Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Heavenspan Island Master

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Ahh!Ye Yuan, Im going to kill you!

Hei Meng opened his divine king domain fully. A streak of terrifying water sword stabbed straight for Ye Yuan!

It was that, how could Ao Qian give him the opportunity? Dragon Prancing the Four Seas caught this streak of water sword, clashing together with Hei Meng.

At this time, Duan Lingfeng rushed over too!

Brat, you dared to kill my fourth brother, Ill exterminate you! Duan Lingfeng said with a furious roar.

But Ye Yuan was disinclined to even glance at him, saying to Qiu Yeqiu, This guy will be left to you. There shouldnt be a problem, right?

Qiu Yeqiu froze and said with a nod, No problem! This place, apart from the Heavenspan Island Master and Hei Meng, there isnt a person who can make me dread yet!

Ye Yuan said with a nod, Thats good then!

Done talking, Ye Yuan immediately lifted his feet and headed over toward the back mountain.

Duan Lingfeng was stopped by Qiu Yeqiu. But seeing this scene, the corners of his mouth revealed a look of ridicule, and he said, Punk, you really take our Nine Phoenix Island to be easy to knead?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Five silhouettes suddenly appeared, directly enclosing Ye Yuan in tightly.

These five people were actually all Void Mystic Realm powerhouses!

Ye Yuan had seen before these five people. They were all people at the trade fair.

Very clearly, these were the chess pieces they concealed among those people.

Seeing this scene, Qiu Yeqius expression changed drastically. But Ao Qian did not even turn his head around.

Seeing that composed appearance of Ao Qians, Hei Mengs heart involuntarily thumped, thinking to himself that it was not good.


Five great Void Mystic powerhouses instantly opened up their divine king domains and charged over towards Ye Yuan.

However, five rays of terrifying sword light flashed and faded.

The five peoples voices abruptly cut off!

Duan Lingfeng, who was in the heat of fierce battle, almost got hit by Qiu Yeqius move. He was struck dumb with amazement by this scene.

Instant kill!

A Sixth Level Dao Profound actually instant-killed five Void Mystic powerhouses!

Although these five peoples strength was only at the beginnings of Void Mystic, Void Mystic was Void Mystic. They were not what Dao Profound Realm martial artists were capable of dealing with!

Actually, the shock in Qiu Yeqius heart was not much lesser compared to Duan Lingfeng in the slightest.

If not for being overly shocked, that blow earlier would have already succeeded.

He truly did not think that Ye Yuans Martial Dao strength was actually so formidable!

Also, that sword just now!

Divine artifact!

It was absolutely a divine artifact!

Apart from Ao Qian, monstrous waves that dashed to the skies were stirred up in everyones hearts.

These people had more or less heard about the Divine Realms matters when walking about outside.

The news of Ji Qingyun seizing possession and reviving, possessing a divine artifact, and charging back to the Divine Realm, they had heard to some extent.

Then the identity of this young man before their eyes was almost certain!

Qiu Yuqiu was incredibly shocked. Only now did he know why Ye Yuans alchemy skills were so heaven-defying.

Ye Yuan killed five people, his figure speeding rapidly, heading towards the back mountain.

Along the way, Ye Yuan passed through many powerful restrictions. But these restrictions were as easy as blowing off dust to him.

Before long, Ye Yuan arrived at a cave.

A figure walked out from inside the cave with slow steps. But a hideous mask was worn on his face.

This person was definitely that legendary Heavenspan Island Master!

Ye Yuans brows furrowed slightly. This person gave him a very dangerous feeling.

Very clearly, he was even more powerful than Hei Meng!

Ye Yuan was bold stemming from superb skills, relying on the fact that he had the art of greater teleportation. He directly barged inside.

When the person who just arrived saw Ye Yuan, he actually unwittingly heaved a sigh and said, Why is there a need? You take the open road, and Ill walk my single log bridge. You and I stay in our own lanes and mind our own business, but you insist on provoking me!

