Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 You Just Say Yes Or No

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The person Zhao Qian was talking about was called Qiu Yuqiu. In this trade fair, he was a figure who was all the buzz too.

This is because virtually every time he came over, he would bring some things that made people felt greatly moved.

It was just that his things were too good. There were not many people capable of exchanging for them.

This persons strength was very formidable too. Ye Yuan reckoned that he was at the very least not weaker than Zhao Lingdong.

For an itinerant cultivator to be able to cultivate this kind of boundary, it was still very rare.

"This brother, can you let you take a look at that copper coin on you?" Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

On that Qiu Yuqius body, hung a copper coin.

Dont look at how this copper coin was unassuming. It was a transcendent-grade holy artifact, capable of killing people imperceptibly.

Ye Yuan had seen before this copper coin, so he recognized it at a glance.

But Qiu Yuqiu did not even lift his eyelids. He did not make a sound, taking no notice as he basked in the sun, a look of pride.

Ever since after that day, when Ye Yuan purified the medicinal pill, this was still the first person who had such an attitude towards him.

Ao Qian was just about to fly off the handle when he saw the situation but was stopped by Ye Yuan.

He smiled and pointed at the purple-colored ganoderma on the booth and asked, "This Purple Lingzhi of yours, how to exchange with it?"

At this time, Qiu Yuqiu finally lifted his eyelids and stretched lazily as he said, "High-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill. Provide the spirit medicines and pill formula on your own. If there isnt, go to one side and play."

When the Ao Qian by the side heard these words, his temper flared up at once!

"Youre courting death! Just a lousy ganoderma, to actually dare boast so shamelessly!" Ao Qian roared.

Ao Qians roar immediately drew everyones attention.

Ye Yuans company became everyones focal point once again.

"Master Ye actually provoked Qiu Yuqiu. I say, will they come to blows or not?"

"Qiu Yuqiu is famous for being a stone in the latrine, stinky and hard!"

"This guy relied on the fact that hes able to find some natural treasures and has always been arrogant without limit! I didnt think that he also dare to be so arrogant toward Master Ye!"

Everyone talked at once. Clearly, this Qiu Yuqiu was famed for being condescending.

However, Ye Yuan understood from Shark One there that this Qiu Yuqiu really had some capability.

The things he found were virtually the best in this place!

And that Silvermoon Heavenly Tea was precisely obtained from Qiu Yuqius hands 20 years ago!

Qiu Yuqiu gave a cold laugh and said, "The lousy ganoderma, it is this price. Either exchange or dont!"

Ye Yuan gestured at Ao Qian, stopping his outburst, and said coolly, "Transcendent-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill. I want the Purple Lingzhi, the copper coin on you, plus some intel!"

Qiu Yuqiu choked up and finally sat upright, sizing Ye Yuan up seriously.

"This is for real?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "You just say yes or no!"

Qiu Yuqiu said somberly, "If youre really able to refine a transcendent-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill, of course it is yes! But, if you wreck it, dont blame me for taking action against you!"

Ye Yuan said coolly, "Before the medicinal pill is refined, it has nothing to do with you!"

Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill, as its name suggested, was refined with over a hundred types of spirit flowers, with the power to artfully seize fate!

To a powerhouse like Qiu Yuqiu, the most important was naturally comprehension toward Heavenly Dao.

If Ye Yuan really refined a transcendent-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill, it was sufficient to let his divine king domain expand as much as 200 feet!

Dont look down on this 200 feet. This increase and its impact on his strength were not just a tiny bit.

This radius of 200 feet, if he comprehended himself, it would likely need several hundred years.

Ye Yuan helped him to save several hundred years of time all at once. How could he not be moved?

While a high-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill, at the very most, could only help him to expand a distance of 50 feet.

The difference in this, Qiu Yuqiu was all too clear.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said to everybody in the surroundings, "I need a 500 thousand years old Mystic Citrus Flower, a 200 thousand years old "

Ye Yuan reported over 30 types of flower names in one go, causing those stall owners to all check their inventories, to see if there were the corresponding flowers or not.

These over one hundred types of spirit flowers, Ye Yuan had over 60 types on him.

Apart from several types of 500-thousand-year-old core medicines being harder to come across, the rest was not too big of an issue.

This trade fair had a thousand powerhouses. Gathering these hundred types of spirit flowers was not difficult either.

For Ye Yuan to want to obtain these spirit flowers, it naturally meant helping them refine pills.

Over 30 types of spirit flowers, these required over 30 types of medicinal pills.

Furthermore, these medicinal pills were all Tier 9 medicinal pills.

If it were other people, they would be exhausted to death.

Ye Yuan directly planted the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron over there and started refining in full swing.

Some ordinary Tier 9 medicinal pills were too easy to the current Ye Yuan.

As long as he did not pursue quality, he could practically finish in an hour.

Of course, even so, the lousiest that came out were high-grade medicinal pills too.

Those people were dumbstruck with amazement by Ye Yuans pill refining efficiency and the quality of the produced pills. They had never seen before which alchemist could refine pills like this!

After a day and night, all of the medicinal pills were finished refining!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

"Just where did a freak like Master Ye come from? This alchemy skill is too heaven-defying!"

"Yeah. Alchemist Associations Chairman, Jing Fengtian, is also inferior than him, right?"

"Hahaha,mine is a transcendent-grade medicinal pill! Profit! Big profit!"

Those stall owners without spirit flowers could only blankly watch others return fully loaded, with a look of envy.

Such high intensity refinement and he could actually still refined such a high quality pill. This alchemy skill was simply heaven-defying.

Even the Qiu Yuqiu whose eyes were at the top of his head was also starring dumbfounded with his mouth gaping at this time too!

Disregarding other things, just the hundred types of spirit flowers that this Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill required, was tremendously hard to gather.

He himself searched for over ten years, and also merely gathered 30 to 40 types.

But Ye Yuan only used a days time and gathered over 30 types of spirit flowers.

If he was able to gather the spirit medicine himself, he also would not utter making Ye Yuan provide the spirit medicines himself, this sort of words.

This really made people at a loss for words.

"You only wanted over 30 types of spirit flowers. Could it be " Qiu Yuqiu went forward and asked rather hesitatingly.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, "Thats right. The other spirit flowers, I have them all!"


Everyone drew a cold breath. This sort of words simply made people hard to believe it.

Over a hundred types of spirit medicines. Disregarding that each kind was extremely rare, there at least had to be some that were not easy to find, right?

Ye Yuan wanted over 30 types. Did that not mean that the remaining 60 plus types, he had them all?

If it were before, they would definitely turn their noses up at Ye Yuans words.

But now, it was not up to them to not believe!

This Ye Yuan simply subverted their understanding!

"Ill rest for a day. Tomorrow morning, Ill help you refine the Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill!"

Finished talking, Ye Yuan strutted off, leaving behind everyone staring in bewilderment.

Continuously refining for a day and night, Ye Yuans expenditure was tremendous too.

Refining mystic grade medicinal pills were completely different from refining Tier 9 medicinal pills. Ye Yuan naturally had to adjust his condition well.

Looking at Ye Yuans back view, Qiu Yuqius gaze shone.

This Ye Yuans performance made him have a bit more confidence out of the blue.

Perhaps, he could really refine a transcendent-grade Hundred Flower Heavenly Fate Pill!