Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Nine Phoenix Island

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Zhao Qian did a curtsy towards Ye Yuan and said gratefully, Many thanks for Young Master Yes life-saving grace. This lowly girl is endlessly grateful.

Elder Tan and the group of elders also bowed and saluted Ye Yuan, saying, Today, if not for Young Master Ji, our old bones would have to be buried here!

Elder Tan and Zhao Xingchen were sworn brothers. He had naturally seen Ye Yuan before as well. Hence, he was still used to calling Ye Yuan Young Master Ji.

Ye Yuan waved his hand with a smile and said, All are old friends already. Everyone, theres no need to be courteous. Rather, Miss Qian-er, why would you show up in Tranquil Sun City?

Zhao Qians expression dimmed and said, These few years, Qian-er has constantly been searching for Fathers whereabouts. A few days back, Tranquil Sun Citys side here sent over news, finally confirming that the place Father last disappeared was in the vicinity of Tranquil Sun City! Hence, Qian-er brought along several elders and rushed over through the night. Didnt think that we actually evaded a besiegement.

Ye Yuan frowned and said, This Tranquil Sun City is merely a Rank Two Holy Land. What did Brother Zhao come here for?

At this time, Elder Tan suddenly interjected, Qian-er doesnt know about this. But this old man knows a little about it. Back then, the head boss said that he obtained news of the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea, then he left the Meteor Star Trading Company, his whereabouts unknown ever since. Its just that, I wonder why he viewed this Silvermoon Heavenly Tea as so important.

Ye Yuans entire body trembled when he heard that, his heart twitching violently.

Elder Tan did not know, but Ye Yuan knew why.

Previous life, a few years before Ye Yuan perished, he had once requested Zhao Xingchen, to make him pay attention to the whereabouts of the Dao Defying Pills nine great core medicines.

After he told finish, Ye Yuan did not pay extra attention to the Meteor Star Trading Companys affairs. After all, these nine major core medicines could be chanced upon, but not by searching for it.

This Silvermoon Heavenly Tea was precisely one of the nine major core medicines!

Could it be that Zhao Xingchen actually went missing because of helping him find spirit medicines?

It seemed like there was only this possibility too.

Previous life, although Ye Yuan and Zhao Xingcheng were not considered to be on intimate terms, their relationship was also considered pretty good.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not think that Zhao Xingchen actually took to heart his matters.

Perhaps Zhao Xingchen had some intention of currying favor with those in power, but no matter what, he had indeed risked his life. Until now, his life or death was still unknown.

Whats wrong, Young Master Ye? Zhao Qian asked carefully.

Seeing Ye Yuans great display of divine might today, Zhao Quan knew that this man had already ascended to the summit once more.

He and she were already people of two different worlds. She quietly put away that romantic thought.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said coolly, Im fine. I was on close terms with Brother Zhao. Since I encountered it, theres no logic of not rescuing. Tell me about what information you guys found.

The moment Zhao Qian heard, she could not help being overjoyed.

Ye Yuans strength, she had witnessed it today.

That Qin Chuans strength was fearsome, but he could not even last past one move under Ye Yuans hands!

The might of Ye Yuans strength could be seen at a glance!

With him around, the hope of rescuing Father clearly increased greatly.

Zhao Qian did not hesitate at once, spilling out the information that the Meteor Star Trading Company found.

There was an enormous stretch of sea region north of Tranquil Sun City, called Garnersky Sea Region.

This stretch of sea region was as vast as hundreds of millions of miles, spanning over a dozen major regions. It was the Divine Realms number two major sea region.

Over 20 years ago, Zhao Xingchen set off for the Garnersky Sea Region from Tranquil Sun City. In the end, he never came back.

But the Meteor Star Trading Company inquired for a long time in Tranquil Sun City and finally inquired an intel. It was that Zhao Xingchen seemed to have gone to the Garnersky Sea Regions Nine Phoenix Island back then.

Zhao Qians group coming to Tranquil Sun City this time was in preparations of setting off for Nine Phoenix Island. But did not think that such an unforeseen accident actually happened.

