Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Forbidden Zone

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Multiple bolts of heavenly tribulation landed. Ye Yuans figure slowly appeared in everyones line of sight.

Everyone stared at him dumbfoundedly, unable to use words to describe their emotions at all.

"My God, what did I see? Is there transcending tribulation like that?"

"Freak! Master Ye is simply a freak!"

"Heavenly tribulation actually automatically dissipated when it reached 20 feet above his head! He What on earth did he do?"

"Master Ye came out. Then is it possible that he killed the Heavenspan Island Master?"

There were still some bold stall owners quietly observing the development of the situation the whole time.

When they saw the scene of heavenly tribulation crashing down on top of Ye Yuans head, yet he was slowly walking out, this scene was deeply imprinted in their minds, never to forget for all their lives.

Zhao Qian saw Ye Yuan appear and was extremely agitated as she said to Kuang Tianming, "Young Master Ye is alright! Fantastic, its really wonderful!"

Just earlier, sensing that powerful divine king domain, Zhao Qians heart was almost about to jump out.

Only all the way until she saw Ye Yuan at this time did she finally set her mind at ease.

When Kuang Tianming saw Ye Yuan, he also let out a sigh of relief. However, then he was even more shocked.

He sensed that Ye Yuan seemed to be somewhat different!

Prior to this, Ye Yuans entire person was just like an unsheathed sharp sword, revealing his keen edge.

But now, Ye Yuans every movement and action seemed to encompass the lingering charm the Great Dao.

The lingering charm of the Great Dao of Sword!

That was the Great Dao that he, Kuang Tianming, pursued his entire life!

Finally, the last bolt of heavenly tribulation landed but was still unable to make Ye Yuans countenance changed in the slightest.

20 feet away from his body, it immediately scattered and disappeared!

When Hei Meng saw this scene, his eyeballs became wide circles.

Right now, he only had one thought remaining, that was to run!


Hei Meng shook off Ao Qian with a palm and urged his movement technique to the limits, attempting to flee the Nine Phoenix Island.

However, how could Ye Yuan possibly give him the chance?

Everyone only felt a blur before their eyes and already lost sight of Ye Yuan, as if he had disappeared into thin air.

The next instant, Ye Yuan already showed up, blocking Hei Mengs retreat route.

20 thousand feet!

Following Ye Yuan breaking through to Seventh Level Divine Dao, plus Divine Dao laws comprehension deepening, the distance of his art of greater teleportation directly doubled!

Seeing this scene, Hei Mengs face revealed a look of despair.

"Are you doing it yourself or having me do it?" Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back and said coolly.

"You You really killed Big Brother?"

Up till now, Hei Meng still did not dare to believe that a Sixth Level Dao Profound was capable of killing his elder brother!

"Looks like you didnt come to understand it." Ye Yuan did not answer him. He just nonchalantly said a sentence and was about to make a move.

"Hang on! C-Could it be that theres no other path to take? I I surrender! Ill be the same as him, be your servant!" Hei Meng pointed at Ao Qian and said.

At this time, Duan Lingfeng was already restrained by Qiu Yuqius and Shark Ones combined force.

Hearing these words, he said furiously, "Hei Meng! You You dare to betray Big Brother!"

But Hei Meng barked angrily, "You shut your mouth for me! Big Brother is already dead! A fine bird chooses a tree to perch on!"

Duan Lingfeng said angrily, "You traitor! Death is just death for a real man. Whats there to be scared of?"

"Pooh!Want to die, you go and die, dont drag me to be a scapegoat!"

The two people were currently bickering incessantly, but Ye Yuan said indifferently, "Alright, a subordinate like you, I feel it beneath my dignity to take in. Make a move, Ill give you an opportunity to attack."

Hei Mengs expression changed, and he revealed a ferocious expression. Suddenly, his divine king domain opened up and crushed over towards Ye Yuan.

Ao Qians expression changed, and he shouted, "Milord, be careful!"

Ye Yuan just stood there, completely without the intention of avoiding.

The next instant, a scene that made everyone stare speechlessly with their mouths agape happened.

Hei Mengs divine king domain directly sieved through 20 feet in front of Ye Yuan!

At this time, Ye Yuan took a step forward.

Hei Mengs divine king domain actually seemed to voluntarily open up a path.

"This What kind of martial technique is this? Its too powerful!"

"It looks like a divine king domain. But it seems to be somewhat different too!"

"Previously, when Master Ye was transcending tribulation, even heavenly tribulation was unable to breach 20 feet in front of him too. Now, its like this too."

"Could it be that the area 20 feet in front of him is a forbidden zone?"

Everyone was incomparably shocked. Because this scene before their eyes completely subverted their understanding.

The battle between divine king domains was absolutely not this sort of situation. They could not even sense that Ye Yuan used essence energy.

It was as if the area 20 feet in front of him was a forbidden zone. Nobody was able to breach it.

Seeing this scene, Hei Mengs pupils constricted.

Ye Yuan strolled over leisurely, akin to a large mountain crushing towards him, making him unable to catch his breath at all.

Even when facing an opponent like Ao Qian, Hei Meng also did not feel such pressure before!


At this time, Hei Mengs entire mind was only left with this one thought.

Even if he knew that he could not escape anymore!

Divine king domain withdrawing, Hei Meng turned around and fled.

Right at this time, Ye Yuans figure vanished once more.

The next instant, something that made everyones scalps tingle occurred.

When Ye Yuans figure appeared once more, he was already 20 feet in front of Hei Meng.

Everyone only heard a series of miserable cries. Hei Meng was directly ground into pieces by countless sword energy.

Even if his sea race fleshy body was very powerful, he fell silent in the end too.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Toward Ye Yuans might, they had a clear understanding.

Even Ao Qian could not resist shrinking his neck back a bit too.

How did milord become so powerful in a blink of an eye?

He fought with Hei Meng for a long time and was deeply aware of Hei Mengs might.

But did not expect that he was finished off by His Excellency so effortlessly.

It seemed like in front of His Excellency, divine king domains completely became ornaments!

This Just what kind of cultivation method was this?

But he also perceived that what Ye Yuan used was a martial technique similar to domains.

It was just that, Ye Yuans domain was many times stronger than theirs!

When the people knew about the few island masters actions, each and every one of them felt anger, but then it changed to lingering fear.

If this trade fair kept on continuing, who knew when they would be disposed of.

Of course, each and every one of them was overflowing with gratitude toward Ye Yuan.

If not for Ye Yuan, they would still be treated like fools by people all along, becoming tools to transport treasures.

Zhao Qian was already informed of the news of Father being killed, completely crying her eyes out.

She searched bitterly for Fathers traces these few years, hanging onto a trace of hope all along.

But now, the hope was finally still extinguished.

Toward Zhao Qian, Ye Yuan had an additional portion of regret in his heart.

"What plans do you have currently?" Ye Yuan found Zhao Qian and asked.

Zhao Qian shook her head and said, "I dont know. Young Master Ye, thank you for helping my father take revenge. But, my father is dead. Im feeling completely messed up right now."

Zhao Qian had already washed her face with tears these few days. Now, talking about her father, her eyes became red again.