Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Completely Convinced

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High Priest, its your turn, Ye Yuan looked at Li and said with a smile that was not a smile.

Lis face turned red, and he stammered, This This This doesnt count! The Demon Whirl Pill is merely the simplest Tier 9 demonic pill. Want to compete, lets compete in high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills!

This Li actually acted scoundrelly.

High Priest, the Demon Whirl Pill was suggested personally by yourself. How can you go back on your words? Lian Qiu said this sentence at the behest of supernatural powers.

This sentence made Li even more embarrassed.

His face turned back, and he glared with his fish eyes as he said fiercely, Little lass, you dare to say such words to this seat?

Lian Qiu was frightened by him and instinctively hid behind Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan scoffed, What? Is it very impressive to put on airs in front of a little girl?

Lis expressions alternated between green and purple. Actually, he already admitted defeat in his heart. It was just due to a matter of face that he did not wish to kowtow and acknowledge Ye Yuan as his master in front of so many people.

Letting him refine a transcendent-grade Demon Whirl Pill, if he had pure dumb luck, he could still refine it.

But it was absolutely impossible to be so relaxed and cheerily like Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly said, Dont want kowtow and acknowledge as your master, also can. But you have to agree to a condition of mine!

The moment Li heard this, it was like he was granted amnesty, and he hurriedly said, Okay, okay, okay! As long as you dont let this seat kowtow, any conditions will do!

Ye Yuan pushed Lian Qiu in front of the high priest and said, Take her in as a disciple!

Li was stunned, somewhat perplexed by Ye Yuans action.

He even thought that Ye Yuan would state some harsh conditions. He did not think it was actually to have him take a servant girl as disciple.

This was a huge favor. He did not expect that Ye Yuan used it up so easily.

It was just that to Lian Qiu, it was undoubtedly a bolt out of the blue.

She turned around and looked at Ye Yuan strangely as she muttered, Y-Your Excellency, I I

Ye Yuan smiled and said, What? Youre not willing?

Lian Qius head started nodded like a chicken pecking for rice.

Of course she was willing!

In this place, she was merely a servant; she had no resources, no background, fading away into the masses.

But, if she became the high priests disciple, that was really the carp leaping over the dragongate1.

Good that youre willing. What are you still standing there for? Why havent you hurry up and acknowledge as your master? Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Lian Qiu turned around again and look towards Li timidly, fearful that he would not agree.

Lis face turned back, and he said, What are you still standing there blankly for? Kowtow and acknowledge me as your master! From this day forth, youre my, Lis, final disciple!Uh whats your name called?

Lian Qiu was overjoyed and knocked her head to the ground and said, Lian Qiu pays respect to Master!

Lian Qiu never would have dreamed that she could actually have such a day.

The sea races social stratum was stringent. A little servant girl like her absolutely did not have the chance to see daylight.

But now, Lord Ye Yuan, gave her this opportunity, changing her life.

Haha,good, good disciple! All of you listen up for me, from today onwards, Lian Qiu is my last disciple! If anyone of you were to dare bully her, thats setting yourselves against this seat! Now, all get lost for this seat! Lis expression changed, saying to everyone.

These people were all aware of the high priests prowess. How could they still dare to stay? They immediately dispersed in an uproar.

However, those clansmen who had once bullied Lian Qiu before, each and every one of them was alarmed and on tenterhooks at this time, fearful that Lian Qiu would come and find trouble with them.

Lian Qiu was only a little servant girl. There was naturally no lack of people bullying normally.

It was just that they never thought that this little servant would have a 180 degree transformation, becoming the high priests disciple.

The high priests disciple, in the clan, even some elders could not compare!

Seeing everyone disperse, Li actually changed to a smiling face and said to Linq Qiu,Haha,good disciple, you go out first. Tomorrow, come and report to master. Right now, I still have matters to discuss with Master Ye.

Lian Qiu looked at the high priest with a look of surprise, as if feeling like she did not recognize him.

When did the high priest become so amiable and friendly?

However, Lian Qiu still used soliciting eyes to look toward Ye Yuan.

To her, Ye Yuan was her greatest benefactor!

This point, she was deeply aware of it.

Ye Yuan naturally knew what ideas Li had. At once, he smiled and said to Lian Qiu, You go out first then.

Lian Qiu,ah,no no no! Lord Lian Qiu, that The things in the past, it was all me who was blind and didnt have eyes. Y-Your Excellency, just treat me as a fart and let me go!

The moment Lian Qiu came out, a merman came up to greet, kneeling down with a thud, slapping his own face desperately. But it gave her a fright.

This merman, Lian Qiu was naturally familiar. It was her direct superior who had no lack of bullying her normally.

But now, he was kneeling in front of her like a dead dog.

This sort of change made Lian Qiu have a feeling like she was dreaming.

Lian Qiu suddenly realized that the current her actually already had the power to control the life and death of the people who bullied her originally.

However, Lian Qiu was still that kind-hearted little girl. She attempted to pull a long face and said, The past matters, forget about it! But, if you let me discover that you bully my sisters, I definitely wont let you off!

It was like that merman was granted amnesty, and he hurriedly said, Yes, yes, yes! Lord Lian Qiu, rest assured. I wont dare anymore in the future, wont dare anymore in the future!

Those waiting for Lian Qiu were not just that one. When the others saw Lian Qiu spare that merman, they all scurried out all at once.

There were those who fawned on her, those who begged for forgiveness, those who relied on connections to request for help, so on and so forth.

Lian Qiu did not refuse the arrivals, handling them one by one.

But she deeply sensed that she really seemed to be different already.

And all of this was bestowed upon by that man!

Lian Qiu thanked Ye Yuan from the bottom of her heart.

After Lian Qiu left, High Priest Li followed Ye Yuan into the room subserviently.

Seeing Ye Yuan sit down, High Priest Li did his utmost to please and actually took the initiative to pour tea for Ye Yuan!

If this scene were to be seen by other people, their eyeballs would probably fall out.

The fiery-tempered high priest actually served tea for someone!

Ye Yuan received the tea that Li passed over and said coolly, Whatever you dont understand, ask away. If your appearance was seen by your clansmen, wouldnt they exterminate this young man?

Li glared and said angrily, They dare?!

Immediately after, he changed to another expression and asked carefully, That Demon Whirl Pill how can it be refined like that still?

Ye Yuan smiled and countered with a question, Why cant it be refined like that? However with your Alchemy Daos standard, better dont think anymore for the time being.

Ye Yuans pinnacle refinement was established on his extremely solid foundational skills.

This level of refinement was not what anybody could achieve.

Disregarding other things, for Li to want to refine a Demon Whirl Pill, it needed at the very least three days and above too.

But Ye Yuan only used two hours plus and was done.

It was also precisely because of the refinement this time that Li knew how great the disparity between him and Ye Yuan was!

Although he did not wish to acknowledge Ye Yuan as his master due to face, if he was able to obtain Ye Yuans guidance, it could let him glean considerable benefits.