Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Hero?

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Hahaha,leave? With this seat here, none of you can leave today! Hand over the Meteor Star Token obediently, and I can leave you with an intact corpse!

Qin Chuang glared fiercely, with an awe-inspiring appearance. Those people surrounding and watching were silent like cicadas in winter.

A Void Mystic powerhouse, the martial artists of Rank Two Holy Lands never saw before in their lifetimes too.

This kind of power, when they saw it, was akin to a god-like existence.

This Tranquil Sun Holy Lands holy lord had long hidden himself to god knows where.

The two great chamber of commerces violent clash, he was an innocent bystander who was implicated!

Zhao Qian blocked in front of Ye Yuan and said, Ye Yuan, your good intentions, Zhao Qian got it! Well help you block for a while, quickly go! The Meteor Trading Company is already hopeless. I dont want to drag you in anymore!

Hahaha!What a fine pair of intimate lovers! However do you take this seat to be joking? Today, none of you can leave! Qin Chuang laughed loudly and said.

Qin Chuans words made Zhao Qians face turn red, but she still stubbornly blocked in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly, but pulled Zhao Qian aside and said to Qin Chuan, Youre called Qin Chuan, right? According to what I know, theres no Void Mystic powerhouse called Qin Chuang in the Pola Trading Company. Where did you pop out from?

Qin Chuans expression changed when he heard that and said, Where this seat come from, could it be that I still have to report to you, this little brat? Want to know, go down and ask the king of hell!

Qin Chuan gave a savage laugh, his divine king domain was suddenly unleashed, and he charged over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuans expression turned cold. The Evil Extermination Sword Formula was abruptly released!


Ye Yuan did not move a muscle, while Qin Chuan directly flew out backward. He already sustained severe injuries!

The air billows stirred up by the sword intent directly toppled the martial artists in the distance over.

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan with endless astonishment, casting towards him with looks of incredulity.

Is that young man really Sixth Level Dao Profound? He sent a Void Mystic powerhouse flying with one sword. Could it be that my eyesight is failing?

Didnt people say that whats capable of dealing with divine king domains were only divine king domains? That young man seemed to have only released one slash!

Really saw a ghost! Just now, seeing a Void Mystic powerhouse made me excited for a long time. I didnt think that he was so frail!

These people would not understand the terror of Ye Yuans sword intent at all. But this did not hinder them from sighing with admiration towards this sword.

Because Ye Yuans opponent was an invincible existence, a Void Mystic powerhouse!

This Qin Chuans strength was far from Zhao Lingdongs. His divine king domain was at most also just a thousand feet in range.

Ye Yuans exterminating him was merely a matter of a flick of his fingers.

Just now, when the divine king domain attacked, Zhao Qian thought that she was dead for sure, but did not think that the situation changed so quickly.

In a blink of an eye, Qin Chuan, this Void Mystic powerhouse, was defeated.

Lost at the hands of Ye Yuan who was only Sixth Level Dao Profound!

Zhao Qians beautiful eyes looked at Ye Yuan, with a look of disbelief.

Over 10 years of not seeing him, Ye Yuans strength was actually downright horrifying already?

Ye Yuan came before Qin Chuan and said coolly, You still have one last chance. Right now, is the Pola Trading Company already controlled by the fiend race or not?

What? Fiend race! Could this Qin Chuan be of the fiend race?

Its impossible, right? What he used was clearly human race cultivation method!

Who is that young man? Why would he know that this Qin Chuan is of the fiend race?

Ye Yuans words caused a commotion in the crowd.

Fiend race this name made everyones countenance change from talking about it.

Qin Chuans expression changed when he heard that, his eyes revealing a panicky look as he hurriedly shook his head and said, I I dont understand what youre saying!

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said smilingly, Dont understand, is it? Reveal your true face. Otherwise, you dont have the chance anymore!

Ye Yuan pressed forward step by step. Qin Chuan crawled on the ground and retreated step by step.

Ye Yuan slowly raised his sword. A powerful aura finally made Qin Chuan unable to endure it!


Fiendish energy billowed to the sky. Powerful black qi instantly enveloped Qin Chuan inside.

Qin Chuans aura actually became much stronger compared to before!

Damn human! This seat will tear you into a thousand pieces today! Qin Chuan said ferociously.

Everyone was stupefied by this sudden turn of events. Although that surging fiendish energy was unfamiliar, this state that was vastly different from humans instantly made everyone understand that this person was of the fiend race!

The fiend race actually appeared once more!

For a moment, this information was akin to a plague, spreading out in the crowd.

Quickly run! Legends have it that the fiend race eats people! Quickly run!

This fiend became much stronger all of a sudden. I reckon that hes even stronger than Void Mystic powerhouses! Quickly run!

The Divine Realms sky is going to change! Legends have it that when the fiend race descends, its a calamity of the world!

Havoc erupted in the crowd. Those martial artists all lost their wits in fear and panic, fighting to escape.

The feeling that Qin Chuan gave them was too dangerous. Although Ye Yuan exhibited powerful strength, under the impact of this aura, it was still incapable of making them feel reassured.

Hahaha All go to hell for this seat, despicable humans!

Qin Chuans fiendish energy surged towards those martial artists wantonly. Clearly, he was going to go on a massacre.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, his expression could not help turning grim, and he said with a cold snort, A mere fiend emperor, this young master has already slaughtered God knows how many. To actually dare be insolent in front of me!

Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity!

One sword unleashing, a peerlessly tyrannical sword energy instantly extinguished that fiendish energy.

Evil Extermination was the jinx of fiendish energy. This sword, Ye Yuan used divine essence. It was like directly crushing dead leaves and branches, utterly eradicating Qin Chuan.

Although this fiend emperor was strong, he was also not stronger than the Devil Ridge Three Freaks.

To the current Ye Yuan, it was not considered much.

The reason why he dawdled until now was only in order to bait some things out of his mouth. He did not think that this guy immediately went berserk.

Those martial artists were currently fleeing helter-skelter when they suddenly discovered that that powerful fiend energy vanished without a trace.

Looking again, that Qin Chuan with a shocking aura was already left with less than dregs at this time.

That crisscrossing sword energy was currently slowly dissipating.

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan like they had seen a ghost. This Sixth Level Dao Profound young man directly exterminated a fiend emperor?

Well done, Your Excellency! Youre our hero!

In the midst of shock, no idea who shouted either, the others immediately came to their senses.

At once, clamoring shouting echoed.

If not for Ye Yuan, Tranquil Sun City was bound to be plunged into an abyss of misery and suffering.

These people took Ye Yuan to be their hero from the bottom of their hearts.

By the side, Zhao Qians eyes swiveled around, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at Ye Yuan.

That young man back then already matured into a great hero?

No, it should be that he was a hero in the first place!

This man was a man who had once stood at the summit of Alchemy Dao!

But seeing this sight, Ye Yuan sighed slightly in his heart.

These people were lucky. They were completely unaware just how powerful the fiend race force was.

The one who was killed just now was merely a trivial little fiend emperor; that was all.

What was truly terrifying were fiendgods like Jia Lan!

One Jia Lan was already sufficiently terrifying. But behind the fiend race, there was even a more terrifying Holy Mother Devil Flower and Kanuo!

Perhaps before long, that scene earlier would spread throughout the entire Divine Realm, right?