Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 Refinement Failed

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High Priest, then to what degree do you think Master Ye will deduce the formula to? He Something wouldnt have happened to him, right? Shark One said worriedly.

How is that possible? When alchemists are deducing pill formulas, they will naturally do their best! Those who truly pushed themselves to death were either fools or had no other options. How much Ye Yuans limit is, I really cant say for sure. But I reckon that he has hopes of working it out to the extent of 30%, right? Li thought about it and said, feeling rather uncertain.

The moment Shark One heard, he couldnt help saying somewhat disappointedly, Only 30%? Then the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill most likely isnt that easy to refine!

The moment Li heard this, he suddenly burst into anger and said, You fool! The Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill is a pill formula left behind by a Deity Realm powerhouse! Being able to deduce 30% is already a heaven-defying existence!

Shark One did not dare to rebut and mumbled, I Arent I worried that Master Ye cant refine the medicinal pill here? Young Patriarch is waiting for the medicinal pill to save his life!

Li calmed down too and heaved a sigh as he said, Whether or not he can refine it out will depend on Xun-ers luck! In my view, if even Ye Yuan cant refine the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill, probably no one can refine it in this world too.

These few days, he followed behind Ye Yuan while fussing around and indeed learned quite a bit of stuff.

The extensiveness of Ye Yuans knowledge in alchemy made Li ashamed of his inferiority.

Although Li was hailed as one of the sea races strongest alchemists, compared to Ye Yuan, it was simply comparing a firefly to the full moon.

Just as the two people were sighing, the Emerald Tranquil Pavilions front door behind them opened with a creak.

Ye Yuan walked out in a calm manner.

Apologies, I made you guys wait a long time. The mental strength expended from deducing the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was too great. I slept for three days and nights in one go, Ye Yuan said with a guilty look.

In truth, he already finished deducing three days ago.

Just as Li said, deducing pill formulas exhausted mental strength too much. Hence, he dozed off for three days and nights.

Li had an expression like he had seen a ghost and said in surprise, Youre done resting in three days? I previously deduced one-ten thousandth and rested for a full ten days before recovering!

Honestly speaking, although Ye Yuan said closed-seclusion for ten days, Li actually did not have much faith for Ye Yuan to come out in just ten days.

Ye Yuan smiled and said,En,pretty much recovered.

Li scooted over and asked, Then, how much did you deduce in seven days?

How much? Of course its deduced fully! Deducing all of it cant even guarantee refining a finished medicinal pill. Not deducing fully, is there still any meaning? Ye Yuan retorted with a question.

Li opened his mouth wide, wanting to say something, but did not know what he should say.

What was the meaning of fully?


This was this really something that humans could do?

This guy must be bragging!

Yes, definitely bragging!

Ye Yuans alchemy skills, he was absolutely convinced.

But to say that Ye Yuan fully deduced the pill formula in seven days, he did not believe even if he was beaten to death!

Of course, he was totally unaware that not only did Ye Yuans heart realm reach the great circle of perfection, his calculation ability far surpassing normal people, his Alchemy Dao even comprehended Divine Dao laws.

Although the deduction was hard, it still could not stump Ye Yuan.

Alright, begin refining the pill then.Heh,havent felt my blood boil like this for a long time! This Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill has enough of a kick! Ye Yuan said rather excitedly.

To him, ordinary mystic grade medicinal pills were already unable to enter his arcane sights.

With his current alchemy strength, refining mystic grade medicinal pills would not be too troublesome.

But the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill was different!

This medicinal pill successfully stirred up Ye Yuans wild fervor from the depths of his heart.

The Emerald Tranquil Pavilion was originally the pill refinement venue prepared for Ye Yuan. At this time, inside the hall of the Emerald Tranquil Pavilion, it was already packed with the merfolk clans powerhouses.

There was even a young merman lying horizontally in the great hall. It was precisely Young Patriarch Xun.

Toward these people surrounding and watching, Ye Yuan did not have much objection.

To him, once he entered the pill refinement state, he would concentrate 100% and do not need to be like others, chasing everyone away before they could maintain a peaceful state of mind.

Regarding Shark One finding Ye Yuan, Tong was still very gratified.

But when it really came down to the pill refinement, he became somewhat hesitant again.

Regarding, Ye Yuans strength, he already did not doubt in the slightest. But as the king, he was deeply aware of this Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pills terror.

Ever since Xun was injured, he was still unconscious until now.

His injuries already could not endure the time to find another set of spirit medicine.

If Ye Yuans refinement failed, then what awaited Xun was only death.

High Priest, in your view how much is Master Yes success rate? Tong could not resist asking.

Li mused for a moment, but he finally still shook his head and said, Your Majesty, its not that Im speaking up for Ye Yuan, but wanting to refine the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill in two refinements is truly making it too hard on him! Although he said that he fully deduced the pill formula, deduction and refinement are two separate matters. Even if he really fully deduced the pill formula, wanting to succeed in two refinements, thats virtually impossible!

Hearing Lis words, Tongs heart involuntarily sunk.

Could it be that Xun-ers fate is meant to be like so? If Xun-er meets with any mishap, this kind will make the Black Shark Clan pay the price even if I have to risk this old life! Tong gnashed his teeth in hatred as he talked.

Li gave him a glance and said, Your Majesty doesnt need to despair either. Xun-er might not be without hope. Ye Yuans Alchemy Daos strength, this seat is wholeheartedly convinced! If there are people capable of refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill in this world, nobody is worthy except for him! Although there are only two chances, with his strength, there should be hopes of refining out a defect Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill! If his luck is good, low-grade might not be impossible too!

Tongs eyes lit up and he said, Seriously?

Li nodded and said,En.If it were me, I absolutely cant refine it. But he absolutely have hope! Its just that, if its a defective product, for Xun-er to want to recover his strength, it will likely have to expend a great deal of effort.

Talking to the back, Li also let out a sigh.

While talking, Ye Yuan already started refining.

Ye Yuan directly used the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art. The nine stars formation diagram opened up fully, covering the clouds and obscuring the sun!

Seeing this scene, everyone revealed a deep look of astonishment.

Especially Li, he even had an excited look.

The Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art was the human races alchemy skill. But reaching this level, alchemy skills were already different roads leading to the same destination.

Previous life, Ye Yuan had once researched the demon races alchemy skills before and improved the Nine Stars Imperial Heaven Art. It was similarly able to refine demonic pills!

Following the progression of the refinement, the nine stars on the nine stars formation diagram were lit up in proper order.

In a twinkle, a days time passed. The nine stars formation diagram already had five lit up.

Everyone was beside themselves with excitement. The refinement seemed to progress very smoothly.

But right at this time, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron emitted intense vibrations. Everyones faces changed!

Among them, included Ye Yuan!

The nine stars formation diagram in the sky dissipated with a loud bang. The medicinal cauldron also gradually cooled down.

Everyones expression was incomparably ugly. They knew that this first refinement was considered a catastrophic failure.