Ye Yuans brows furrowed even tighter, and he opened his mouth to say, You know me?

Hearing the meaning in the other partys words, it seemed like he was quite familiar with him, involuntarily giving Ye Yuan a shock.

Huhu,so what if know, so what if dont know? Leave behind the Purple Lingzhi and immediately leave the Nine Phoenix Island. I can give you a way out, the mysterious person said.

But Ye Yuan smiled coldly when he heard that and said,Heh,then do you feel that Ill do as you say or not?

Dont do it, and youll die! the Heavenspan Island Master said indifferently, his words revealing thick confidence.

Of course, he had this strength to be confident too.

But Ye Yuans expression turned cold, and he said, You planned this trade fair, making so many martial artists ended up as tools to collect treasures for you. Originally, this has nothing to do with me. But you never should have killed Zhao Xingchen!

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that the Heavenspan Island Master fell silent for a moment, and suddenly said, According to what I know, your relationship with Zhao Xingchen doesnt seem to have reached this extent, right?

The other partys words made Ye Yuan even more certain that this person was definitely someone that he knew.

Furthermore, even though this person hid in closed-seclusion in this back mountain, he knew about the outside worlds matters like the palm of his hand.

The other party clearly knew his identity as Ji Qingyun!

Ye Yuan snorted coldly and said, Thats my business! Since you instigated Hong Tao to kill Zhao Xingchen, pay it with your life then! Otherwise, how can I answer to his spirit in heaven?

The Heavenspan Island Master let out a sigh and said, This Nine Phoenix Islands trade fair, the reason why I only roped in some itinerant cultivators was in order to not startle the various major factions. That Zhao Xingchen deliberately concealed his identity. I only knew his identity when I killed him and obtained the things inside his storage ring too. If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have made a move either.

Hearing the meaning in his words, it actually had some attitude of remorse.

Enough nonsense, and show your true abilities! Your crimes are inexpiable. Its also time to pay your debts!

Ye Yuan gave a cold snort. The Evil Extermination Sword came out of its sheath!

But when the Heavenspan Island Master saw it, he praised,Heh,the ancient Evil Extermination Sword, indeed, it lives up to its reputation! Looks like youve already obtained the divine swords recognition.

The Heavenspan Island Masters words made Ye Yuans expression change.

This person seemed to know many secrets that other people were unaware of!

This made Ye Yuan dread towards him rise another level.

This Heavenspan Island Master was not easy to deal with!

Right then, the Heavenspan Island Master slowly took out a long sword.

This sword was thin and elegant, forming an extremely distinct contrast with the Evil Extermination Divine Swords boldness and unrestrainedness.

When Ye Yuan saw the sword in the Heavenspan Island Masters hand, his pupils involuntarily constricted.

Divine artifact!

The sword in the Heavenspan Island Masters hand was similarly a divine sword!


The long sword in the Heavenspan Island Masters hand actually emitted a light ringing sound!

It seemed like it was actually brimming with fighting intent.


Ye Yuans brows furrowed slightly. He and the Evil Extermination Divine Sword were connected in heart and soul. He actually discovered that the Evil Extermination Sword also had a baffling kind of restlessness.

Huhu,in this world, people who possess divine artifacts are not just you alone! Feel it? My Ziya wants to battle once more with the Evil Extermination Sword! said the Heavenspan Island Master.

Ye Yuan had a puzzled look, not quite understanding the situation.

When the Heavenspan Island Master saw the situation, he smiled and said, A million years ago, before Daoist Absolute Heaven rose up, he once had an opponent called Su Wo. Su Wo was a sword fanatic. His lifelong goal was to defeat Absolute Heaven. But sadly, the disparity between him and Absolute Heaven pulled greater and greater apart instead. In the end, he died because hatred consumed him. In this life, I obtained Su Wos inheritance. This Ziya encountering the Evil Extermination Sword once again, do you think it can stay indifferent and not be agitated?