Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Nine Phoenix Islands Problem

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On the Nine Phoenix Island, a vast majority of the stall owners stopped their businesses and came to watch Ye Yuan refine pills.

A Sixth Level Dao Profound refining mystic grade medicinal pills. This was absolutely a major news!

Master Ye is really incredible, simply reaching the acme of pill refining heights. But can this mystic grade medicinal pill be refined while skipping ranks?

I really never heard of this before! If it were before, Id definitely think that Master Ye was bragging. But now, Im looking very forward to it!

Tsk tsk,if Master Ye is really able to refine a mystic grade medicinal pill, doesnt that mean that the Divine Realm gained another peak Alchemy Emperor?

Isnt that so? Qiu Yuqiu, that old thing, likes to posture day in and day out. This time, hes finally going to get his face slapped, right?

Qiu Yuqius relation with people was clearly not very good, resulting in many people all wanting to see the sight of him being face-slapped by Ye Yuan, utterly subduing him.

The moment the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron activated, the skies turned dark. Nine stars formation diagram blotted out the sky and obscured the sun akin to Mount Tai bearing down.

Immediately, cries of exclamations sounded out all around!

Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! This is the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art! Master Ye actually already grasped the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art at a young age! No wonder he dared to talk so big!

Never ate before pork, but there were still quite a few people who had seen pigs run before.

The moment the nine stars formation diagram opened up, somebody immediately cried out in shock.

People who were able to activate the nine stars formation diagram and use the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art could absolutely be counted on ones fingers in the Divine Realm!

How could this Master Yes Alchemy Dao strength still allow them to call into question?

Along with the nine dim stars in the sky being lit up one by one, everyones hearts leaped to their throats.

Ye Yuans refinement was very casual, not as taxing as everyone imagined.

After two days, the medicinal pill was done.

Without any surprises, transcendent-grade!

Even in his previous life, Ye Yuan could already refine mystic grade medicinal pills with the greatest of ease.

Now, his divine soul was gradually converted into a golden divine soul. His soul force was God knows how much stronger than his previous life. Controlling it did not expend much effort.

How is it? Can we exchange now?

Ye Yuan took out the medicinal pills and came before Qiu Yuqiu, looking at him with a smile that was not a smile.

Qiu Yuqius entire person was still in a state of shock. Being told by Ye Yuan like this, only then did he come back to his senses.

He carefully received the medicinal pills in Ye Yuans hands and put it away solemnly before passing the Purple Lingzhi to Ye Yuan.

Although the Purple Lingzhi was good, Ye Yuan did not care at all. What he minded even more was the copper coin and information.

Qiu Yuqius brain was constantly in the midst of short-circuiting these two days. Only when he saw Ye Yuan still staring at him did he quickly awaken, taking off the copper coin at his waist and passing it to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan received the copper coin and casually passed it to Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian received the copper coin tremblingly and nodded her head to Ye Yuan, extremely agitated.

Ye Yuan understood and said to Qiu Yuqiu, This older brother, can we walk and talk?

Qiu Yuqiu was long utterly cowed into submission by Ye Yuan already. How could he not agree at this time? At once, he nodded his head and followed Ye Yuan along.

Upon entering Ye Yuans residence, Qiu Yuqius heart suddenly thumped.

A terrifying killing intent instantly enveloped his entire body!

He knew that he had fallen into a certain kill grand array.

Ye Yuan set up a miniature Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation around this house. Once Qiu Yuqiu entered inside, Ye Yuan immediately activated the array formation.

For Qiu Yuqiu to dare to come in, one reason was that he was bold, stemming from his superb skills. The other was that there were several island masters holding down the fort.

However, he did not think that Ye Yuan actually laid down a certain kill grand array here!

His expression darkened, and the joyous mood of obtaining the medicinal pill instantly disappeared in a flash.

Whats the meaning of this? Qiu Yuqiu said solemnly.

Ye Yuans expression also darkened, and he said coldly, Im only asking you a few questions. If Im not very satisfied then Im sorry!

Talking to the back, Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent.

Only then did Qiu Yuqiu discover that this seemingly only Sixth Level Dao Profound young man was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

No, wait, he was never simple before at all!

Merely asking a few questions. Is there a need to pull out such a great line-up? Just directly ask and wouldnt it do? said Qiu Yuqiu, pretending to be calm.

But Ye Yuans killing intent did not diminish in the slightest as he said coldly, Around 20 years ago, was there a mysterious martial artist who bought Silvermoon Heavenly Tea off from your hands?

Actually, Qiu Yuqiu already had some guesses in his heart long ago and knew that Ye Yuan was aiming for that copper coins owner.

He nodded his head at once and said, There was indeed such a matter.

Then, after he exchanged for the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea from your hands, where did he go? Ye Yuan asked somberly.

Ever since seeing that copper coin, Ye Yuan suspected whether or not Qiu Yuqiu sneak attacked Zhao Xingcheng afterward, keeping the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea for himself again.

Who knew that Qiu Yuqiu just said coolly, That person was secretive and mysterious. He wasnt willing to reveal his identity either. After we finished transacting, he left the Nine Phoenix Island. How would I know where he went to?

Ye Yuans brows furrowed slightly, and he asked, Youre sure that he left?

Qiu Yuqiu said with an unhappy look, That person was secretive and mysterious, but his opening move was bold and forthright. The things that he exhibited at the market were much more valuable than the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea. Plus, that copper coin, I earned more for sure and not lose anything. If you dont believe me, lets just fight. Whats with so much crap?

This Qiu Yuqius personality was very unsociable and eccentric. Many people on the island did not like him.

If not for his strength being powerful, and he had the capability of searching for treasures, he would have long been squeezed away from people.

When Ye Yuan heard that, his expression eased up, and he suddenly said, Then do you know whether the people on this island frequently go missing or not?

Actually, Ye Yuans suspicion toward Qiu Yuqiu was not very big.

His solitary personality was disdainful to do this sort of thing.

Rather, these few island masters, Ye Yuan harbored suspicions in his heart.

Such a trade fair seemed very fair. It was just providing a trading venue for everyone.

But thinking deeper, wasnt this kind of place precisely a venue provided for themselves to screen treasures?

That Hei Mengs strength was so formidable. If he had any devious thoughts, it was too easy.

Except, it seemed like although there were quite a few newcomers who joined this place, those old faces were still here.

Everyone had long lowered their guards against these few island masters already.

In fact, they might even be grateful toward these island masters instead.

After all, people who obtained the treasures they wanted from here, and thereby broke through, were many!

Heh,I know what you mean. Thats right, people come and go on this island. Each time, there are different people coming and different people leaving. But

Talking up to here, Qiu Yuqiu deliberately paused for a bit, looking at Ye Yuan with a smile that was not a smile, seemingly waiting for him to carry on talking.

Ye Yuan frowned and said, But each time, the change is insignificant. Hence, other people didnt detect it at all! After all, being delayed by matters in the outside world, or being unwilling to come, are all a possibility!

Qiu Yuqiu smiled lightly and said, Smart!Heh heh,those fools who think themselves infallible and even thought that those few island masters are some good people. They also didnt think much about it; how is there a meat pie falling from the sky, such a good thing?

Qiu Yuqiu said these words. He had actually become aware of this islands problem long ago.