Hearing Zhao Qians description, Ye Yuans brows furrowed together, and he muttered to himself, Nine Phoenix Island? It is said that this Nine Phoenix Island is a deathtrap. Even if Void Mystic powerhouses enter, they might not be able to come out either. Brother Zhao actually went to the Nine Phoenix Island along by himself?

But when Zhao Qian heard, she nodded and said, Legends have it that the Nine Phoenix Island is the place where a phoenix met with its death. The power of flames is extremely staggering. Even if Void Mystic powerhouses enter inside, a single misstep and they would also be burned to death by the fire spirit! Furthermore, obstacles inside are extremely numerous. One must acquire the Clear Eye Token to be able to enter inside. Its just that what kind of item this Clear Eye Token is, nobody has ever seen before.

Ye Yuans expression could not help turning slightly grim when he heard it. Entering the Nine Phoenix Island for over 20 years and never came out, Zhao Xingchen was likely fraught with grim possibilities.

But now that it came to this, Ye Yuan naturally had to make a trip.

Alright then, you guys wait for my news in Tranquil Sun City. I still have a matter to attend to. After a few days, Ill make a trip to the Nine Phoenix Island and search for Brother Zhaos traces, Ye Yuan said.

But Zhao Qian said obstinately, No way! Young Master Ye, I know that you have good intentions, but I finally managed to find Fathers news. I must go and take a look. Even if even if I see his corpse, Ill have no more illusions about the matter as well!

Elder Tan also urged, Young Master Ji, Qian-er is showing her filial piety. These past few years, she has practically been running around to search for the main bosss whereabouts. Now that its already right in front of her, how is there the logic of not going in? Furthermore, us staying in Tranquil Sun City might not be safer than Nine Phoenix Island. The Pola Trading Company overwhelming at present. They have probably long been infiltrated too deeply by the fiend race already. They dont have just Qi Chuan, one Void Mystic powerhouse! Qin Chuan being eliminated by Young Master Ji, they definitely wont take things lying down.

What Elder Tan said made sense too. It was indeed not very safe for their party to remain here.

But Ye Yuan did not wish to bring them along. Even Elder Tan was a burden to Ye Yuan too.

Rather than bringing them along, he might as well enter himself.

It was just that Zhao Qians stubborn appearance, Ye Yuan also knew that saying anymore was futile. He could only nod his head and say, Fine then. Since thats the case, go together then. But Ill say the nasty stuff first. When the time comes, heed my command for everything. Otherwise, once there are any accidents, dont blame this Ye for not acknowledging relations!

Ye Yuan face fell, having the air of a powerhouse naturally. Even Elder Tan did not dare to defy as well and hurriedly said, Rest assured, Young Master Ji. Well definitely heed your instructions!

Ye Yuan did not move out right away because he wanted to help Ao Qian refine the Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill.

He pooled together the remaining spirit medicines in the Bloodrain Wilderness. Coupled with the Ethereal Blood Ginseng that he acquired at the Chaotic Devil Sea, he could just nice refine the Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill!

The Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill was already the pinnacle-most origin consolidating and bolstering among mystic grade medicinal pills.

If not for Ye Yuan comprehending the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, in his current state, he absolutely could not refine it.

But along with his divine souls strength increasing with each passing day, the transformation of the gold-colored divine soul also made significant headway!

With his Sixth Level Dao Profound essence energy coupled with the gold-colored divine soul, refining this Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill was naturally nothing difficult.

Three days later, the Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill was formed!

Holding this medicinal pill in his hand, tears coursed down Ao Qians old face.

I really didnt think that this old man would actually still have a day where I could recover my strength! Milord, Old Aos old bones will be sold to you in the future! Ao Qian said, shedding tears of gratitude.

Ao Qian was speaking from the bottom of his heart here. He really did not think that there was still such consummate alchemy skill in this world, to actually let him come back from the dead, recovering his strength.

Ye Yuan scolded with a smile, Alright, alright! Quickly consume it! Already so advanced in age and youre still so melodramatic! Not ashamed either!