Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Trading Worlds Change

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Meteor Trading Company’s Tranquil Sun Branch, at this time, it was surrounded by a group of experts until it was impermeable.

Those powerhouses were wearing the Pola Trading Company’s attires. Each and every one of them was actually all divine king realm experts.

To a trading company, divine king realm experts were not often seen.

Dispatching out so many at once, was truly rather exaggerated.

The Meteor Trading Company’s side also had some divine king experts. But each and every one of them was having injuries on them. By the side, even laid quite a number of dead bodies.

These divine kings guarded a dainty and exquisite girl in the center, who had the appearance of looking at death calmly in the face.

“Heh heh, little girl, Zhao Qian, hand over the Meteor Star Token obediently. Maybe this old man can still take you in as a concubine and give you a way out. If you put up a stubborn resistance, once Lord Qin Chuan arrives, it’ll likely not be that easy even if you want to die!” said a Pola Trading Company’s middle-aged divine king with a licentious smile.

This person’s strength already reached peak divine king, bringing along seven to eight of the Pola Trading Company’s divine king powerhouses, and surrounding the Meteor Trading Company.

The Meteor Trading Company’s powerhouses fought desperately to resist. At present, there were only four or five divine king powerhouses left. They were already an arrow at the end of its flight, a spent force.

These few people protected Zhao Qian in the middle. There was already no path to retreat.

But that fair and ethereal face of Zhao Qian’s was filled with despair at this time.

The Pola Trading Company swept across the eight great trading companies in an overpowering manner. At present, only the Meteor Trading Company survived.

The Meteor Star Token was the Meteor Trading Company’s cardinal token. One could use it to deploy all of the Meteor Trading Company’s resources. Once seized, the Meteor Trading Company would be thoroughly finished.

Zhao Qian knew that the other seven great trading companies’ cardinal tokens already landed in the Pola Trading Company’s hands.

This piece in her hand was the final piece!

Zhao Qian let out a sigh and said to the elderly person beside her, “Elder Tan, you guys leave! I’ll ask Li Zhong to let you guys leave with the Meteor Star Token as the price. There’s already not much meaning in continuing to defend.”

This Elder Tan was the Meteor Trading Company’s head elder. His strength also reached peak divine king.

It was also precisely because of him being around that the Meteor Trading Company could last until now.

It was just that the Pola Trading Company’s Void Mystic powerhouse was already on his way. As long as that Qin Chuan arrived, these people would be all out of luck!

Elder Tan’s face fell, and he said, “Qian-er, this old man’s old bones are Meteor Star’s man in life and Meteor Star’s ghost in death! You let me leave, where can I go to? This old man will carve out a bloody path right here. The few of you, escort Qian-er away! As long as the Meteor Star Token exists, our Meteor Trading Company isn’t lost!”

Zhao Qian forcefully held back tears. But she knew that this was merely putting up a last-ditch struggle.

She held onto Elder Tan and said, “No! The Pola Trading Company concealed too deeply. We can’t escape at all! Elder Tan, you contributed to Meteor Star all your life. I can’t let you lose your integrity in old age!”

Done talking, Zhao Qian leaped and jumped out of all the guards.

Facing Li Zhong, she said coldly, “Li Zhong, I’ll give you the Meteor Star Token. Let Elder Tan they all leave! If not, I’ll destroy the Meteor Star Token and let you guys get nothing!”

The Meteor Star Token was refined with special materials. It was extremely hard to destroy.

But as the current Meteor Trading Company’s leader, Zhao Qian had the method to destroy it.

Li Zhong’s expression changed when he heard that and said with a nod, “Fine. There are merely clowns jumping around. What’s the harm in letting them leave?”

He waved a hand, and the subordinates opened up a path. He was actually really going to let Elder Tan and the others leave.

These people remaining were all die-hard devotees of the Meteor Trading Company.

Elder Tan’s expression changed, and he said, “Qian-er!”

Zhao Qian turned around. Her expression was cold, and she pressed the short-sword in her hand on her neck and said sternly, “Elder Tan, if you all don’t go, Qian-er will die in front of you guys!”

