Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Hei Meng

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That roar of Ao Qians earlier had astonishing power. These few people naturally detected it too. Otherwise, they absolutely would not be so polite.

It was just that they mistakenly thought that Ao Qian was the leader of this company.

Milord, what are we here for? Ao Qian had a blank look and asked Ye Yuan.


The person in the middle sized Ye Yuan up oddly. But no matter how he looked, Ye Yuan was also just an ordinary Sixth Level Dao Profound.

Ye Yuan did not think anything of it either and said coolly, Im Ye Yuan. These few are my followers. I heard that the Nine Phoenix Island has good stuff that the outside world doesnt. But we dont have Clear Eye Tokens either, so we could only arbitrarily intrude inside. If there are inconvenient areas, please be magnanimous enough to forgive.

At this time, Shark One scooted to Ye Yuans side and said, The one in the middle is the second island master, Hei Meng. The one on the right is the third island master, Duan Lingfeng. The one on the left is fourth island master, Hong Tao.

Hei Meng naturally knew Shark One. When he saw Shark Ones attitude toward Ye Yuan, he could not help being exceedingly shocked in his heart.

Shark One was a regular customer of the trade fair. His character and strength, Hei Meng was still very clear about it.

But this proud Shark One was actually so respectful towards Ye Yuan!

Straight away, Hei Meng did not dare to look down on Ye Yuan anymore either and said with cupped fists,Haha,so thats how it is! Our Nine Phoenix Island is the most hospitable! Since Younger Brother Ye wants to take a look, just tour around on the island then. Shark One, youre a regular customer of the Nine Phoenix Island. Ill have to trouble you to bring Younger Brother Ye around to sightsee more. But the rules on the island, youre aware too. Places that you should not go, you must be sure not to go!

Talking to the back, the gaze Hei Meng looked at Shark One with carried a warning intent.

Of course, these words were actually said for Ye Yuan to hear.

Even though Hei Meng did not offend Ye Yuan and his group, it seemed like Hei Meng did not fear them as well.

The three island masters took their leave and left. Ao Qian said unhappily, Those three fellows are so cocky! Milord, talk so much crap with them for what? Just directly capture and interrogate!

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at him and said, Dont look down on those few people. That Hei Mengs strength might not be beneath yours! His original body is of the sea races black shark. I didnt expect that the sea race actually still had such a powerhouse!

Ao Qians expression could not help turning somber, and he said, No way, right? That guy was so powerful? Could it be that 20 thousand years passed, this world has changed?

Actually, Ao Qians sense of defeat was still very strong during this period of time.

He was that eras dragon races strongest. But put in the present, a large group of people could come out and pummel him.

This second island master that popped out from no idea where, his strength was actually not beneath his!

This sort of contrast between expectations and reality seriously made him unable to accept it.

But Ye Yuans words, he was still very convinced of it. He absolutely would not ramble nonsense to demoralize him.

I sense a faint power of Divine Dao laws from him. Even if its just a wee bit, it already surpasses ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses. Furthermore, behind them even have a mysterious and hard to fathom Heavenspan Island Master! Hence, wed best be more low-profile, Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ye Yuans heart realm reached the great circle of perfection. He was very sensitive towards the surrounding everything.

The aura coming off of this Hei Meng body was indeed the aura of Divine Dao laws.

With this, Ao Qian had no more rage.

Milord, then what should we do now? Ao Qian asked.

Take a look around first, Ye Yuan said.

Second Brother, could it be that were letting that brat go just like that? He could avoid the fog barrier and fire spirits. He definitely has precious treasures on him! said the first island master, Duan Lingfeng.

Yeah, Second Brother. The few of them, only that dragon race fellow has some power. But Second Brother, you dealing with him should be enough. The remainder, Third Brother and I are enough to them take down! Since they intruded into the Nine Phoenix Island, even if we kill them, nobody would dare to take behind our backs too, said the fourth island master, Hong Tao.

These three island masters were actually eyeing those imaginary precious treasure on Ye Yuan covetously, discussing about killing Ye Yuans party.

Hei Meng mused for a moment, shook his head, and said, That young man is not simple!

Duan Lingfeng said without a care, Isnt he just a Sixth Level Dao Profound? Whats not simple about it? Could it be that a Sixth Level Dao Profound can still overturn the heavens?

Hei Meng said, Didnt you notice Shark Ones attitude towards Ye Yuan? Shark Ones strength is almost on par with you! But Shark One was very fearful of that young man! They entered one after another. In my view, Shark One definitely already exchanged blows with that group of people outside!

So what if exchanged blows? They have a peak void mystic powerhouses. Isnt it very normal to lose? Hong Tao said disdainfully.

Heh,if that were the case, what would I have to dread? Shark One is very simple-minded, but he isnt dumb! His attitude toward Ye Yuan is completely from the bottom of his heart. If that dragon subdued him, he absolutely would not be like so toward Ye Yuan! Therefore, he might very likely be that young mans vanquished foe! Hei Meng analyzed.


Duan Lingfeng and Hong Tao drew a cold breath at the same time, their eyes filled with shock.

A Sixth Level Dao Profound defeating a Void Mystic powerhouse? This This isnt possible, right? Duan Lingfeng said in disbelief.

Although I dont believe it either, Shark Ones disposition absolutely cant hide from my eyes! This young man is absolutely not simple! Hei Meng said.

Duan Lingfeng and Hong Tao were both extremely shocked. But they both knew that not only was Hei Mengs martial strength super strong, his mind was sharp. He absolutely would not see wrongly.

It was just that this outcome, made them both unable to accept.

Second Brother, could it be that we are dropping this matter just like that? Duan Lingfeng said unwillingly.

Hei Meng said with a smile, The spirit medicines that Big Brother requires, this time, it can finally be gathered together! As long as he can breakthrough, even if this punk is any stronger, its of no avail too! Hence, as long as this punk doesnt stir up trouble, have him wait first! In my view, they definitely have other objectives for coming onto the island. They wont leave in a short time too.

Only after hearing these words did the two peoples brows finally eased up.

Heh,its still Second Brother, you, who calculated every conceivable possibility. That Qiu Yuqiu, to actually be able to find the Purple Lingzhi, that grade of spirit medicine, its really heavens blessing! Duan Lingfeng said with a big laugh.

Even if it was Ye Yuan, he was also struck dumb with amazement by the dazzling array of treasures on the island.

This Nine Phoenix Alliance was simply a paradise for martial artists!

There were many spirit medicines here and many treasures, all of which could not be seen in the outside world.

He did not think that this place had everything under the sun.

There were even many treasures that even Ye Yuan had not seen before.

But the prerequisite was that you got to have things that satisfied the other party!

This place is where one could only exchange a commodity for another. They did not accept essence crystals. Even if you were any richer, you could not buy the things you wanted too.

Tsk tsk,this trade fair is really remarkable! Also, I dont know who this Heavenspan Island Master is, to actually be able to put up such a grand trade fair! Ye Yuan said with a vicissitude of emotions.

Shark One said by the side, Yeah, Lord Ye Yuan. If not for the goods here being a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits, how can it possibly attract so many powerhouses over? Right now, among these people, there are quite a number who broke through their bottlenecks because of this tradefair1!