Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Meeting An Old Acquaintance In A Foreign Land

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“Indeed worthy of being the Son of Heaven’s Mandate. Your talent is truly heaven-defying! With such excellent talent, your previous life was truly wasted!”

Watching Ye Yuan who broke through to the Sixth Level Dao Profound, Spirit Bristle Divine King had a look of shock.

Under this contrast, the disparity emerged.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Brother Teng is too modest. Who doesn’t know your talent in the Divine Realm? To be able to comprehend the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to such an extent, a second one can’t be found in this Divine Realm.”

It was not that Ye Yuan was flattering him. Divine inscriptions were not what anybody could comprehend.

Like Cloudsky and Nangong Zifeng, they were likewise the Brahma Heart Sutra’s successors. But regarding comprehension towards divine inscriptions, they could not even see Zhuge Qingxuan’s back.

Also, the dragon clan similarly had divine inscriptions. But Ao Duo’s comprehension was likewise limited.

Hence, to be able to comprehend divine inscriptions to such a level, Teng Yun was absolutely a talented prodigy.

Teng Yun scolded with a peal of laughter, “Aren’t you this second person? I’m only several thousand years older than you. Your accomplishments along this path in the future will surely not be beneath mine! No, wait, with your comprehension ability, you’ll definitely surpass your predecessors!”

“Oh, right, Brother Teng, I wonder which level your Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art is comprehended to?” Ye Yuan suddenly asked curiously.

Apart from the Medicine God’s Soul Canon, Ye Yuan’s comprehension of Divine Dao laws were still very superficial.

Towards the ranking of Divine Dao laws, Ye Yuan was still very fuzzy.

But Teng Yun was unable to stifle laughter when he heard that and said, “What level can there be? Without Deity Realm cultivation, how can comprehending Divine Dao laws be so easy? To be able to comprehend the first level to the great circle of perfection realm is already very fortunate. Just this first level, this Teng has already comprehended for over a thousand years, and also just barely managed to reach the late-stage of the first level.”

Ye Yuan was unbelievably surprised when he heard that too. Teng Yun, this kind of peerless genius who cultivated along this path for over a thousand years, actually did not even reach the perfection of the first level!

It could be seen how difficult the comprehension of Divine Dao laws was.

Except, Ye Yuan also knew that this was primarily still limited to cultivation realm.

If he was able to break through to the Deity Realm, Teng Yun’s accomplishments definitely would not stop here!

Right then, Teng Yun took out a piece of jade pendant and passed it to Ye Yuan as he said, “This jade pendant contains a trace of my divine sense imprint. If you need my help, crush it. I’ll naturally rush over. At present, the fiend race is itching to take action. I still have other matters to attend to and won’t accompany you on your journey.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Thank you very much for this trip, Brother Teng!”

After separating from Teng Yun, Ye Yuan also behaved in a low-profile manner and hastened along the way.

This place was still within the Holy Region’s boundary. Ye Yuan was unable to enter into the city and transfer away.

Probably the moment he entered the city, the Holy City’s side would know.

With Zhuge Qingxuan’s strength, if he chased after again, it would likely not make it for Teng Yun to want to rush back.

Hence, Ye Yuan exercised caution along the way and only left the Holy Region after traveling for more than a month.

Tranquil Sun City was a Rank Two Holy Land’s main city.

This Tranquil Sun Holy Land was also a vassal holy land of the Holy Region. But this place was already very far from the Holy City. The Holy Region’s control was already comparatively weaker.

As long as Ye Yuan was a little more careful, there was naturally no harm.

After entering the city, Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that he seemed to not have much heaven essence crystals on him anymore.

Inside the Bloodrain Wilderness, in order to set up the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation, Ye Yuan virtually exhausted all of the heaven essence crystals on him.

Currently, he was practically without a penny in his pocket.

Riding the transmission array and leaving naturally required a considerable sum of heaven essence crystals.

“Looks like I got to sell off some things.” Ye Yuan said with a sigh.

