Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Pearl Have Tears

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In the outside world, wanting to find these grades of spirit medicines and treasures was really not easy.

But here, everyone had good stuff in their hands, each taking what they needed, swapping out what they did not want for what they needed. This was impressive.

Shark One, did you bring any good stuff here this time around?

Shark One had a proud look as he said, Of course! Our merman clans Pearl Have Tears is the most welcome exchange goods in the trade fair.

Ye Yuans eyes lit up when he heard that and said, Vast sea, bright moon, Pearl Have Tears. One drop of Pearl Have Tears can match a hundred years of bitter cultivation! What age of Pearl Have Tears do you have?

This Pearl Have Tears was precisely one of the nine major core medicines!

Ye Yuan had always been searching for Pearl Have Tears whereabouts. He did not think that it was actually in this merman clans hands.

Seeing Ye Yuans heated gaze, Shark One said, The best that I brought is only 500-thousand-year-old. Furthermore, theres only one drop.

Hearing this, Ye Yuan could not help revealing a disappointed expression and said, One-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears, you all should have it, right? I wonder what kind of thing your merman clan wants to exchange for?

500-thousand-year-old, one of that age was already worth several cities and extremely rare.

But one-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears, that was an extraordinary rare treasure. Even when placed in the merman clan, it was likely an extremely valuable existence too. Ordinary things were likely unable to move them.

As expected, Shark Ones expression changed, and he said, This isnt what Shark One can make a decision about! One-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears, thats something that only the patriarch has the qualifications to make use of.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, Everything has a price. Although the Pearl Have Tears is precious, your merman clan has got to be lacking something. Otherwise, you wouldnt have come to this trade fair either!

Shark One revealed a ruminating look and opened his mouth to say, Actually, Im here this time on Patriarchs orders, to exchange for several kinds of 500-thousand-year-old spirit medicines. Its just that even if exchanged for it, its very hard for our sea folks alchemists to refine out a complete medicinal pill too.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he smiled.

Refining pills this sort of thing, wasnt it precisely his forte?

What kind of medicinal pill do you want to refine?

Seeing Ye Yuans interested look, Shark One said in surprise, Your Excellency, you even know alchemy?

What a joke! If milord doesnt know alchemy, then nobody in this Divine Realm knows! the Jiang Taicang by the side said mockingly.

Shark One did not pay attention Jiang Taicangs ridicule, but he sized Ye Yuan up carefully once more. Clearly, he did not quite believe it.

Ye Yuans Martial Dao talent was so high. To be able to have such accomplishments at a young age, even if he was any more prodigious, he needed to cultivate painstakingly too.

How could such a genius martial artist possibly be an alchemist?

Your Excellency, this medicinal pill is to be refined for our young patriarch. But its a demonic pill; furthermore, it is a mystic grade demonic pill! Shark One said carefully.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, About this, you dont have to care. Im only asking you. If I have the spirit medicines and help you all refine the medicinal pill, can it match one drop of one-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears or not?

This If Your Excellency can really refine it, I believe that Patriarch should agree! Shark One thought it over for a while and said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, Alright. Send someone back to the clan right now and ask instructions from your patriarch. The matter of the medicinal pill, leave it to me!

Shark One was stunned and said, But you havent asked what kind of medicinal pill it is yet!

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, Whatever medicinal pill is all the same to me!

Shark One staggered and almost stumbled to the ground.

Seen before arrogant, but never saw before so arrogant!

This kind of big talk, somebody actually dared to boast about it too!

If not for that sword of Ye Yuans previously stunning Shark One, he would definitely have gone for a bite right now.

But the matter concerned Young Patriarchs survival. Shark One did not dare to be careless and still sent someone back to request instructions from Patriarch.

Shark One narrated the spirit medicines required once. Ye Yuan was rather surprised after hearing it and said, So, its the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill. This demonic pill isnt easy to refine. Even for the demon races peak Alchemy Emperors, those able to refine it are extremely, extremely few too. Looks like your young patriarch had his inner-core shattered by someone, his demon essence collapsed and dissipated!

One sentence, made Shark Ones fish eyes become wide saucers.

Y-Your Excellency actually know about the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill?

It was not up to Shark One to not be shocked. This Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was an ancient pill formula. In the entire sea race, there were also no more than a few tribes that had the pill formula. And the merman clan was precisely one of them.

However, having the pill formula was one thing. Whether or not they could refine was another matter.

The sea races resources were scarce to begin with. Alchemy skills were not developed in the first place. Wanting to refine it was as hard as ascending to the heavens.

Shark Ones trip here to exchange for spirit medicines was also just harboring the mentality of making a last attempt to remedy a hopeless situation, and returning to find the sea races alchemists to give it a shot.

He did not think that Ye Yuan actually hit the nail on the head!

However, Ye Yuans next sentence directly made him had a breakdown.

Knowing is one thing, but this young master only saw it before in books and records. However, there was no specific pill formula. This young master also never refine it before, Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said.

On that ancient record, there was only the introduction of this demon pill. But as for the specifics of how to refine, it did not go in detail.

If it was in his previous life, Ye Yuan would really not dare to make this guarantee, saying that he was definitely able to refine it.

But now, Ye Yuans understanding toward the Medicine Gods Soul Canon grew deeper with each passing day. His Alchemy Dao strength already could not be mentioned in the same breath as his previous life.

Coupled with Ye Yuans extremely solid medicinal theory standards, Ye Yuan had absolute confidence in being able to refine it!

Seeing that bitter fish-faced of Shark One, Ye Yuan smiled and said, Rest assured, this young master taking action is absolutely stronger than your sea races alchemists! I think medicinal pills will be in very high-demand at this trade fair. In a while, you just follow me will do.

Only after Ye Yuan walked by him did Shark One notice that the others were looking at him with eyes like they were looking at an idiot.

Jiang Taicang walked by him, patted his fish head, and said with a sigh, Blockhead, not just anybody can call on milord to refine pills.

Ao Qian also walked past him and scolded, Simpleton, to actually doubt milords strength!

Elder Tan gave him a glance and said sympathetically, Young Brother, your eyesight is too poor!

Zhao Qian was much better than the rest. She said with a broad smile, Relax, there are no medicinal pills that Young Master Ye cant refine in this world.

Shark One had a flabbergasted look. But he also realized that Lord Ye Yuans alchemy standards seemed to really be very high!

High until he was unable to imagine it!

Circling one round, Ye Yuan stopped at a stall. A small section of tree roots aroused his attention.

At the stall, two people were currently quarreling endlessly.

Old Xie, this is you in the wrong! We agreed the last time, Astral Heavenly Soul Pill in exchange for Coiling Dragon Spirit Root. Now, youre not exchanging. Whats the meaning of this? shouted a martial artist the top of his voice.

The stall owner, Old Xie, said expressionlessly, The preciousness of the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, I believe that youre aware of it too. I told you the last time, the lowest is middle-grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill. But what you brought is low-grade. How do you want me to exchange it with you?

Old Xie, the Astral Heavenly Soul Pill is a mystic grade medicinal pill. How can it be that easy to refine? Isnt it making things difficult for people to want middle-grade? said the martial artist with his face reddened to the ears.