Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Bad Terms On Meeting

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Along the way, through Shark Ones introduction, Ye Yuan got to know that the merman clans king was called Tong. His strength was fearsome.

Upon meeting today, it indeed lived up to the reputation.

Ye Yuan has seen Your Majesty. Ye Yuan cupped his fists, considered to have paid his respects.

His way of doing things made the group of powerhouses behind His Majesty change countenance agitatedly.

Audacious human! To actually dare be so impertinent towards His Majesty!

Insolence! Seen His Majesty and still not bowing!

Your Majesty, this boy is haughty and rude. He definitely doesnt have much capability. Perhaps, hes here to swindle the Pearl Have Tears!

Tong had yet to say anything when those merman clan powerhouses behind him already erupted.

Ye Yuans attitude made them very displeased.

In their view, humans were lowly. Seeing His Majesty, they should give a solemn bow.

No matter how powerful Ye Yuan was, that was all Shark One saying it when he returned. They all had not witnessed with their own eyes.

Now, when they saw that Ye Yuan was only Seventh Level Dao Profound, all of them could not help looking down on him, thinking that Ye Yuan was deliberately deceiving them.

Alchemists capable of refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill also had to reach Divine King Realm no matter what, right?

Not just them, even when Tong saw Ye Yuan, he had a disappointed look too.

Shark One praised how very powerful Ye Yuan was previously, but he did not mention Ye Yuans Martial Dao cultivation.

Him coming out to welcome in high spirits could be said to be very sincere already. But seeing that Ye Yuan was only Seventh Level Dao Profound, he was naturally greatly disappointed.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over everyone, and his expression turned intent as he said, His Majesty hasnt even spoken yet, and each and every one of you jumped out. Do you have any respect for His Majesty at all? Could it be that the merman clans officials are all so insolent?

WIth just one sentence, it made those merfolks who were jumping around instantly become mute.

Y-Your Majesty, we didnt mean that.

Tong waved his hand, indicating for them to shut up. He then said to Ye Yuan, Young man, you really have confidence in refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill? Ill say the nasty things first. If you let this king discover that youre making a fool out of our merman clan, this king definitely wont spare you!

Only when those merman powerhouses saw that His Majesty did not have the intention of pursuing it did they let out a sigh in relief.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, Your Majesty, I havent even entered the front door yet, and youre threatening me. Could it be that this is your merman clans hospitality? Also, doesnt Your Majesty know that alchemists cant be offended? Your attitude, this young master dont dare to guarantee what the hell Ill refine out!

Ye Yuan originally did not want to be overbearing. Who knew that this bunch of fellows went from bad to worse.

He originally saw Tong receive personally and was even a little bit moved. He did not think that Tong was also a stuck up fellow.

If not for the Pearl Have Tears, he would have just left without saying goodbye.

Alchemists naturally could not be offended. Because it was seriously too easy for them to want to do a little underhanded trick in the medicinal pill.

At that time, they would not even know how they died.

Tong had underestimated Ye Yuan too. Otherwise, he would not say such words either.

Ye Yuans words made everyones faces change.

This was a blatant threat!

In this underwater world, there was actually someone who dared to threaten the merman clans king. Truly had no idea of death or danger.

You dare to threaten this king? Tongs eyes glared. A terrifying aura pressed over towards Ye Yuan.

However, when this aura arrived in front of Ye Yuan, it actually directly dissipated into nothing, as if it had never appeared before.

Seeing this scene, Tongs two eyes could not help turning intent, and he put away the belittling intent.

This young man did not seem to be as simple as on the surface!

By the side, Shark One saw that the situation seemed to be getting rather out of control and hurriedly stepped forward to resolve the awkwardness by saying,Haha,everybody, calm down, calm down! Your Majesty, Master Ye is absolutely the most formidable alchemist that this official has seen, not one of! Dont humans have a phrase called seeing is believing? Not personally seeing his strength, how can one easily deny it?

Tong gave him a glance and said coolly, Alright then. Whatever there is, go back to the clan first before talking!

Shark One hurriedly came before Ye Yuan and apologized vigorously.

The clansmen did not know Ye Yuans terror, but he was deeply aware of Ye Yuans terrifying aspects.

How Ye Yuan killed the Heavenspan Island Master, he did not see it.

But the spectacle of Ye Yuan killing Hei Meng was still vivid in his mind!

Too astonishing!

It was just that saying this sort of words, nobody would believe at all.

A Seventh Level Dao Profound martial artist actually finished off a peak Void Mystic powerhouse so effortlessly.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said smilingly, This minor thing, I naturally wont take it to heart. But I dont wish for people to come and provoke me.

The moment Shark One heard, he hurriedly nodded his head and voiced his assent, Your Excellency, rest assured. When Shark One returns to the clan, Ill explain to His Majesty!

Bad terms on the first meeting!

Actually, Ye Yuan was very understanding of the merman clans thoughts too. He was seriously too young. It was very easy to give people the impression that young people could not be trusted with important tasks.

In reality, it was also not once or twice that he encountered such a thing.

As long as these people did not act blind and provoke him, everything could be discussed.

After all, he really needed a one-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears too.

Shark One, look what youve done! You sent Shark Three back, saying that you found a very formidable alchemist. But what kind of person did you bring back?Huh?

Upon returning to the clan, Shark One first arranged residences for Ye Yuans party, then hurriedly came to find Tong to explain.

Of course, what greeted him was Tongs raving bellows.

Exactly! Shark One, His Majesty saw that youre normally sharp, thats why he let you go to the Nine Phoenix Island to handle affairs. But you brought back such a brat whose hair isnt even fully grown. What can he do?

Shark One, dont think that we dont know if we dont go ashore. The human races apex alchemists, how can they be of this age? You Arent you messing around here?

Not just Tong, the merfolk clans clansmen also started to reprove Shark One.

It was seriously that the feeling Ye Yuan gave him was too unreliable.

Originally, they heard Shark One boast until flowers cascaded from the skies. Now, upon seeing Ye Yuan, this contrast was too great.

Shark One did not defend himself either, just quietly waiting for these guys to finish reproving before laughing coldly and said, Nine Phoenix Island? That has already become the past!

En?Shark One, whats the meaning of your words? Tongs gaze turned intent, and he asked.

No idea why, he had a feeling that the meaning in Shark Ones words seemed like this matter had some connections with Ye Yuan.

Shark One gave a bow toward Tong, then told the events that happened on the Nine Phoenix Island exactly as it was.

Impossible! That Hei Meng is the blood brother of the Black Shark Clans king! His cultivation was only slightly inferior to the Black Shark Clans king. How can a mere Seventh Level Dao Profound human possibly kill him?

Shark One, your ability of cooking up wild tales is getting more and more impressive!

That brat looks to be around 30 years old. Even though his strength is decent, to say killing Hei Meng, isnt it preposterous?

Shark One met with the clansmen questioning the moment he finished telling.

Telling this sort of words, nobody would believe it either.

However, Tong became lost in thought.