Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Return To The Furnace And Reforging

Chapter 1140: Return to the Furnace and Reforging!
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Old Xie gave that person a glance and said coldly, Not exchanging means not exchanging. Could it be that you still want to force a transaction? Zhou Yun, dont you forget Nine Phoenix Islands rules!

Mentioning the rules, Zhou Yun immediately shriveled up.

The rules on this Nine Phoenix Island were not to force a transaction, and not to kill a person and seize his goods.

Upon discovering, immediately sentenced to death!

Although the powerhouses here were many, there were completely none capable of reaching Hei Mengs level of strength.

Peak Void Mystic was not what anybody was capable of achieving.

Ye Yuan watch by the side for a long time. At this time, he spoke up to that Old Xie, Your Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, as long as its a middle-grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill, it will do?

Old Xie looked at Ye Yuan and rolled his eyes. He said, As long as? Could it be that you can take it out? If you can take it out, so what if giving it to you?

The Zhou Yun by the side looked at Ye Yuan with a vigilant look. Clearly, he was really afraid of Ye Yuan taking out an Astral Heavenly Soul Pill.

Ye Yuan smiled, but paid Old Xie no heed, and said to Zhou Yun, This older brother, what do you think about this? Ill return your Astral Heavenly Soul Pill back to the furnace to reforge and refine it a bit. This Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, we each get half.

The Coiling Dragon Spirit Root was greatly beneficial to body cultivators. Ye Yuan noticed that this Zhou Yun was precisely a body cultivator. His strength had already reached peak Divine King.

Actually, when body cultivators reached an extremely high realm, they were even more terrifying than essence energy martial artists.

Their bodys defense could be rated as perverse. If carried on to cultivate an extremely formidable martial technique, it was virtually sweeping away those in the same rank.

This Coiling Dragon Spirit Root was very important to Zhou Yun. Hence, after he saw it the last time, he practically wiped out all of his savings, inviting the Alchemist Associations Alchemy Emperor powerhouse to refine the Astral Heavenly Soul Pill.

But regretfully, the other party only refined out a low-grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill.

This almost made him go crazy!

It was too bad that although Zhou Yuns strength was not bad, he did not dare to offend the Alchemist Associations big-shot.

Moreover, inviting alchemists to refine pills was taking responsibility for the grade to begin with.

Even if he found trouble with him, it was not reasonable either.

Feeling helpless, he still came to the Nine Phoenix Island, wanting to find Old Xie to exchange for the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root. But Old Xie did not go for it at all.

Hearing Ye Yuans suggestion, Zhou Yun had an astounded look.

Once the medicinal pill was refined, it was basically fixed and unchangeable already.

There were those capable of purifying a medicinal pill to raise its grade. But those were all existences who had reached the acme of perfection in Alchemy Dao.

Could this young man before their eyes accomplish it?

Furthermore, the refining difficulty of the Astral Heavenly Soul Pill was immensely high. The difficulty of purification was even more unimaginable.

Wanting to raise the grade, this was virtually an impossible to complete task.

Young man, dont joke around! I know you guys are very strong, but pill refinement cant be spoken irresponsibly. Purifying the Astral Heavenly Soul Pill, even the Alchemist Associations Lord Quanxing Zi probably cant accomplish it. You better forget it! Zhou Yung shook his head helplessly and said.

Even if it was a low-grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill, taking it out to sell could sell for quite a bit of money too.

If he let Ye Yuan ruin it, that was not getting any benefits at all.

Old Xie observed coldly from the sidelines and did not speak. But the eyes he looked at Ye Yuan with was filled with scorn.

Purifying a peak Tier 9 medicinal pill, wasnt it talking nonsense?

At this time, quite a few people were drawn over by the commotion over here, and all scoffed their contempt toward Ye Yuan.

Although Ao Qian displayed extremely powerful strength, pill refinement was not something that could be accomplished in one stroke.

