Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Deducing Pill Formula

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Shark One, this matter, you did very well! Letting you go to the Nine Phoenix Island was truly a wise decision! This Master Ye, this king is satisfied to the extreme!

Witnessing Ye Yuans strength, Tongs tightly knitted brows finally eased up.

He had heard that the high priest had been hanging around Master Ye constantly these two days like a little attendant, just missing calling Master, this word.

Shark One smiled simple and honestly when he heard that and said, Your Majesty is too kind! This The Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill hasnt been refined yet. Shark One doesnt dare to claim the credit.

Towards Shark One, Tong was extremely satisfied.

Seeing that Shark One was actually so modest, he felt even more pleasing to the eyes no matter how one looked.

En,if Xun-er is able to recover this time, Ill reward you to enter the ancestral land and comprehend divine inscriptions! Tong said in great delight.

The moment Shark One heard, his heart involuntarily raced wildly.

A powerful tribe like the merfolk clan, their ancestors had Deity Realm powerhouses too. Their legacies were preserved very wholly.

But this inheritance could not be exhausted without moderation.

The quotas for entering the ancestral land each time were extremely limited too.

With Shark Ones present strength, it was not sufficient to enter the ancestral land at all.

But because he found Ye Yuan this time and obtained Tongs approval, he actually obtained the reward of entering the ancestral grounds.

How could this not make him beside himself with joy?

Th-Thank you very much, Your Majesty! Shark One said agitatedly.

The clansmen all looked at Shark One with extreme envy, thinking inwardly that this guy really got lucky.

Tong waved his hand and said, Sent the pill formula to Master Ye yet?

Shark One said, Already sent over. He said that starting tomorrow, hes going to deduce the pill formula and go into seclusion for ten days time. In these ten days, nobody is allowed to disturb him!

Tong nodded and said, Okay! Tomorrow, you bring him to the Emerald Tranquil Pavilion for closed-seclusion, then personally guard there. Within ten days, nobody is allowed to disturb him!

Yes, Your Majesty! Shark One received the order and left.

To Ye Yuan, refining a medicinal pill that he had never refined before was similarly a challenge.

The Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was not an ordinary mystic grade medicinal pill. The difficulty of refining was rather great.

This point, he was perfectly clear.

Li was also considered to have barely managed to touch the threshold of peak alchemy emperor. But with his strength, he did not even have 5% assurance.

If not for so, Tong would not have been to the point of being so hopeless too.

With inner core being broken, it was equivalent to a human martial artists dantian being broken. One was basically equivalent to a cripple already.

However, not only was this Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill able to repair the inner core, it could even recover 50% of the demons strength!

The other 50%, as long as one spent a hundred years, they could still cultivate it back.

Of course, this was only the medicinal effect of a high-grade Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill.

As for superior-grade, even transcendent-grade, the merfolk clan did not dare to hope at all.

After all, this kind of obscure to the extreme, as well as extremely high refining difficulty medicinal pill, barely anyone could refine it in the world too.

High-grade was already the most ideal circumstance.

The alchemist who created the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was truly a rare talent! The medicinal pills that this medicinal pill requires are not very heaven-defying, but it can unleash such a heaven-defying effect! This pill formula let me glean considerable benefits! To be able to utilize mystic grade medicinal pills to such a transcendent degree, it has to be none other than a Deity Realm powerhouse! Looks like the alchemy path is boundless!

Researching the pill formula, Ye Yuan praised the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill to no end as well.

This ingenuity of this pill formulas design, even Ye Yuan could only see the dust of the rider ahead too.

In this world, a pill formula that even he was unable to keep pace with, it absolutely originated from the hands of a Deity Realm powerhouse.

Heh, if not for comprehending the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, wanting to refine this medicinal pill would probably really be not too easy. One can only say that that Shark Xun had good fortune. Ye Yuan started laughing to himself.

After marveling for a while, Ye Yuan started to officially deduce the pill formula!

To refined a mystic grade medicinal pill, the spirit medicines required were not cabbages.

Even if Ye Yuan scoured the entire Immemorial Medicine Garden, he only had one set of medicinal herbs on his hands too.

Looking according to the medicinal herb quantities on the pill formula, it was barely enough to use to refine twice.

However, even if it was two refinements, to an alchemist, it was still a tremendous endeavor.

Ye Yuans soul force slowly spread out. His sea of consciousness was revolving at high speed, deducing each detail of the medicinal pills refinement.

At this time, Ye Yuan was enveloped in a ball of golden light. This was the profound and mysterious power of Divine Dao laws!

For the first time refinement of a pill formula, deduction was a very important thing.

The success rate of the refinement had the most direct relations with whether or not the deducing succeeded.

However, this was not a simple task!

Mystic grade medicinal pills could be said to have myriad changes in an instant during the process of refinement.

Wanting to deduce the pill formula fully, the calculations that one needed to go through, that was an astronomical magnitude.

For ordinary alchemists, just this magnitude of calculations was sufficient to make them breakdown.

There were even some top-tier alchemists who became mentally-handicapped because of forcefully deducing pill formulas!

Such examples were not unavailable!

This Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill could be said to be one of the pinnacle-most mystic grade medicinal pills. The calculation load required in it was simply immeasurable.

Following the deduction getting deeper and deeper, Ye Yuans brows also gradually knitted together tightly.

The pill formula created by a Deity Realm powerhouse was indeed not that easy to work out.

If not for Ye Yuan comprehending the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, wanting to deduce this pill formula was probably not that easy of a matter.

Time slowly trickled by. Ye Yuan was already completely immersed in contemplating the pill formula, having no stray thoughts in his mind.

While outside the door, Shark One was like an ant on a hot pan.

Whether or not Ye Yuans refinement succeed concerned whether he could have the chance to comprehend divine inscriptions.

This opportunity was too important to him!

I say, can you stop pacing around anymore or not! Moving to and fro, youre swaying until my eyes are dizzy! Li said crossly.

Shark One had an awkward look, and he said with an obsequious smile, High Priest, I arent I nervous here? Its already the tenth day, Master Ye he hasnt come out yet!

Li shot him a glare and said, Do you think deducing pill formulas is the same as cultivating cultivation skills? Let me tell you, if it were me going all out to deduce this Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill, Ill definitely vomit blood and die!

Shark One was startled when he heard that. He really did not know that deducing a pill formula actually had such severe consequences.

N-No way, right? Its just deducing a pill formula, there are such serious consequences? High Priest, didnt you deduce this pill formula before too? Shark One said in shock.

Li coughed dryly twice and said, Deducing and deducing are different! My kind of deduction is only a crude deduction. I cant even accomplish one-ten thousandth of a true deduction! But, wanting to use one set of medicinal herbs to refine successfully, even if one doesnt carry out a 100% deduction, they need to deduce 90% too! That degree of deduction is sufficient to make a high-level Alchemy Emperor vomit blood and die! I only deduced one-ten thousandth and was already about to vomit blood!.

This version, it was still Shark Ones first time hearing. His face turned as pale as paper straight away.

He really did not know that deducing a pill formula was actually this perilous!