Zhao Qian did not notice that right at this time, a hint of a hideous grin flashed across the corners of Li Zhong’s mouth. His figure suddenly erupted, heading straight for Zhao Qian!

Seeing this scene, Elder Tan’s expression changed drastically, and he howled, “Be careful, Qian-er!”

But it was already too late. Li Zhong was a peak divine king. How swift was his movement technique?

In just a blink of an eye, he arrived beside Zhao Qian and grabbed towards her arm!

As long as he restrained Zhao Qian, she would not have any chance to destroy the Meteor Star Token anymore.

This sudden turn of events came too quickly. Everyone could not react in time at all.

Zhao Qian’s turned pale with fright and was instinctively going to destroy the Meteor Star Token.

Just as Li Zhong’s hand had just touched Zhao Qian’s arm, a streak of sword light shot out diagonally, its speed swift to the extreme!


Li Zhong’s hand was severed at the wrist!


The crowd was flabbergasted. Only Li Zhong’s shrill, miserable cries reverberated.

Zhao Qian’s hand froze there, and she actually forgot to destroy the Meteor Star Token for a moment.

The Pola Trading Company’s powerhouses were all akin to facing a great enemy. They completely did not see clearly where this sword light came out from.

They looked all around and could not find the enemy at all.

“Who! Who dares to ambush this seat?! Get out here for this seat!” Li Zhong bared his teeth and yelled fiercely.


Li Zhong’s voice had yet to face when he was directly smacked onto the ground by someone with a slap.

The Pola Trading Company’s divine king powerhouses were all as if they had seen a ghost.

This slap, they totally did not see clearly who struck it!

“Mouth is so stinky, deserves to be hit!”

A young profile suddenly appeared at the scene, causing everyone to give a sidelong glance.

When Zhao Qian saw this figure, her gaze was filled with a look of pleasant surprise!

“Ye … Ah, no, Ji …”

Zhao Qian was just about to call Ye Yuan’s name when she suddenly recalled his other identity and hurriedly correctly herself.

With the Meteor Trading Company’s information channels, how could they possibly not know the intel of Ji Qingyun returning to the Divine Realm?

Back then, when Zhao Qian obtained this information, she was stunned for a long time before calming down.

It was just that she never thought that after a time interval of many years, Lord Qingyun Zi actually made a move and saved her!

Ye Yuan turned around and said with Zhao Qian with a smile, “No worries. You’d best call me Ye Yuan.”

Zhao Qian’s face became joyful, and she said with a nod, “L-Lord Ye Yuan!”

Ye Yuan shook his head helplessly and turned around towards the Pola Trading Company’s powerhouses. He asked, “Who will come and tell me who’s controlling the Pola Trading Company right now?”

Those divine king powerhouse exchanged glances, their faces revealing blank looks.

Ye Yuan saw their expression and knew that these guys did not know anything at all, and could not help being greatly disappointed.

Ye Yuan was just about to make a move to annihilate these divine kings when a powerful aura suddenly locked him down.

“Where did this brat come from? To actually dare meddle in my Pola Trading Company’s affairs?”

A figure descended from the sky, his aura imposing.

Seeing this person, everyone’s expressions changed drastically!

“It’s actually a Void Mystic powerhouse! I didn’t think that the Pola Trading Company’s strength was actually so great, sending out a Void Mystic powerhouse randomly!”

“Earlier, I still thought that the Meteor Trading Company escaped a calamity. Looking at it now, a disaster is imminent!”

“That young man’s strength seems to be very formidable. But he’s only Sixth Level Dao Profound. Dealing with divine king powerhouses is still passable, but once Void Mystic powerhouses arrive, it will most likely be fraught with grim possibilities!”

The moment Zhao Qian saw the arrival, her expression could not help changing greatly as she hurriedly shouted to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, quickly go! This Qin Chuan is the current Pola Trading Company’s protector! He’s a veteran Void Mystic powerhouse! You’re not a match 1 !”