The difficulty of purifying medicinal pills is several times greater than refining medicinal pills! This brat really dared to say it!

This kind of irresponsible remarks, he really dared to boast! This brat is probably some reclusive super factions young master, learned a few days of alchemy and really thinks himself to be extraordinary.

Purifying a peak Tier 9 medicinal pill, even Chairman Jing Fengtian wont dare to make this boast either, right? You look at that expression of his. One would even think that purifying medicinal pills is stir-frying vegetables.

Medicinal pills was a very sensitive matter in this trade fair. Among these people surrounding and watching, there was no lack of some varying ranks of alchemists.

They all knew that purifying peak Tier 9 medicinal pills was even harder than refining some mystic grade medicinal pills!

This kind of thing was not easy to brag.

Ye Yuans age was too young. How could such an age possibly do it?

Toward these peoples ridicule, Ye Yuan turned a deaf ear to it, but he said to Zhou Yun, How about this? This medicinal pill of yours is already useless either way, so why not sell it to me? Hows that? But after selling it to me, this Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, you wont have your share anymore.

Zhou Yuns expression changed, and a look of struggle involuntarily surfaced on his face.

He really did not know where Ye Yuans confidence came from.

But the expression on Ye Yuans face was very calm, as if he had everything planned out.

A low-grade spirit medicine, even if it was a Tier 9 spirit medicine, the price was definitely already far beyond the capital he put in.

Finally, Zhou Yun gritted his teeth, seemingly making up his mind. Handing the medicinal pill to Ye Yuan, he said, This old man is going all out today! Refine it! If its ruined, just take it as this old man working in vain for these few decades!

His decision gave everyone a huge shock.

Following that, was floodwaters-like taunting.

Old Zhou, this gamble of yours is a bit big! Even if its a low grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill, its at least worth 50 million high-grade heaven essence crystals too. If its ruined, there wont be a single cent anymore.

Yeah. This boys hair isnt even fully grown. Whether or not he knows alchemy is a question. You really dare to gamble.

Hahaha, Old Zhou, if you dont want this medicinal pill, why not directly gift it to me!

Zhou Yun glared and said to everyone, This old mans medicinal pill, this old man is happy about it. What do you all care?

But Ye Yuan chuckled when he heard that. Receiving the medicinal pill from Zhou Yuns hands, he said, A smart decision! Relax, I wont disappoint you!


A thunderous loud bang. A 30 thousand catty medicinal cauldron appeared in front of everyone.

Dragon Sovereign Cauldron!

Following Ye Yuans dragon blood grade becoming higher and higher, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldrons power also became greater and greater!

This Dragon Sovereign Cauldron was an existence that was only lacking one step to be able to step into divine artifact back then. The power was immeasurable.

When everyone recognized the power of this Dragon Sovereign Cauldron, they instantly could not laugh anymore.

Ye Yuan did not say a word. In front of everybody, he deployed the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame and started purifying the Astral Heavenly Soul Pill.

Very soon, the mockery on those peoples faces became astonishment.

Ye Yuans refining method was extremely profound. Even if they did not know alchemy, they actually became lost in wonder from watching too!

Those people who knew alchemy were even more shocked to the core.

Ye Yuans Alchemy Dao level was more than a hundred times stronger than them!

This was the style of a great master!

Similarly, among Alchemy Emperors who were watching, they discovered to their dismay that they could not understand Ye Yuans refinement at all.

The disparity in-between this was too great!

A master of his generation!

This young man was absolutely an Alchemy Dao master of his generation!

At this moment, they were incomparably certain in their hearts.

After roughly two hours, Ye Yuan collected the essence fire.

Medicinal pill formed!

When Zhou Yun saw the medicinal pill in Ye Yuans hands, he was excited until his face turned red.

Gambled correctly! Hahaha, this old man gambled correctly! Hahaha Zhou Yun was unbelievably agitated as he raised his head to the skies and laughed hard.