Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 On The Spot Teaching

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Wheres the human alchemist?

Wheres the human alchemist? Quickly get out here for this seat!

A boorish, loud voice shook until the building was about to collapse.

Stop shouting, Im here.

Ye Yuans figure slowly walked out, while Lian Qiu followed behind him carefully, her eyes filled with worry.

When Li saw Ye Yuan, his gaze was filled with disdain.

Did Shark One that brat lose his head? Finding a brat like you over, is this making fun of our merfolk clan? This seat already came to an agreement with His Majesty and was going to help Xun-er refine the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill. Is Shark One this punk finding trouble?

Lis voice was like a resounding bell, shocking until peoples eardrums hurt.

This appearance did not look like a person who did pill refinement, this kind of meticulous work.

Ye Yuan said coolly, You say making fun, that works too. Its just that I wonder if you have enough strength or not to amuse me.

With Ye Yuans perception, he had long detected that there were quite a few people currently spying upon here.

He knew that if he did not bring out a bit of ability, he would really be looked down upon by this bunch of fellows.

Might as well, Ye Yuan would simply teach this old man a good lesson and let the merfolk clans people know the terror of his, Ye Yuans, Alchemy Daos strength.

You! Age isnt big, but your tone isnt small! A brat like you hasnt even fully grown your hair, and you dare to speak this sort of big talk? Originally, I even thought that Shark One that punk invited some experts. Seeing you, I cant be bothered to even take action! Brat, take the chance when this seat is in a good mood today, hurry up and scram out of the merfolk clan. Otherwise, you can forget about ever leaving! Li said in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, What? You, as the merfolk clans high priest, could it be that youre still scared of me, this junior?

Lis fish eyes glared, and he shouted at the top of his voice, Scared? You brat, I think youre tired of living!

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and said coolly, Not scared, so then lets have wager. Hows that?

Betting with this seat? Brat, this seat wagers your life, do you dare or not? Li said with a cold smile.

Whats to not dare? If I lose, take away this life. If you lose, kneel down and give this young master three kowtows, and acknowledge me as your master. Hows that?

Seeing Ye Yuans appearance of cornering him, how could Li still endure it? He barked, Compete then, would this seat be scared of you, this brat?

As he said, his fish eyes swiveled, and he said with a cold smile, Boy, you set up a trap for this seat? Dont tell me that were competing in refining human medicinal pills! The, this seat wont!

It was already pretty good for the sea races alchemists to be able to refine demonic pills well.

Having them refine human medicinal pills, that was impossible.

Ye Yuan said indifferently, Compete in demonic pills then! As for the pill formula, you pick it.

Lis face turned black. Ye Yuans attitude was looking down on him from the start!

As the high priest, how could he endure such triggering?

Hahaha,what an arrogant boy! Letting this seat choose the pill formula, dont you regret it! Li was thoroughly infuriated by Ye Yuans attitude.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, There is no regret, this word, in this young masters dictionary. Just pick the one that youre best at. To this young master, theres no difference.

Good, arrogant enough! Since you have no idea of life or death, compete in the Demon Whirl Pill then! Dont blame this seat for bullying you. If you dont know the pill formula, this old man can give you three days time to deduce the pill formula, Li said.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he was tickled. This old mans temper was a little explosive, but he seemed to be identical as Shark One; his thoughts were very pure. He actually even wanted to give him three days time to deduce the pill formula.

However, this Demon Whirl Pill was just a very ordinary Tier 9 demonic pill. It did not count as much. Ye Yuan naturally knew the pill formula.

At once, Ye Yuan said coolly, No need, begin right now.


Ye Yuan directly brought out the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron and started refining.

The Demon Whirl Pill was just an ordinary demonic pill. The spirit medicines it required, Ye Yuan did not lack any inside his storage ring.

He scoured the entire Immemorial Medicine Garden. The spirit medicines in his storage ring were too numerous to count.

As long as it was not overly valuable spirit medicines, he really did not lack.

However, when Li saw this scene, his eyeballs popped out.

Before refining pills, didnt one need to take a bath and burn incense, meditating to concentrate?

This What kind of pill refinement was this?

Furthermore, when he came out, he did not bring along the Demon Whirl Pills spirit medicines on him. At this time, he could stand at one side blankly, and watch Ye Yuan refine pills.

Hehe,you all look! This human alchemist is displaying meager skills before an expert in front of the high priest!

High Priest is one of the very best alchemists in the entire sea race. This human is merely Seventh Level Dao Profound. Compared to High Priest, hes far too lacking, right?

Isnt that so! Heard that this is the human alchemist that Lord Shark One invited back, saying to refine the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill for Young Patriarch. Isnt this messing around?

At this time, quite a few servants also crowded over.

However, they were clearly not optimistic about Ye Yuan.

They were all not alchemists, but more or less still knew a little about alchemy.

They had never seen before which alchemist would refine pills unprofessionally like this in front of everyone.

Hahaha,ignorant child! Refining pills like this, how is there the logic of forming the pill? Wasted a bunch of Tier 9 spirit medicines in vain! Li laughed loudly and was full of disdain.

Ye Yuan did not care about him and started refining on his own. His actions were completed from the beginning to the end without stopping.

Soon enough, Li could not laugh anymore.

When experts made their move, the genuine and the fake would become clear at a glance!

Ye Yuans set of alchemy technique was simply too pleasing to the eyes and mind.

Not just the high priest, those servants surrounding and watching could not laugh anymore either.

They were completely brought into a daze with this pill refinement by Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan forcefully turned the dreary pill refinement into a grand banquet of art!

Those who knew the profession, they gleaned considerable benefits. Those who did not know, they had a feast for their eyes.

Li had long tossed the matter of the competition beyond the ninth heavens already. He was already completely absorbed by Ye Yuans alchemy skills.

The refinement of demonic pills was not exactly the same as the human race, but all roads led to Rome.

In Ye Yuans eyes, there were originally no distinction of whatever human race, demon race.

When researching medicinal pills in his previous life, he had always broken down the medicinal pills to the most primitive make-up to research.

This solid foundation skill was not done in vain.

Alchemy Dao would not be divided into human and demon.

Grasping the true Great Dao, many things were drawing parallels from inferences.

Previous life, Ye Yuans researching into demonic pills similarly reached the degree of the acme of perfection.

Ah?Turns out that when refining the Demon Whirl Pill, I need to reduce the flames intensity at this time!

Ah!So thats how it is! Using the complete extinguishing method here to quench the medicinal pill, why didnt I think of it!

Li was just like a curious baby at this time, contributing emoticons by the side non-stop. How was there still that fierce and awe-inspiring appearance earlier?

Ye Yuans alchemy skills brought him into another world.


Following Ye Yuans light cry, only then, did Li came back to his senses from inside the world of pill refinement.

Seeing the transcendent-grade Demon Whirl Pill in Ye Yuans hand, Li involuntarily shuddered. Only at this time did he remember the bet.