Apart from that period when he just ascended, Ye Yuan never seemed to have worried about essence crystals before.

He did not think that at this time, a single cent stumped a hero.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan had numerous spirit medicines on him. The medicinal pills that he refined were also not in small numbers. There was no harm in selling off some.

Since it was selling off, Ye Yuan naturally had to find a trustworthy merchant.

Ye Yuan stopped a martial artist and asked, “This brother, is there a Meteor Trading Company in Tranquil Sun City?”

The moment that person heard the name Meteor Trading Company, he could not help looking at Ye Yuan with an odd expression and said, “Heh, there is still today, but tomorrow, reckon that there won’t be anymore. This little brother, if you want to buy stuff, it is best to go to the Pola Trading Company. After today, the Meteor Trading Company is going to be thoroughly incorporated into the Pola Trading Company.”

The Pola Trading Company out of the martial artist’s mouth, Ye Yuan was naturally aware it.

The Divine Realm had a total of nine great trading companies. Eight great trading companies among them were all rank one forces. Only this Pola Trading Company was a quasi-super holy land.

There was naturally some competition between the nine great trading companies, but it also formed a delicate balance.

For so many years, the nine great trading companies mostly competed financially.

This time, it seemed to be somewhat unusual!

Ye Yuan could not help being very surprised when he heard and asked again curiously, “What does this mean?”

That martial artist looked at Ye Yuan with a look of disdain and said, “Such a major event happened to the nine great trading companies, and you’re actually unaware?”

Ye Yuan flushed red and said, “This younger brother stayed for the greater part of a year inside a mystic realm. What happened to these nine great trading companies, I’m really unaware.”

The martial artist had a look of realization and explained, “So that’s how it is! Around half a year ago, the Pola Trading Company suddenly launched an attack, sweeping across the other eight great trading companies with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder, which left no time for covering ears. At present, those of the eight great trading companies who died are dead, and those injured are down. They are already long in tattered wrecks. Only this Meteor Trading Company escaped a calamity instead, because the main boss is missing, and the daughter, Miss Qian-er, has been searching for her father all along! Speaking of which, it’s a coincidence too, that Miss Qian-er just happened to come to this Tranquil Sun City two days ago, but was directly confronted in Tranquil Sun City by the Pola Trading Company’s powerhouses. At present, the two great trading companies are duking it out. Even City Lord, His Excellency, don’t dare to intervene either. I reckon that after tonight, the Meteor Trading Company won’t be able to hold on anymore.”

Hearing these words, monstrous waves surged in Ye Yuan’s heart.

The nine great trading companies had always been living harmoniously in peace in these thousand years. He did not think that such a sudden turn of events actually occurred.

Ye Yuan knew that the Pola Trading Company was stronger than the other trading companies, but to say annihilate the other eight houses overnight, they definitely did not have that strength!

Could it be that … it was the fiend race causing trouble in-between this again?

The fiend race could even plant informants in the Holy City. It was still unknown how many contingency plans they set up.

Them secretly controlling the Pola Trading Company did not have any strange areas at all.

“This big brother, thank you very much! I wonder where this Meteor Trading Company is at in the Tranquil Sun City?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile.

“Pass two streets, make a right turn, and you’ll reach it! Young lad, although your strength is decent, I urge that you’d best not tread into the muddy waters. Otherwise, it will be hard to even fend for yourself!” This martial artist was warmhearted and warned him.

Ye Yuan clasped his hands with a smile as he said, “Many thanks to this big brother. This younger brother got it.”

The moment that martial artist left, Ye Yuan’s expression turned grim.

Even if this matter was not done by the fiend race, Ye Yuan had to stick a hand in as well.

Matters of the world were hard to predict. Ye Yuan also did not expect that it was so coincidental. Qian-er was actually in this Tranquil Sun City.

Back then, Ye Yuan had just ascended not long and was considered to have gotten along merrily with her.

He did not think that this farewell, over a decade had gone by.

Since Qian-er was here, Ye Yuan had to intervene in it no matter what.