Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Casting A Bright Pearl Into Darkness

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Ye Yuan was incredibly shocked!

The rise of a powerhouse of his generation was bound to step on the corpses of countless geniuses.

Very clearly, this Su Wo was a stepping stone on the road on Absolute Heaven ascension to the summit.

It was just that, although Su Wo died, his divine sword did not die.

A million years later, divine sword Ziya and divine sword Evil Extermination met once more. This was the encounter of fate.

Sensing the battle intent coming from Evil Extermination, Ye Yuan had an understanding in his heart.

Huhu,since I obtained your recognition, how can I lose face for Senior Absolute Heaven? If Su Wo wants to battle, then well grant his wish. Let him know that even after a million years, hes still trash! Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

The Heavenspan Island Master smiled coldly when he heard that and said, Stop dreaming! Absolute Heaven being able to firmly suppress Su Wo was because his cultivation realm was evenly-matched with Su Wo. But youre merely Sixth Level Dao Profound right now!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, So what if Sixth Level Dao Profound? Dealing with you, its sufficient!

The Heavenspan Island Master raised his head to the sky and laughed hard as he said, Fine. Then Ill take a look at whether you truly have this capability or not!


The Heavenspan Island Master released an offhanded streak of sword light. This sword was incomparably dazzling. It was indeed the might of a divine artifact!

Ye Yuans expression turned somber. Evil Extermination suddenly made a move.


Two rays of sword energy that displayed their edge to the fullest extent collided together, directly sending Ye Yuan flying out.

The Heavenspan Island Master was peak divine king essence energy realm and also wielded the divine sword Ziya. Overpowering Ye Yuan was all too normal.

However, the Heavenspan Island Master emitted a soft sound of surprise and said, Your fleshly body already reached late-stage Tier 9. Truly remarkable! Your divine soul is likely almost reaching the great circle of perfection realm already, right?Tsk tsk,when your essence energy realm rises up, Essence, Energy, and Spirit unifying into one, youll have a chance to assault that transcendent Deity Realm!Oh,almost forgot. Your heart realm already reached Heaven Man Unity too. Truly an unrivaled genius! No wonder the Evil Extermination Divine Sword would choose you!

That sword move earlier, if it were an ordinary Sixth Level Dao Profound, even if he had Ye Yuans strength, he would sustain serious injuries under the tremendous impact too.

But Ye Yuan relied on his powerful fleshly body and tyrannical Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art as well as the extremely strong defense Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art. Ye Yuan actually only felt his blood and qi in turmoil for a moment.

This scene, it was not up to the Heavenspan Island Master to not be amazed.

However, Ye Yuan was likewise incomparably surprised in his heart.

This Heavenspan Island Master seemed to know him fairly well. He actually even know about his Heaven Man Unity heart realm.

This made Ye Yuan even more curious about the Heavenspan Island Masters identity.

Who on earth are you? Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Huhu,when you defeat me, this trash, youll naturally know. But you definitely wont have the chance. Watch closely. This is Ziyas ultimate move, Sword Shadow Accompanying!

His voice had yet to fade when the Heavenspan Island Masters figure suddenly disappeared from sight.

The next instant, a sword already arrived at Ye Yuans throat area.

This sword was inconceivable swift. One would completely unable to use eyes to watch it.

The name Sword Shadow Accompanying lived up to its name!

However, with a clank, Evil Extermination stabbed diagonally upwards, colliding right against Ziya without any deviation!

An overwhelming force transmitted over. The Heavenspan Island Master only felt the webbing between the thumb and index finger tremble. The divine sword nearly slipped off his hand!

Having consumed the Refined Steel Bone Tempering Pill, Ye Yuans fleshly body already successfully broke through to late-stage Tier 9.

His immense strength, coupled with the Evil Extermination Sword Formulas power of Divine Dao laws, even ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses would be unable to withstand it!

This shock was by no means insignificant!

