Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Refining a Truth Pill

"Utter nonsense! This elder has lived to this old age, and I have never heard of such a medicinal pill!"

Although Su Yubai did not specialize in Alchemy Dao, the Su Family still managed a medicinal herbs business. He was absolutely not a stranger to medicinal pills.

Since he said he had never heard of it, then even if another Alchemy Dao elder came over, they probably never heard of it as well.

Except that these words were equivalent to stealthily acknowledging that he was ignorant . . .

"I already said that Elder Su is ignorant and ill-informed, so how could you have heard of it before? But it doesn't matter whether you heard of it before or not. What you hear may be false, but what you see is true. After I refine a few of them out, then wouldn't Elder Su know if it's real or fake after sampling it personally? At that time, I guarantee that which concubine Elder Su spent the previous night with will be grilled out," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Ye Yuan's words prompted roars with laughter from everyone. The laughter only ceased after Su Yubai shot a menacing glance.

Ye Yuan had extremely extensive research in Alchemy Dao. He dabbled in all sorts of areas.

On the other hand, most of the pill formulas in the State of Qin were targeted for the Martial Dao. Either to help martial artists increase their strength, or to help martial artists recover essence energy, so on and so forth.

This sort of obscure medicinal pill like the Truth Pill would naturally not be recorded.

The highest level martial artists in the State of Qin did not surpass the Crystal Formation Realm, and their age did not get past 300 years old. Even if one was an Alchemy Grandmaster, how much leisure time would they have to research this sort of obscure medicinal pill?

But, like Ye Yuan said, differentiating whether the medicinal pill was real or fake was very simple. Just find someone to test it out.

The medicinal effects could not be faked. With so many people watching, faking it would be exposed straightaway. Unless the person trying out the medicine was arranged by Ye Yuan.

Su Yubai naturally would not commit such a low-level blunder.

"Humph! Flippant child! I want to see just how you clean up the mess later!" Su Yubai snorted coldly.

Just like that, Ye Yuan and Su Yubai determined Liu Ruoshui's fate.

When Liu Ruoshui heard Su Yubai's words, she ran hastily to Su Yishan's side and pulled on his arm, begging for his help. "Senior Apprentice Brother Su, I . . . I don't want to . . ."

Su Yishan pulled his arm back, and Liu Ruoshui staggered, collapsing onto the ground.

Su Yishan was still enraged after being humiliated by Ye Yuan and felt that this woman was a troublemaker. Why would he pity her?

"Do you feel that it's still up to you at this juncture?" Su Yishan said coldly.

. . . . . .

In Feng Ruoqing's pill refinement room, Ye Yuan and Feng Ruoqing swapped roles. Feng Ruoqing did the series of preparation work for Ye Yuan's pill refinement.

"Sigh, I say, can't you just rest for a while? You just came back from the Nine Heavens Road, yet you caused another big upheaval in the entire academy," Feng Ruoqing grumbled as she did her job.

Ye Yuan was seriously too proficient at causing disturbances. Even since his abrupt rise, it seemed like the academy had never had a break.

"Heh. Not that I'm unwilling to stop, it's just that there's always some people who keep finding trouble. Lu-er is my kin. If I can't take revenge for her after being hurt to such an extent, how can I be fit to be her young master? Also, how can I face her after she wakes up in a few days? If they want to touch me, then just come at me openly. Even if I'm beaten till I'm crippled, I also won't harbor such a grudge. But if they touch my family and friends . . . absolutely not!"

She did not know why, but after hearing Ye Yuan's words, Feng Ruoqing's heart involuntarily quaked, and she blurted out, "If I suffered like Lu-er, would you be like this too?"

"Of course! Aren't we good friends?" Ye Yuan said without thinking.

Blissfulness instantly seeped into her heart, making Feng Ruoqing feel a never before experience, a sense of satisfaction.

"But . . . I'm afraid I don't have that opportunity, right? You're a proud daughter of heaven, the youngest high-rank Alchemy Master in the Dan Wu Academy. Who would dare to bully you!" Ye Yuan added.

Feng Ruoqing smiled sweetly and said, "That might not be the case. Who knows there might really come a day where I, this proud daughter of heaven, would require your protection."

"Haha, I'm afraid that it's the honor of every male in the Dan Wu Academy to be able to protect Teacher Feng, right?" Ye Yuan chuckled.

Feng Ruoqing blushed lightly and diverted the topic. "Oh, right, is there really such a medicinal pill called the Truth Pill? It's also imparted to you by your Master?"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "The Truth Pill actually isn't some profound medicinal pill. It's a type of medicinal pill which is applied to the divine soul, making the martial artist's divine soul give up resistance. Since there's a medicinal pill which strengthens soul strength like the Soul Nourishing Pill, there's naturally the Truth Pill."

Feng Ruoqing came to a realization. "So that's how it is! Looks like my horizons are still too shallow. It turns out that if we think about the problem from another perspective, there's actually such an effect!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "This can't be rushed. Master's realm is remarkably high. How can I compare to his horizons? Such a simple logic, if I had to come up with a way, I might not be able to conceive it in my entire life. Even when his cultivation was at our current realm, he might not even have understood this logic."

Only then did Feng Ruoqing feel at ease. "You are right. Cultivation realm determines one's horizons. Looks like my road is still long. The preparation work is done. Start the furnace and refine the pill."

Ye Yuan nodded and started refining the Truth Pill.

Compared to during the Alchemist Test, no matter whether it was essence energy or soul strength, Ye Yuan was way stronger. It would naturally not be as strenuous for the current Ye Yuan to refine low-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique.

. . . . . .

After two hours, Ye Yuan appeared in front of Su Yubai once more, holding a bottle of freshly made Truth Pills.

"This is the Truth Pill. Does Elder Su wish to personally try it out?" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

"Snort! The person testing the medicine is already arranged. I'll watch just how you clean up the scene later!"

While Ye Yuan was refining, Su Yubai already inquired from several Alchemy Dao experts. None of them had heard of Truth Pill.

Even if Ye Yuan was a low-rank Alchemy Master, could he be stronger than the seniors in the academy?

Hence, Su Yubai had long determined that Ye Yuan was misleading others through trickery. All so that Liu Ruoshui would obediently submit.

Su Yubai was an old veteran. How could he fall for this sort of trick?

At this time, there were even more spectators. Apart from the students, many instructors also arrived at the scene. Even those from the Elders Council had assembled, including the two deputy deans.

"Ye Yuan, this dean has already researched the alchemy path for two hundred years, and I've never heard of something called Truth Pill. Do you really have confidence?"

Hu Changsheng was an Alchemy Grandmaster. He had the greatest right to speak here. Even he had not heard of Truth Pill. This made many people have doubts about Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not sense any malice from Hu Changsheng, but instead, there was a faint concern. So he smiled and said, "Don't worry, Dean Hu. If this medicinal pill has a problem, I will offer my head to Elder Su. I can see that he has been interested in this youngster's head for quite some time already."

This punk must surely be throwing mist in our eyes! I mustn't fall for it! Su Yubai kept repeatedly warned himself in his heart.

Furthermore, even if Ye Yuan dared to offer his head, Su Yubai also did not dare to accept it! Ye Yuan already had the status of the high sect's core disciple now. If he were to die mysteriously, Su Yubai would not be able to wash himself clean even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Hu Changsheng's face changed when he heard that, and said solemnly, "What rubbish are you talking about? If there's really a problem, then a punishment is a must. How can you talk so lightly about life and death?"

It sounded like reprimanding, but everyone could hear the intent to protect Ye Yuan within those words.