Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Another World


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Essence energy overflowed in the sky. Ao Qian had a grand display of invincible might.

Although those few sea folks were strong, they could not withstand Ao Qian’s iron fists either.

Before long, five great Void Mystic powerhouses were thoroughly beaten into submission by Ao Qian.

Seeing Ao Qian’s strength, Zhao Qian and Elder Tan were utterly stunned.

“10 thousand feet radius divine king domain! This lord he His strength can likely already rival the Eight Great Super Holy Lands’ holy lords!” Elder Tan said with a sigh of admiration.

“Along the way, he called Young Master Ye with ‘Milord’! Such a powerhouse is actually Young Master Ye’s servant!” Zhao Qian looked towards Ye Yuan with an anxious and doubtful look.

Meeting Ye Yuan once again, she suddenly discovered that Ye Yuan was just like the sun high above, dazzling until it made people unable to stare right at it.

This kind of disparity made Zhao Qian feel deeply inferior.

“Not fair! Despicable humans, fighting on land, we’re at a disadvantage! If you have the capabilities, go into the water with me to battle!” Shark One barked.


Shark One’s voice had yet to fade when a streak of terrifying sword light brushed past his ear.

“Whoa!Scared me to death!” Shark One was taken aback with fright by this sword and cried out weirdly.

Ye Yuan’s face fell slightly, and he stepped forward, “All shut your mouths for this young master! Otherwise, I’ll kill everyone off!”

Those sea folks were shocked by this sword of Ye Yuan’s, all becoming silent like cicadas in winter.

Even the Shark One who was talkative also sensibly did not talk at this time.

The deterrent power of that sword just now was even more terrifying than Ao Qian’s divine king domain.

Because they all knew that if Ye Yuan really wanted to kill people, Shark One would already have died just now!

“Now, I ask, you answer. If I discover that you’re lying, kill without mercy!” Ye Yuan said with a very grim expression.

That fish face of Shark One was currently flickering erratically with alarm and fear.

He finally knew that he kicked a metal plate today!

These few sea folks were also used to running amuck. Normally, when they ran into humans in the sea region, they basically had the policy of ‘burn all, kill all, loot all,’ and would not even give humans a way out at all.

In the course of time, they felt that humans were easy to bully.

Therefore, the moment they saw that there was a group of people over here, especially that the group’s strength was weak, they directly pounced over.

Who could have thought that these few people’s strengths were actually so formidable.

“Yes, yes, yes! Your Excellency, go ahead and ask! Shark One definitely won’t dare to tell lies!” Shake One hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over him and said coolly, “Are you guys headed for Nine Phoenix Island?”

Shark One was cowed by Ye Yuan’s aura and did not dare to lie, hurriedly saying, “Yes, Your Excellency. We were going to Nine Phoenix Island!”

“You guys frequently go to Nine Phoenix Island?” Ye Yuan asked with a frown.

“Yes. Every three months, Nine Phoenix Island will have a large-scale trade far. Our sea folks’ are scarce in resources. Hence, we’ll frequently come here to take part in the trade fair.” Shark One said.

This news took everyone aback.

The Nine Phoenix Island that was a deathtrap in the legends actually had a large-scale trade fair!

People all thought that the Nine Phoenix Island was an uninhabited island. No one expected that did this place has people. In fact, it seemed like it was not just a few of them.

“Who organized this trade fair?” Ye Yuan asked with a frown.

But Shark One shook his head and said, “Not too sure about this. I only heard that he’s called Heavenspan Island Master. I don’t know anything else about the rest.”

“Heavenspan Island Master? Have you all heard of this name before?” Ye Yuan had never heard of this name before and could not help asking the others.

The others also had blank looks. Clearly, they all had not heard before.

But it was very apparent that this Heavenspan Island Master was a very powerful guy.

Otherwise, with the sea folks’ stubborn and unruliness, organizing this kind of trade fair, wouldn’t all hell break loose?

“Tell me in detail about what you know of the trade fair’s situation!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Shark One did not dare to dawdle, telling about the trade fair’s situation without omitting any details.

Turns out that this trade fair was actually conducted for a thousand years already!

Those coming to take part in this trade fair must hold a Clear Eye Token. Otherwise, they will be lost in the fog barrier outside the island.

Not only was there deadly poison in this fog barrier, but there were also even extremely powerful fire spirits.

Once encountered, even Void Mystic powerhouses would be burned to ashes too!

And those taking part in this trade fair was not just the sea folks, there were even quite a few humans, even demon race powerhouses.

It was just that those coming to participate in the trade fair were mostly all some itinerant powerhouses. The experts from sects were extremely, extremely few.

Moreover, people possessing the Clear Eye Token were also a fixed group. Therefore, those who came to take part in the trade fair in these thousand years were mostly fixed. There were only some minor changes.

Listening up to here, Ye Yuan came to a realization why the outside world knew so little about the Nine Phoenix Island.

This was a relatively sealed exchange circle. It was basically very hard for outsiders to come in.

To enter the Nine Phoenix Island, one must have an insider’s recommendation and obtain the Clear Eye Token.

Furthermore, those able to enter the Nine Phoenix Island, the lowest had to be Divine King Realm powerhouses too.

Ordinary people would most likely be killed by the sea folk before even reaching this area of the sea region.

One had to admit that this Nine Phoenix Island concealed itself very deeply!

And that Heavenspan Island Master was a mysterious and hard to fathom individual.

“Over 20 years ago, there was a human powerhouse called Zhao Xingchen who looked somewhat similar to her, who had once entered the Nine Phoenix Island before. Do you have an impression?” Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

Zhao Xingchen’s and Zhao Qian’s looks had some similarities. If Shark One saw before, he should have some impression.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s question, Zhao Qian also turned towards Shark One with a nervous look, hoping to obtain some useful information out of his mouth.

It was just that, Shark One would clearly disappoint her.

Only to see Shark One shake his head and say, “The human divine king powerhouses that I’ve seen before these few years are at least a thousand too. How can Shark One remember?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and asked again, “Then roughly 20 years ago, did someone inquire about the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea before on the Nine Phoenix Island?”

Shark One thought about it and said, “Silvermoon Heavenly Tea, 20 years ago, it really appeared before. It’s just that this kind of treasure, the people vying for it at that time were too many. In the end, it was acquired by a mysterious human powerhouse.”

When Ye Yuan heard this, his eyes could not help lighting up. He asked again, “What did that human powerhouse look like?”

But Shark One shook his head again and said, “That person covered himself up entirely. I completely could not see through.”

Ye Yuan could not help being slightly disappointed. It was very likely that that human powerhouse was Zhao Xingchen.

But where did he go in the end?

“Alright, lead the way in front, to Nine Phoenix Island!” Ye Yuan said.

What should be asked had been asked entirely. Ye Yuan naturally would not stop to ponder too long.

He also did not think that the Nine Phoenix Island, where few people tread, actually had another world!

With Shark One blazing a trail, the party traveled incomparably smoothly.

Five days later, this party finally bid the boundless sea farewell and saw a stretch of fog ahead.

“Your Excellency, ahead is the Nine Phoenix Island!” Shark One said weakly.

Ye Yuan looked over. Ahead was a stretch of chalky whiteness. One completely could not see clearly what was inside.

It was just that there were occasionally some yellow flames spurting out, erupting with a horrifying aura, striking terror in the hearts of people!

“Y-Your Excellency, we we only have two Clear Eye Tokens!” Shark One said rather fearfully.