Different from Ye Yuan, the Heavenspan Island Master did not produce a resonance with the Ziya divine sword.

This step, not anybody could achieve it.

However, the Heavenspan Island Master obtained Su Wos divine art. Practicing his divine inscriptions, he already had a preliminary understanding to some extent.

This was also the reason why he could overpoweringly suppress Hei Meng and become the head island master.

In terms of strength, the Heavenspan Island Master was already very close to the Ten Great Divine Kings!

It was just a pity that who he ran into was Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuans heart realm already reached the great circle of perfection realm. Even if his sword was any faster, it was also not undetectable.

Moreover, Ye Yuan possessed the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupils ocular powers. Capturing the figure of the Heavenspan Island Master was truly accomplished with ease.

Even if the Heavenspan Island Master was any faster, he was only a Void Mystic powerhouse too. He still did not reach the level of Deity Realm.

Ye Yuan coped with unexpected events by sticking to a fundamental principle. No matter how fast his sword was, he did not withdraw either!

Impossible! How can he possibly capture my sword? This is the quicksword released with the power of Divine Dao laws! It was the first time the Heavenspan Island Master was alarmed.


The Heavenspan Island Master unleashed his sword once again!

Sword shadows that filled the skies were akin to shadows following, rushing over towards Ye Yuan.

This was not cast by some divine ability but by the Heavenspan Island Masters true body.

It was just that his figure was unimaginably swift, that was why it left behind countless afterimages in the entire sky.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Waves of clear and crisp metal clashing sounds transmitted over. Sparks flew everywhere.

The more he fought, the more alarmed Heavenspan Island Master got!

From start to end, Ye Yuan stood there and did not move. He just unleashed his sword again and again non-stop.

But he was just unable to sneak attack Ye Yuan, not even once!

His every movement and action were completely within Ye Yuans grasp.

When a quicksword was not quick, it was equivalent to having both hands tied up by people. How to continue fight?


Borrowing the recoil force, the Heavenspan Island Master retreated, looking at Ye Yuan with a solemn look.

The sword is a fine sword. Its too bad that you cant unleash its strength!Sigh casting a bright pearl into darkness!

With Ye Yuanssigh,the Heavenspan Island Masters face turned green.

His sword emitted a light humming noise once more, clearly very unresigned to it.

The encounter a million years later, it actually still had to lose to Evil Extermination once again. How could it feel reconciled with it?

Alright. You already attacked. My turn now!

Ye Yuans words made the Heavenspan Island Masters expression turn somber.

He had yet to react when Ye Yuans figure suddenly vanished!

The Heavenspan Island Masters pupils constricted, and he cried out in alarm, Greater teleportation!

However, there was not much time for him to be astonished. A feeling of immense danger welled up in his heart.

However, the Heavenspan Island Master had comprehended some Divine Dao laws. He still caught Ye Yuans traces in the end.

Sword Intent Connecting to Divinity!

Ye Yuans figure suddenly appeared from within the void, stabbing straight for the Heavenspan Island Masters left ribs!

The ribs were extremely hard to defend area. This move of Ye Yuans was to strike him and leave him unable to save himself.

This move, Ye Yuan poured in divine essence, his killing intent not held back in the slightest.

He did not have the intention of being softhearted and irresolute. No matter who the other party was, he had to die!

But the Heavenspan Island Masters strength was even stronger than Cloudskys. Clearly, he was not so easy to be killed.


Ye Yuans Evil Extermination Sword was actually blocked!

The Heavenspan Island Master was pushed back a thousand feet away, spraying out a mouthful of blood. He already suffered a huge loss!

This sword failing did not exceed Ye Yuans expectations.

The Heavenspan Island Master, this level of existence, was not that easy to kill.


Right at this time, the Heavenspan Island Masters hideous mask actually split at the center, revealing a face that Ye Yuan was very familiar with.

Seeing this face, Ye Yuans brows furrowed. He said, So, its you!