Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Clues

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"High-grade, but smaller in size. Although the medicinal effect cant be compared to an actual high-grade pill, it should be more than adequate compared to middle-grade. How is it?"

Ye Yuan passed the high-grade Astral Heavenly Soul Pill that was a size smaller in front of Old Xie.

Because during the first refinement, many components were already lost. Ye Yuan was also unable to make it appear out of thin air.

But through Ye Yuans return to the furnace and reforging, the purity of the medicinal pill was more than a grade high, and it already reached high-grade.

It was just that the medicinal effect was definitely quite a bit worse compared to a genuine high-grade.

Old Xie trembled all over. Only now did he awaken, looking toward Ye Yuan with a stunned look. Until now, he still did not quite dare to believe it.

"O-Of course!" Old Xie said rather slowly.

"Then this Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, this young master is taking it away."

Ye Yuan casually threw the medicinal pill to Old Xie. Reaching his hand out and grabbing, he threw the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root into the air.

He casually pointed. A streak of sword energy shot towards that Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, directly dividing it into two.

"Old Zhou, this is yours!"

Ye Yuan threw half of the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root to Zhou Yun, while he put away the other half.

This Coiling Dragon Spirit Root was similarly very important to Ye Yuan. His fleshly body power was stuck at the bottleneck of middle-stage Tier 9 to late stage.

Following his fleshly body realm getting higher and higher, the remnant of the primeval dragon bones power was already becoming lacking.

This primeval dragon bone had, after all, experienced more than a million years. The power had long waned a lot already.

To be able to support Ye Yuans cultivation all the way until now was already the limit.

Right now, for Ye Yuan to want to have a breakthrough in fleshly body, there was only by relying on outside power.

But this was not a major problem for Ye Yuan.

He had quite a few pill formulas in his hand, all for body cultivators usage.

With this half section Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, Ye Yuan was very confident in him breaking through to late-stage Tier 9.

Zhou Yun received the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root and was incomparably thrilled.

This feeling of recovering what one previously lost was truly too wonderful.

Although it was only half a section, if without this young man in front of him, not only would he not even get half a section, he would even suffer a major loss.

Toward Ye Yuan, he only had gratitude remaining!

"Master, this Zhou had eyes but couldnt see previously and rebutted Master. Master, please dont take offense!" Zhou Yun gave a deep bow to Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly,"Huhu,snatched half of your Coiling Dragon Spirit Root, I should be hoping that you dont take offense."

Really talking about it, Ye Yuan was considered to have gained something without risking anything of his own this time.

Except, without his refinement, none of the three of them could get any benefits.

But now, it was a win-win-win situation.

Zhou Yun hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Master is too kind. Zhou Yun wouldnt dare. Its just that "

Talking to the back, Zhou Yun suddenly became bashful.

How could Ye Yuan not see through his thoughts? He said with a smile, "I can help you refine the Crimson Firmament Tyrannical Body Pill. But youll have to prepare the spirit medicines yourself."

Body refinement reaching late-stage Tier 9, it was not that there was no way of advancing anymore.

Corresponding to the Void Mystic of essence energy realm, body refinement likewise still had room for improvement.

Except, wanting to reach the body refinements great circle of refinement realm, was as hard as ascending to the heavens!

Hence, that was why Zhou Yun viewed this half section of Coiling Dragon Spirit Root incomparably importantly.

If not for fear of the islands rules, he even had the thought of snatching.

But now, Zhou Yun was wildly elated when he heard Ye Yuans words.

With the Crimson Firmament Tyrannical Body Pill, his fleshly body would be able to advance a step further. His strength would absolutely be able to rival initial-stage Void Mystic powerhouses.

This to him was undoubtedly ascending to the heavens in one bound!

For body cultivators, the hardest step to take was this step!

"That is, of course! That is, of course! Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!"

Zhou Yun was overjoyed and directly knelt down towards Ye Yuan with a thud.

After this bout, everyones gazes when looking at Ye Yuan became different.

This young man was simply a freak!

It was fine that his Martial Dao cultivated to the Sixth Level Dao Profound at a young age, his strength in alchemy was actually so terrifying!

"Master, I have a 200 thousand years old Cloudmist Qingluo. Do you want to come over and take a look?"

"Master, I have an Extreme Desire Mystic Dew. Come and take a look!"

"Master, I have a Heavenly Evil True Fruit, do you require it or not?"

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan became a high-in-demand figure in this trade fair. Each time he came before a stall, he would be welcomed by people with smiles.

The people in this trade fair, many would look at the treasures first, then exit the Nine Phoenix Island, and would then invite some alchemists to refine medicinal pills before carrying out the transaction.

Now, Ye Yuans appearance utterly smashed the status quo. He became a scalding hot figure on the island all at once!

In a pavilion on the island, Duan Lingfengs face was very grim.

"I truly didnt think that not only is this brats Martial Dao strength shocking, but he also has such terrifying strength in alchemy too!" Duan Lingfeng said.

Hei Meng was clearly very surprised too. But he smiled and said, "Old Third, we have accumulated staggering wealth in this 1000 years. Could it be that you still take fancy on this bit of share? As long as Big Brother breaks through, what is there we want that cant be obtained? However, I also did not think that this brats Alchemy Dao strength was actually so terrifying."

"Second Brother, now, I also feel that this brat is rather peculiar! Why not, wed better kill him off!" Duan Lingfeng said.

Hei Meng said in a solemn voice, "Wait a while more and see! As long as he doesnt stir up trouble, ignore him for the time being. Our objective is still the Purple Lingzhi! When Big Brother moves out in time, disposing of them while hes at it isnt too late either!"

Duan Lingfeng heaved a sigh and said, "Alright then!"

Ye Yuan strolled for a long time, but he did not encounter things that moved him anymore.

Of course, his primary objective was not to exchange goods with others, but to search for traces of Zhao Xingcheng.

This trade fair had a thousand people. Moreover, there were all sorts of races. The matter had passed for over 20 years too. Wanting to find clues was exceedingly difficult.

In one day, Ye Yuan only merely sauntered half a street.

This Nine Phoenix Island prepared residences for all of the guests. Although Ye Yuans party came unexpectedly, there were still rooms available.

In the evening, Zhou Yun dropped in, and he actually brought over the spirit medicines for refining the Crimson Firmament Tyrannical Body Pill.

It seemed like this guy already prepared a long time ago for this.

Ye Yuan did not refuse either, directly accepting the spirit medicines, and agreeing to refine for him.

But the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan himself wanted to refine was a grade lower than the Crimson Firmament Tyrannical Body Pill, called Refined Steel Bone Tempering Pill.

But this medicinal pill similarly required the Coiling Dragon Spirit Root.

As for the other spirit medicines, Ye Yuan was not lacking of them.

The second day, Ye Yuan did not show up in everyones line of sight. This involuntarily made those stall-owners somewhat disappointed.

However, Ao Qian brought Zhao Qian along and continued searching for clues on the island.

The third day morning, Ye Yuan walked out of his room and saw Zhao Qian currently pacing around in front of his door, appearing very anxious.

The moment she saw Ye Yuan come out, she immediately came forward.

"Looking at your appearance, is it possible that theres some discovery?" Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Zhao Qian nodded and said, "Young Master Ye, I discovered that a person actually has my fathers treasure on him! Perhaps hes the person who exchanged the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea with my father!"