Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 The High Priest Knows

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Youre saying that the 20 feet in front of him is a restricted area? Tong asked with furrowed brows.

Shark One nodded his and said, Aint that right! When Master Ye was transcending tribulation, so many people were watching! The power of that heavenly tribulation absolutely rivals the all-out attack of a Void Mystic powerhouse. But that heavenly tribulation actually spontaneously dissipated when it reached 20 feet in front of him!

Thinking of Ye Yuans god slaying-like 20 feet restricted area back then, Shark One still had lingering fear in his heart until now.

But Tong fell silent when he heard it.

Him releasing pressure previously also carried the intention of probing.

But just as Shark One said, when his aura arrived 20 feet in front of Ye Yuan, it was no longer able to advance an inch further.

With his strength, going to pressure a Seventh Level Dao Profound, such a bizarre situation had never occurred before.

Shark One, then how confident do you feel this Ye Yuan refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill is? Youre also aware of the importance of the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill to Xun-er, Tong inquired.

When Shark One heard, he said with a bitter smile, Your Majesty, pill refinement this sort of thing, who can guarantee? Even our sea races alchemists, likely no one dares to say this sort of words to Your Majesty either, right? However, I witnessed Master Yes alchemy skills with my own eyes. It absolutely reached the acme of perfection! This point, Shark Two can bear witness!

Shark Two immediately said when he heard: Your Majesty, Shark Two can bear witness, Master Yes Alchemy Dao is absolutely seldom seen in my lifetime! High Priest Li

Talking up to here, Shark Two suddenly felt like he spoke too much and hurriedly shut up

However, everyone understood his meaning!

High Priest Li was far inferior to Master Ye Yuan!

High Priest Li was the most formidable alchemist of the merfolk clan. His Alchemy Daos strength was also among the very best in the entire sea race.

It was just that his temper was very explosive.

The matter of finding Ye Yuan to come and refine pills, Tong deliberately hid from him. He was afraid of him jumping out and causing trouble

When Tong heard that, he let out a sigh and said, Although thats the case, the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill is Xun-ers last hope.

Tong also knew that the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was not easy to refine. But he lost himself in his concern and somewhat lost his composure for a moment.

Mystic grade medicinal pills, how many alchemists dared to guarantee that they could 100% refine it?

The Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was not an ordinary medicinal pill. Even Ye Yuan also just saw it in records. The difficulty of refining could be imagined.

Forget about 100%; the sea races alchemists did not have even 5% assurance.

Listening to what Shark One saw and heard on the Nine Phoenix Island, those merfolk powerhouses all felt like they were listening to a fairy tale.

They were still half-doubtful, half-believing. Could a Seventh Level Dao Profound human martial artist have such terrifying Martial Dao strength and Alchemy Dao strength?

This sounded like a fairytale no matter what.

But they were not worried either. Alchemy, this sort of thing, ultimately needed one to showcase their true abilities.

If they discovered that Ye Yuan was only here to swindle the Pearl Have Tears, his outcome would definitely be very tragic!

This large group of people was discussing official matters when all of a sudden, there was a subordinate who came to report flusteredly.

Your Majesty, not good! Things are not good!

Tongs expression turned sullen, and he reproached, Kicking up a big fuss for what? Dont you see that were discussing official business?

That subordinate said, High Priest Li, he he went to challenge that human alchemist!

That subordinates words made everyones expression change.

Tongs face turned black, and he said, Didnt I say that nobody is allowed to let him know? Whats the matter with you all? Who let it slip out of their mouths, beat them to death for me!

Wait a minute, Your Majesty! Since High Priest Li wants to go and challenge him, then why dont we push the boat along the current, and witness his Alchemy Daos strength a bit? At this time, an elder stopped Tong.

Tongs eyes lit up, thinking that this idea was good.

But the expression of Shark One by the side changed.

But when he saw His Majestys highly-spirited appearance, he sensibly shut his mouth.

He knew that if he did not let them take a look at Master Yes strength, they would not give up.

After reaching the residence, Ye Yuan studied the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art.

This cultivation method was indeed incomparably powerful. If he could cultivate the Human Path chapter to the realm of Tier 9 great circle of perfection, it was virtually impervious to blades and swords.

Unless it was the Ten Great Divine Kings, that kind of powerhouses who grasped Divine Dao laws, even if he stood there and did not move, ordinary martial artists probably could not even breach his defenses.

The black tortoise clans defensive prowess was indeed powerful until it made people despair.

It was just that this cultivation method was not easy to cultivate.

Even if Ye Yuans horizons were exceedingly broad and his foundation was exceptionally good, he could only cultivate to the fifth level too. There was still a very great distance away from the ninth level.

Bang bang bang!

Suddenly, a series of knocking sounds interrupted Ye Yuans thoughts.

Ye Yuans brows knitted together. Clearly, he was very displeased towards this sort of interruption.

Opening the door to take a look, it was a merfolk clans little girl.

Different from the merfolk clans mens hideousness, this clans women were all beautiful like celestials. They were even more beautiful than the vast majority of human girls.

This young lady in front of him was precisely the girl that Shark One arranged to be in charge of his daily life and accommodations, called Lian Qiu.

Toward this little girl, Ye Yuan was still very satisfied. She was beautiful, obedient, and very sensible.

He instructed her not to come and disturb. Could it be that something happened?

Ye Yuan had yet to figure out what was happening and was dragged out by Lian Qiu. As she ran, she explained, Your Excellency, quickly go! High Priest Li heard that His Majesty invited a human alchemist over and is greatly enraged, and is already rushing over here! High Priest Lis Martial Daos cultivation is extremely formidable. Furthermore, his temper is very bad. Im afraid that he will hurt you. Hurry up and leave from the back-door!

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he was tickled.

He did not expect that this little servant girl was actually still so concerned about him.

Ye Yuans figure stopped. How could Lian Qiu be Ye Yuans match? With a bounce, she actually bumped into Ye Yuans embrace.

A masculine figure hit her head-on, making Lian Qiu involuntarily flush bright red.

Ye Yuan asked with a smile, Im just a human, so why do you want to help me?

Lian Qiu used pure eyes to look at Ye Yuan and said in puzzlement, I Lord Shark One made me take care of you. I I naturally cant let anything happen to you!

Talking up to here, she suddenly came back to her senses, dragging Ye Yuans hand and was about to go, saying anxiously,Ohno, Your Excellency, theres no time, quickly leave! High Priest Li is going to reach soon!

But Ye Yuan was unwilling to go and said with a faint smile,Huhu,if I cant even best your clans high priest, do you think that Shark One will invite me back? Relax. On account of your face, I wont fuss over trifles with him

The moment Lian Qiu heard, she was dumbstruck.

Not fuss over trifles with the high priest?

In her eyes, the high priest was a paramount existence, second only to His Majesty.

But this young man before her eyes looked to be merely 30 plus years of age no matter how one looked.

What right did he have to say such raving words?

But Lian Qiu also felt that what Ye Yuan said was very reasonable.

If Lord Shark One felt that Ye Yuan was inferior to the high priest, why would he invite him back?

Just as Lian Qiu was wavering hesitantly, High Priest Li rushed over in great haste.