Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Domain Of Sword

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In order to conserve essence energy, Ye Yuans defensive circle was very small to begin with.

Under the divine king domain, the originally very small defensive circle was still full of flaws.

But Han Qing Zi discovered to his surprise that Ye Yuans weak points were becoming lesser and lesser.

Under the 20 thousand feet sword domain, Ye Yuan was as though a small rowboat in the ocean, swaying in the midst of a raging storm, possible to capsize at any time.

However, Ye Yuans defensive circle actually became more and more rounded out!

At first, Han Qing Zi did not take notice.

But, along with the passing of time, interference of him breaking through Ye Yuans defenses became greater and greater. He finally noticed something amiss.

Domain of Sword! This This is impossible! You havent broken through to Deity Realm, how can you possibly grasp the Domain of Sword! Han Qing Zi said in aghast.

Han Qing Zi saw everything as clearly as a blazing fire inside the divine king domain.

The 20 thousand foot divine king domain actually had a small area that was slowly breaking away from his control.

One had to know that inside the divine king domain, he was a god!

But now, he was currently sensing that this small chunk of area was currently being slowly hollowed out!

A pure to the extreme Domain of Sword was currently slowly forming!

Just as Skydistant said, this divine king domain was only an abnormal product under the present Heavenly Dao.

Fusing concepts and comprehending divine king domain were a road that must be taken for present peak divine kings.

In terms of power, it was naturally much stronger compared to ordinary divine king powerhouses.

But the true power of domain was not this kind of fused deformed product.

Han Qing Zi obtained Su Wos inheritance and knew that only genuine Deity Realm powerhouses could grasp the power of domains!

In the ancient era, Deity Realm powerhouses would not divert their attention to other things and comprehend many kinds of supreme true intents.

All of them comprehended one type of concept to the great circle of perfection, then comprehended Divine Dao laws, breaking through to Deity Realm.

Finally, forming a Divine Dao domain belonging to themselves!

Han Qing Zi had infiltrated the Immemorial Medicine Garden before and knew that Ye Yuan had long comprehended a divine king domain already.

But he was very curious why Ye Yuan did not put it to good use all along.

He did not know that Ye Yuan had long stopped using his divine king domain and focused whole-heartedly on Sword Dao.

However, Han Qing Zi never would have dreamed that Ye Yuan actually comprehended a true Domain of Sword in battle!

A pure Domain of Sword!

Similarly a domain, but a genuine Domain of Sword was way stronger compared to a divine king domain!

This was the true Great Dao source power!

It was the domain power condensed from Divine Dao laws!

Inside this area of domain, Ye Yuan was the absolute divinity!

No way! Take the chance that he hasnt completed it yet, I got to kill him!

Han Qing Zis expression turned cold, killing intent revealing in its entirety.

Ji Qingyun, you forced me! Xun Wind One Character Sword, kill!

Han Qing Zi raised the divine sword Ziya, his entire person giving off an imposing momentum that penetrated everything.

This sword was Han Qing Zis stronger martial technique!

He also did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually able to force him to use this move!

Following the word kill leaving his mouth, Han Qing Zis figure abruptly vanished. All of the sword intent condensed into one line, tearing through the sky!

This required exceedingly high control towards sword intent. It could be said that Han Qing Zis sword intent already reached the acme of perfection among Void Mystic powerhouses.

The might of this sword, even Ao Qians Dragon Prancing the Four Seas might not be able to block it too!

A terrifying power spread out, making the hearts of the people who were currently concerned about Ye Yuan palpitate.

This attack was too powerful!

Even when separated from so far away, they sensed the threatening sword energy too.


A clear clashing sound!

Han Qing Zis eyes turned intent, his gaze revealing a dumbstruck look!

Ye Yuan actually blocked his sword of his, using the swords tip!

Two great divine artifacts colliding, sword energy overflowed.

The berserk sword intent suffused everywhere, slicing the rocks, trees, into pieces.

Everyone was extremely shocked. They did not understand what on earth happened at the back mountain, to actually cause such a great commotion.

Sensing that sword intent, which overflowed out, Hei Mengs expression changed greatly.

This was two sword intents, one was his big brothers.

The other, no need to think, it was definitely Ye Yuans!

He was truly unable to understand how a measly little Sixth Level Dao Profound could actually accomplish to this sort of extent!

Could it be that a Sixth Level Divine King was actually able to rival the big brother who was comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings?

This was also a bit too preposterous, right?


A bolt of lightning landed, slamming right on top of the island.

When everyone saw this scene, their expressions changed drastically once more!

Young Master Ye broke through! He Hes fine! Zhao Qian said in pleasant surprise.

Elder Tan watched that roiling tribulation cloud, incomparably shocked in his heart.

Just what kind of freak was this Ji Qingyun? To actually be able to fight with that Heavenspan Island Master to this extent.

Even if he broke through right now, he was also merely just Seventh Level Dao Profound!

Ji Qingyun, who returned anew completely, could not be judged with common sense.

Do you hear Ziyas unwillingness? It can lose, but its unwilling to be defeated like this! Although you obtained Su Wos inheritance, you didnt comprehend the quintessence of his sword intent. You took a heretical path instead. A person like you isnt fit to use a sword!

That instance when Evil Extermination and Ziya clashed together, Ye Yuans Domain of Sword was finally completed.

After shattering his divine king domain, he finally condensed the power of domain anew once more!

And this time, it was a genuine power of domain.

Perhaps, in the present Divine Realm, it was one of a kind existence.

Even though it was only 20 square feet, within this 20 feet radius, Ye Yuan was the absolute hegemon!

Even a Void Mystic powerhouses divine king domain would not cut it too!

And right now, Han Qing Zi was precisely within the radius of this 20 feet.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

A terrifying sword intent instantly broke his divine king domain, completely destroying the divine king domain within the 20 feet radius.


Sword intent that carried Divine Dao laws virtually breached Han Qing Zis protective essence energy instantly, severely wounding him!


A bolt of heavenly tribulation landed. But when it reached the 20 feet radius of Ye Yuan, it was like it bumped into an invisible barrier, directly dissipating into nothing.

The might of heavenly tribulation actually could not breach his Domain of Sword!

Han Qing Zi collapsed weakly onto the ground, his body already riddled with a thousand gaping wounds.

Ye Yuans Domain of Sword was just like a meat grinder, utterly pulverizing him.


All the way until now, Han Qing Zi still did not dare to believe everything before his eyes.

How could a Sixth Level Dao Profound martial artist possibly beat him?

Furthermore, it was even under the circumstances of him possessing a divine artifact!

Looking at the Han Qing Zi on the verge of death, Ye Yuan did not have much sympathy.

Martial Dao world, slaughter originally had no cause for much criticism.

But Han Qing Zis approach was overly beneath contempt.

Most importantly, he was the chief instigator who killed Zhao Xingchen.

Just based on this, Ye Yuan had to kill him!

Ye Yuan came before Han Qing Zi slowly and said indifferently, You and I are also considered to have some friendship. If not because you killed Zhao Xingchen, I could have let you off. Now, do you have any last words?

H-Hahacough, cough, cough

Han Qing Zi suddenly started laughing. But due to his injuries being too severe, it brought up violent coughing.

Ji Qingyun, youre indeed a genius! However you obtained Absolute Heavens legacy. The fiend race wont let you off!C-Cough, cough!

Ye Yuan shook his head and let out a sigh as he said, Are these your last words