within Ye Yuan’s body started to automatically revolve.

Everything was achieved without effort!

Ye Yuan’s Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s first-half had not been cultivated fully yet. His comprehensions toward these divine inscriptions were not deep.

But some of the originally obscure aspects became clear now.

Under this surge of Divine Dao laws’ putting into motion, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm actually showed some improving.

Seeing that Ye Yuan’s comprehension ability was so high, Teng Yun was greatly shocked too.

Back then, he went into closed-seclusion for 500 years before cultivating the first-half of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to the perfection of the ninth level.

But Ye Yuan only cultivated this cultivation method for over 20 years and was actually almost reaching the great circle of perfection realm already!