Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Night Interrogation

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It was nighttime. A light noise suddenly came from outside the window.

But Hong Tao, who was currently cultivating, furrowed his brows and dashed out.

A black silhouette was currently speeding in the direction of the back mountain.

Why does that profile look like Ye Yuan that brat? Not good! That brat wants to infiltrate the back mountain!

Hong Tao did not even think about it and sped over towards that figure.

In a blink of an eye, the two people traveled several dozen miles.

That figures speed in front clearly could not compare to Hong Tao.

It looked like Hong Tao was going to catch up to that black silhouette.

A hint of a disdainful smile flashed past the corners of his mouth, and he yelled, Halt!

That figure ahead stopped and could not help turning around.

Hong Tao focused his eyes and looked. Who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

But right at this time, Hong Tao suddenly discovered to his surprise that Ye Yuans eyes were currently looking at him.


Hong Tao only felt his head go dizzy, then he did not know anything anymore.

Two dark figures dashed out from inside the forest right beside and arrived beside Ye Yuan. It was precisely Ao Qian and Qiu Yeqiu.

Seeing Hong Taos transfixed appearance, Qiu Yeqiu could not help darting Ye Yuan a fearful glance and marveled, Young Brother Yes methods truly emerge in never-ending streams! This Hong Tao is, at any rate, a Void Mystic powerhouse too. He actually did not have the least bit of strength to retaliate under your divine soul attack!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Trifling tricks. Made a fool of myself.

The corners of Qiu Yeqiu twitched a bit but did not say anything else.

This kind of means was not what trifling tricks, these two words, could accomplish!

Just earlier, Ye Yuan used a divine soul attack and the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil at the same time, instantly subduing Hong Tao.

Dealing with Hong Tao was Qiu Yeqius suggestion.

He said that this Hong Tao was the most foolhardy among the three island masters. His strength was the weakest too.

If he wanted to inquire about something, dealing with him was the easiest.

But Qiu Yeqiu never would have dreamed that Ye Yuan subdued Hong Tao so effortlessly.

He was currently making a comparison, whether or not he could retreat completely unscathed if he was suddenly ambushed by Ye Yuan like this.

The answer was completely no confidence!

Ye Yuan came in front of Hong Tao and opened his mouth and said, Ill ask you, over 20 years ago, there was a mysterious person who exchanged for the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea on the Nine Phoenix Island. Do you know where he went to or not?

With Ye Yuans present soul force, unleashing a divine soul attack when caught completely unawares, Hong Taos divine soul immediately suffered serious injuries.

Then coupled with the Sun Moon Heavenly Eyes illusionary art, controlling Hong Tao was easily accomplished.

Of course, this was also because Hong Tao did not take Hei Mengs words to heart at all, and underestimated Ye Yuan too much.

If it were Duan Lingfeng, it definitely would not be like so.

Hong Tao was already thoroughly controlled by Ye Yuan and answered woodenly, K-Know. He exchanged for the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea, and then he wanted to immediately return to Tranquil Sun City, and he was killed by me on the way, snatching the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea.

Hearing these words, Ye Yuans heart twitched violently.

A kind of emotion called sorrow instantly filled his chest.

Although he had long known that Zhao Xingcheng should be fraught with grim possibilities, in the depths of his heart, he still hung on to a trace of hope.

Perhaps Zhao Xingcheng was only locked up?


However, there was no more maybe!

When Hong Tao, this murderer, personally said it, even though Ye Yuan was mentally prepared long ago, his heart still ached inexplicably.

M-My deepest sympathies, milord! Ao Qian consoled.

Ever since he followed Ye Yuan, it was still his first time seeing Ye Yuan so mournful.

Currently, Ye Yuan was trembling all over. Clearly, he was enraged to the extreme.

The chestful of sorrow already turned a chestful of hatred at this time.

He wished to ground this Hong Tao to dust!

Only after a while did Ye Yuan calm down a little. He asked with a grim look, What did you guys snatch the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea for?

The Hong Tao, who fell for the illusionary art, was completely oblivious towards Ye Yuans fury. He still answered Ye Yuans question woodenly.

B-Big Brother unexpectedly obtained an ancient pill formula, r-requiring many one-million-year-old spirit medicines. T-Therefore, Big Brother thought of this plan, to set up a trade fair on the Nine Phoenix Island, drawing everybody over to trade. This way well be able to accrue those spirit medicines.

The current Ye Yuan was already beside himself with anger.

These few fellows were simply unscrupulous and perverse, to actually use this sort of method to collect spirit medicines.

They did not delay their cultivation. Either way, there were others going to find spirit medicines on their behalf.

When they finished exchanging and went out, these few guys would rely on their strength being powerful and secretly kill these dealers.

Ill ask you again, just how many people have you guys killed in this 1000 years? Ye Yuan practically squeezed these few words from the gaps of his teeth.

D-Didnt count before. G-Got a thousand people, I guess.

Hong Tao was oblivious and spilled everything out.

Ao Qian and Qiu Yeqiu exchanged a glance, both seeing the shock in the other partys eyes.

Unknowingly, over this thousand years, a thousand people had actually already died imperceptibly!

Qiu Yeqiu had also participated in this trade fair for a hundred years already.

Even he also did not detect that so many people would actually have died at this trade fair.

Looks like these few island masters had hauled God knows how much benefits in secret!

To think that the itinerant cultivators on this island all still felt boundless gratitude towards them!

Then the trade fair this time, do you guys have a target? Ye Yuan asked again.

H-Have. Purple Lingzhi!

Hong Taos words made Qiu Yeqius expression change.

If he did not exchange this Purple Lingzhi out at the transaction this time, then wouldnt their target be him?

Thinking up to here, Qiu Yeqiu involuntarily broke into a cold sweat.

Under Ye Yuans random stumbling about, it actually saved his life?

At this time, Qiu Yeqius gaze when looking at Ye Yuan became somewhat different.

He had always come and went freely his entire life and had never felt gratitude towards anyone before.

But this time, it was not up to him to not be grateful.

If not for Ye Yuan, his several thousand years of cultivation would probably be ruined in one day.

Alright, Ill ask you one last question! Your big brother, Heavenspan Island Master, who on earth is he? Ye Yuan asked.

Hong Tao opened his mouth and was just about to speak when a terrifying aura surged to the skies!

Who is it?! To actually dare be rampant on my Nine Phoenix Island!

This voice was precisely Hei Meng!

It seemed like that monstrous fury of Ye Yuans previously had alerted Hei Meng.

However, it already did not matter.

This battle was unavoidable!


A neat and tidy slash. Hong Taos head separated from his body. It was also considered to have taken revenge for Zhao Xingchen, this old friend of his.

However, even though he killed Hong Tao, the fury in Ye Yuans heart did not diminish the least bit.

This Hong Tao was merely a machine to kill.

The true culprit was still the Heavenspan Island Master!

He was going to take a look today, at just what kind of person this Heavenspan Island Master was.

Fourth Brother!

A fearsome roar transmitted over. Hei Meng just happened to see the scene of Hong Taos head separating from his body.

Ye Yuan, our Nine Phoenix Island have no grudge nor enmity with you! You actually dared to kill my fourth brother! Youre seeking death here! Hei Meng howled.

Ye Yuan looked at Hei Meng with a smile that was not a smile and said, No grudge and no enmity, is it?