Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Sea Race


Above the Garnersky Sea Region, several figures were flying.

Along the way, Zhao Qian and Elder Tan were incredibly shocked.

“Elder Tan, Young Master Ye was clearly still only by himself a few days ago. Where did he find so many peak divine king experts in these few days?” Zhao Qian transmitted her voice.

“These few people are not merely peak divine king experts! If I didn’t see wrongly, these few people are probably all Void Mystic powerhouses! Especially that curly-bearded burly man. He gives this old man an even more unfathomable feeling!” In Elder Tan’s voice transmission, exuded thick astonishment.

The curly-bearded burly man out of Elder Tan’s mouth was precisely the Ao Qian who consumed the Nine Melody Origin Vitalizing Pill.

Currently, Ao Qian already thoroughly recovered his strength. The aura exuding from his body was naturally different from the rest.

It was just that they all did not release their pressure. Hence, Elder Tan also could not say for sure just how powerful Ao Qian’s strength was.

“A-All Void Mystic powerhouses?” Zhao Qian’s opened her eyes wide and drew a deep breath.

When were Void Mystic powerhouses plentiful to the extent of being everywhere?

“That gray-robed middle-aged man, if I didn’t see wrongly, he should be the Extreme Sword Divine King who has already disappeared for a long time! As for the other two, this old man had never seen them before. If my conjectures are right, there must be a high-grade spatial holy artifact on Young Master Ji. These few people have always been hiding inside his spatial holy artifact!”

Elder Tan was experienced and knowledgeable, guessing close to the mark.

But it was precisely because so that the shock in their hearts was even less capable of increasing further.

Because these few mighty Void Mystic powerhouse actually viewed Ye Yuan as the boss!

The two people exchanged a glance, both sucking in a breath deeply.

They all knew that just based on this force before their eyes, it was sufficient to let Ye Yuan establish a super holy land anew!


While flying, Ye Yuan’s brows suddenly furrowed slightly, and he stopped.

“What is it, milord?” Ao Qian asked.

“It seems like there are several auras that are not weak drawing closer to us,” Ye Yuan said.

Ao Qian was stunned and said, “Milord, are you mistaken? I didn’t detect anything amiss.”

Ao Qian looked at Kuang Tianming and Jiang Taicang. The two people also shook their heads with blank looks. Clearly, they did not perceive anything too.

“Go ahead first. That bunch of people seems to be heading in the direction of the Nine Phoenix Island too.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan took the lead and flew off, making Ao Qian and the rest have vacant looks.

Before long, Ao Qian’s expression turned cold. Sure enough, he detected several powerful auras heading over to this side.

He could not help looking towards Ye Yuan in amazement and said, “Milord, your perception radius is truly too wide.”

He already completely recovered his strength currently. His perception also increased substantially.

Taking a broad view across the entire Divine Realm, not many people whose perception range was wider than his could be found too.

But Ye Yuan was only Sixth Level Dao Profound. His perception range was actually several times greater than his!

How could this not make him shocked?

While at this time, in the seawaters far away, several silhouettes broke through the waves and arrived, their speed incomparably strange.

Initially, their direction was heading towards the Nine Phoenix Island. But seeing Ye Yuan’s party, they turned directions and came over here.

Kuang Tianming, Jiang Taicang, and the rest also looked towards Ye Yuan with incredible shock.

“Younger Brother, this perception of yours is also truly too frightening! 15 minutes before, you actually discovered them already!” Kuang Tianming said with a marveling sigh.

With everyone’s speed, traveling several tens of thousands of miles with 15 minutes of foot strength was still achievable.

It was also to say that Ye Yuan’s perception range was actually a scope of several tens of thousands of miles further than them!

This disparity was also truly too great!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Wait till you guys comprehend Heaven Man Unity. You’ll naturally be able to do it too.”

Ye Yuan’s words involuntarily made everyone choke up. Each and every one of them looked at him and could not resist rolling their eyes.

How could Heaven Man Unity be so easy to achieve?

It was also just Ye Yuan this freak who cultivated heart realm to the realm of perfection when at the Sixth Level Dao Profound.

“It’s the sea race! It seems like their arrival don’t have good intentions!” Ao Qian suddenly frowned and said.

Around ten figures drew a long trail on the surface of the water.

The group of people bore down menacingly. Clearly, they were not easy to deal with people.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tens of figures shot out of the water surface, directly surrounding Ye Yuan and the others.

It was just that these people’s looks were very ugly. Most had fish heads and human bodies, looking very unnatural.

“Haha,despicable humans! Offer up the essence crystals and treasures on you, and we’ll spare your lives!” said a merman with a large head and big ears.

This merman’s strength was extremely astonishing. It had clearly already reached the degree of human Void Mystic powerhouses. His heaven and earth comprehension was really not weak.

Not just him, among his clansman, there were actually four people who were all Void Mystic powerhouses!

Seeing this kind of power, Zhao Qian and Elder Tan’s faces instantly turned deathly pale.

The few sea races did not conceal their auras. That one in the front was even more than a grade stronger compared to that Qin Chuan!

Furthermore, the moment they emerged, it was five Void Mystic powerhouses. This made the two of them exceedingly worried.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help saying in surprise, “I didn’t think that the sea race’s strength is actually so powerful! Randomly bumped into a group and they are Void Mystic powerhouses!”

The sea race and human race stayed out of the other’s affairs. Both parties’ contacts were very few.

For martial artists whose strengths were slightly weaker, once they stepped foot into the Garnersky Sea Region, it was basically little chance of coming out alive.

Under this calm sea surface, concealed enormous danger.

How many powerhouses were among the sea race, the human race did not know either.

Ao Qian nodded and said, “The sea race is numerous in numbers, even many times more than the demon race. Producing some Void Mystic powerhouses is naturally nothing difficult.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head, expressing his acknowledgment and continued, “It’s just that, although the cultivation realm is high, it seems like their brains aren’t too lucid!”

The moment Ao Qian and the rest heard, they all raised their heads and started laughing hard.

These two people chorused in unison, not putting this group of sea folks in their eyes at all!

The big-headed and large-eared merman very under what Ye Yuan they all were talking about very quickly and could not help saying furiously, “Damn humans, to actually dare besmirch the noble sea race! You guys are dead for sure! Shark One, Shark Three, Shark Four, Shark Five, everybody attack! Tear them apart!”

“Pfff!Could it be that the sea race all have this intellect? Don’t even know how to name?” Ye Yuan could not refrain from laughing when he heard that.

He shrugged his shoulders and said to Ao Qian, “Old Ao, you should be itching, right? These few guys, leave it to you to loosen up your bones and ligaments!”

Ao Qian had an excited look and said,“Hehe,alright! Milord, wait for a bit and watch the fun by the side.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and brought everyone and retreated to one side.

The group of sea folks was still chasing them when all of a sudden, a terrifying aura instantly enveloped them.

“Dragon Prancing the Four Seas!”

After a time interval of 20 thousand years, Ao Qian’s divine king domain was released at its full power for the first time!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s expressions changed drastically!

Because Ao Qian’s divine king domain was actually 10 thousand feet wide!

Within a 10 thousand feet radius, it was all Ao Qian’s domain of water!

Especially Elder Tan and Zhao Qian, the two people, their eyes were almost popping out.

Such a strong divine king domain, it was still seldom-seen in their lifetime!

“Old Ao’s strength seems to be slightly stronger compared to Cloudsky they all. It looks like he comprehended some Divine Dao laws. It’s just a little too shallow,” Ye Yuan appraised Ao Qian by the side.